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Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is slowly become the hub in Tulsa for developing the finest baseball layers in Oklahoma who are getting opportunities to play at the next level. When it comes to developing players for the next level, we have to understand what all it takes, which is where most come up short. The industry has become littered with numbers and numbers being a way to determine whether a kid can play or not. While you want to begin with the end in mind with everything, you need to understand what the results tell you and how to go back to the original source that produces the result, which is how we move and how we move in space. Everything we do can be traced back to how we move. Once we understand this and correct this, then we have to understand the mental and the emotional component. This is what makes Athletic Mission one of the best in Tulsa when its comes to Tulsa Baseball Lessons and why we were recognized by Youth1 as one of the top 25 baseball academy across the country.

How we prepare kids for the next level, is we take the approach, physically, of capturing as much data as possible. For hitting we will do an assessment with our handy technology which will populate a report each time and give you a corrective strategy. Each player cannot continue on to training unless they have improved in their score to ensure they are taking their stretching and mobility stability seriously. Once we do that we will then measure their exit ball speed. This measure how hard we hit the ball off the bat, this is important as it gives coaches, scouts a sense of how far they can possible hit it. This is the ability part that they are more concerned about then anything else unfortunately. Then we also use a bat sensor to get a sense of hands speed, bat speed, attack angle, etc. What we are trying to see here is consistency, we do not want our numbers to be all over the place, we want the numbers to be where they are each time, we want over time for it to start creeping up or down depending on whether it is better for it to go up or down. Then we will use another technology to measure how far the baseball is going, and the type of spin the baseball is taking. This is important because we need to hit the ball hard and flush with backspin. Understanding the spin of the ball, will give us an understanding of how the swing and barrel is coming to and through the baseball. Understanding this can help a kid quickly understand what he is doing and once a kid understand this and how the ball spin affect its flight and direction then they start to become more aware of their swing and more conscious in fixing their swing. This give us an understanding of desire launch angle and exit ball speed, and distance for our particular type and our swing.

Once we have all of this, then we need to spend time on the mental part of their game. This gets into their process, their routines, their approach, and much more. When a player get this point, we feel their mechanics are in good shape and that they are able to turn their focus enough to where we are not messing up our swing. This is a process in itself, having a player sit on a machine with every ball been a strike in the same location and telling them to only hit the fastball is tough for kids to do. Having them learn to have barrel control and take the approach of getting a job done is tough for them to do. But this is where they go from being swingers to being hitters. Hitting is a mindset, hitting is a conversation and as Keven Wilson always says, hitting is simple,it just not that easy. When it comes to giving Tulsa Baseball Lessons we are the best at incorporating the mental component into our training routines and making sure guys are ready for it.

The last part is the emotional part. Baseball is a very emotional game and it a game where failing is easier and and is also a part of success. Learning to cope with your emotion help you survive the up and downs of the potential of performance. The performance is dictated by your emotions and you cannot afford to let feelings get in the way of performance. Compete when you aren’t feeling your best is when mental toughness sets in and when the process of getting good at certain times come in. But when it comes to emotions, it not just a suck it up approach that most take, we need to allow kids to talk and try and help them through this process. Most kids do not want to talk as its a sign of weakness yet every great professional athlete has a mental coach that they go to because their is a tremendous amount of pressure we put on our self to be great. We also have to learn to separate kids from being kids and kid who play baseball. Too many kids let their sport define who they are instead of just being a kid who happens to play baseball. When this happens they are taking their performance with them everywhere, to school, with their friends, with their girlfriend and it poop the day for everyone because you played horrible the night before and nobody cares. Being a person that a kid trust to be a emotional support is everything to a parent and a kid, we are the best in Tulsa Baseball Lessons when it comes to investing in a kid and helping them succeed not only on the baseball field but in the classroom and in life. A kid doesnt care how much you know until they know how much you care. It true and you have to keepo this in mind when you are trying to determine where you want to invest your time and money for Tulsa Baseball Lessons.

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