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When you observe who has the best Tulsa baseball lessons, you need to be aware of who has a process that will allow you to succeed. When you think about what you need to succeed, you need to be thinking: process. Athletic Mission has a slogan of ‘Trust The Process’ meaning we have a step by step process that works and gets great results, if you are willing to put in the work. While everything we do is individualize, the process is the same. When we talk about our hitting process, we are talking about a series of action that produces a result. If the process for an individual ins’t working, then the process needs to be revise. At Athletic Mission, we take pride in being the best in Tulsa baseball lessons for the simple fact of our processes.

After a hitter has gone through our evaluation process, we use this information to develop an individual player development plan. We start this player development plan process with the end in mind. 100% of the hitters that step a foot into Athletic Mission has the desire to at least play college baseball, which is a realistic expectation. We recognize that there are a series of things that need to happen in order to make this goal a reality. It starts with developing the abilities to play at higher level. Abilities mean means: how far do you hit it? how hard do it hit it? are measurable numbers there?. If the abilities aren’t there then there is a good chance you will slip through the crack because this day and age coaches are sorting players based on numbers. A lot of players who can really play are getting past up on opportunities because their numbers are acceptable. So we are the only facility that offer Tulsa baseball lessons with the focus on the next level and developing a plan to achieve certain desire result.

After the program has been developed, now we have to take the hitter through the process. All of our session starts with a warm up – these warm ups take about 10-15 minutes which is why we do not do thirty minute session,as we would spend all our time warming up. The warm up is dynamic and there is a lot of focus on stretching the rotational muscles out. We tell out guys at our facility, the reason why our Tulsa baseball lessons are different is because we care about the longevity of your career rather than making the money. After the warm up, we are the only facility that offer Tulsa baseball lessons that focus on the human movement of the swing instead of the actual swing. These movement drill are specifically focus on the the sequence of the swing and how we generate and delivery as much force into the baseball as possible effortlessly. We will spend as much time as need to master the movement of the swing without the baseball being in front of you. This is the reason why we get such great results, we focus on the movement and the movement will deliver the finally product. Now we have mastered the movement and is ready for the tee. When we hit on the tee, we basically go through the same process that we go through when we are doing the movement drills. We instruct our hitters that the ball is now in your way, just perform the movement. We have a lot of success with this approach and our hitter typically see instant result when they implement this new movement pattern. We stay on the tee until we have master the movement pattern and is consistently driving the baseball to the back of the cage. Top half of the cage, we want line drive through the back of the cage. Because we are long term focus, we are focus on mastering and taking our time. This is a huge competitive advantage over the other facilities that offer Tulsa baseball lessons.

The process continues to front toss, and now we have added some stress to the situation at which we want to be able to perform the movement drills and tee drill with a baseball that is now moving. We now have to deal with timing and positioning of the movement rather then the ball being in the way. We take the same approach as to the ball being in the way but now we tell guys to wait as long as possible and just turn into the baseball. Do not guide the barrel to the ball, just turn into it. We spend a bulk of our off-season doing movement drills, tee work, and front toss and we don’t stop until they have mastered the movement. Most Tulsa baseball lessons are about getting you in and out as quick as possible rather then taking the time to explain each component of the swing and how to adjust and make adjustment to swing at certain times. As we get little bit close to the season, we now turn out hitters loose on to the pitching machine. Where is differ that most that give Tulsa baseball lessons is that we have a tough machine we hit off and spend a lot of time now focusing on our approach. We do not focus on the mechanics or movement when we get into a position where we have to compete and just he job done. When you are in game situation, you have to trust what you have been working on and compete. See the ball as early and as well as you can and just trust the swing will deliver the barrel to the baseball and powerfully and effortlessly as possible. The game is the finial part of the puzzle. We are not focus on making you great cage hitters, we want you to be great game hitters. We have our parent take video of the games and send to us so we can evaluate what we are doing in our training is working. When a player struggles in games, it is almost never mechanics. Its about timing, approach and seeing the baseball. You cannot hit what you cannot see. We different than most when is comes to the focus on making adjustments than most who give Tulsa baseball lessons.

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