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We have been talking the last couple days about a system of fixed assets and in the mlb need. Tulsa Baseball Lessons is an investment and need to be sure you find someone that can deliver and bring the best out of you. We can talk a little bit today about the offensive philosophy that will allow us to focus on a process instead of the result, when you started to get player to look at things from a different perspective, a lot of the game become easier, the game with in the game. It is really what it becomes about and when you can play the game with in the game, then you focused on the things that matter. When you focus on a process and when you can, when you can change the perspective of the game, then the game company easier it becomes father and become. You know if you competing against yourself and for all chords to drive for nor co dosage of thrive bird, their players to focus on a a system of the staff that will allow them to play better. Think of a gay man in a different time. So today we can talk about an offensive philosophy, a proctor that you can get you the kind of focus on things a different way. Now, if you are getting caught the baseball last night-and you got to find someone that could teach you this stuff so that you can have a lot of if that’s on the field because baseball are they I’ve, always said it’s hard and the simpler the easier you can make the game the better. It is that you do. The more. You can make the game about you and your team, the more fun you’re going to have so and having a systemic staph. You know such as you know, call your back, door. Does the bait to process which we’re going to go over right. Now, it’s going to allow you to have the dude took the focus on doing those things don’t process so that you can have a different perspective in a different outlook in the game and thought the mattress that’s a little bit different. So the first part is of the day we have gave to the first one is big inning.

So we all know that big and is is a way that the games are some of the game just shipped and it changes so big inning is being defined. It’s three or more runs in an inning k, and it is only need to have them once in the game. You can have one inning and once in the game, where you have more than three or three or morethen you’re going to get a measurement, are you going to measure that the success with the with the bait to process so so that all need to happen? Watch the game for a big and the more you can afford the beginning, the better it’s going to be now, on the flip side, the more we can keep the other team from having a big inning the battery as well so beginning need to have them yourself and need to get prevented from me off at the from the other team. So, once again, we need to get at least three runs or more than anythe. Second way we can measure is by answering back meaning that when the other team scores, we need to come back in and we need to do the same. We need to. We need to talk or to answer back on the amps on the score today, they’ve they’ve going on. So this is going to help with shipping momentum, so we all know that the game driven off momentum, whoever had the momentum at the time it is going to find a way to do good things. So, whenever you, whenever they score coming in and and and doing whatever, you got to do to get the momentum shift, then again, when I get the momentum on your side, finding a way to get on base running away. The score is the name of the game. If you guys can do that, you’re going to have a lot of success of the offensive team, so find me the way to answering back in in in getting getting that run back and then the next one is going to be scoring first. So whenever you score first, it is at the momentum thing it being able to position yourself to where you guys have a little bit of a weed and put a little more pressure on the other team. To try to have to do things so I know no picture.

No hitter. This is all important, so be sure you do the proper research when it comes to Tulsa Baseball Lessons. Do you know when, when they are trying to help their team come back, they tend to put a little more pressure on stout and it had to be a little more relaxed whenever they don’t have to try and come back or try to hold around or anything like that. So it’s going for it is a big deal. If you can do that, lead the chances of winning the game going to be much better, just like the chances of being able, if you can have that one big and you can have the answer back in the score for the paint all those things are are it is, is a way for you to have great and bath and have great games and allow you to do the things that you need to do to be able to help your team win the game and it’s broken procession rather than the result, and then the next part is going to be extending the lead. So, whenever you are in the game, unless you have the lead already coming in and finding wave to continue to get on, bathe continue to score when I had to continue the extend the lead, you can’t be comfortable to one or two three. Four five point lead:you got to keep spending the lead so that you can have a chance to win man make the other team work a lot harder to have to come back so finding a way to come back in and keeping the momentum going by extending the lead finding a way to get on base and extended leave. You need to connect with people who give Tulsa Baseball Lessons that understands this and can help you.

The next part is going to be born with two out. We all know that’s corn with to audio the shooting momentum oregano and that it it it doesn’t matter how you do it and he doesn’t matter how you get that runner in with two hours it could be. You know, I’ll run around first and you hit a triple or can be. You know you can be a sweet. I can be. You know, babe ball, four bases loaded. If it can be, it doesn’t matter how you get it getting. The score in for the less than 2 with the score in the two hours it is issued, momentum gained, or so you can see what this whole bay to system. It is all about. The prophet of corn run at the process of putting pressure on the other team to go, propped up a system of getting head and finding ways to to wind and dominate the game. So it’s just a small recap and review and you need to find you need to find someone who give pulse of baseball lessons that can help. You understand the process and the process is really going to give you a lot of huge momentum, confidence at the plate. So again we have the base to process which is the beginning. The beginning of may, three or more on Elliott want the game. You can do that and then again you got to stop the other team from being able to do that as well. Answering back or as soon as they score they score. We are the only facility giving Tulsa Baseball Lessons that has this approach and take this approach to helping out hitters get better. We got to come back in the store and ship them on madam, and then we got to prevent them from the other team. From doing that, scoring first we’ve got her. We’ve got to get on the board as quick as possible and pressure on a starting pitcher, but put pressure on the other team got to score first and then we need to extend Arlene. So we need to continue to put pressure on the other team. So when you get the lead, don’t be fast five that continue to find ways to extend the lead and keep the lead to keep putting more pressure on them.

And again you know you got to find you Know:i’ll Priscilla t that gets off the baseball last night in that team, that I understand the system of fixed assets and have her do allow you to maximize your results and get you got the one game so and then the last part is score with two hours to remember going with two out:it doesn’t matter how you do it. So again you need to connect with a facility that give Tulsa Baseball Lessons that can help you with this. You just got to score with runners her with with two out and that they shoot momentum, gainer, that the shoes complex gainer for the team and that’s going to be a great way to win game. If you guys can do that now to beat again the beginning answer back score for extended-release score of the runner a second, we need to do each of these at least once again, if we do this at least once again, our chances of beating our chances of winning games go off. So this is a great philosophy, great off at the philosophy, and if you have both baseball license, instructors should be able to keep the team the process of doing them. If you can do this you’re at your chances of winning and having success, that’s goes up that once again we have the beginning. We have answering back first extended, leave and the score with to our stuff again we’re focusing on a process. If you guys can do that, and you guys can have a play the game within the game, it becomes a lot of fun and at the end of day, this game needs to be fun. If we start worrying about everybody else, would you typically what happened? We thought the not play for up to where were capable of dealing and not playing the game with in the game. Still a great off in the block be at the base 2 system. Try it out

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