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Baseball is a tough game and there are a lot to pieces to it to becoming a great player. There is so much emphasis on hitting and pitching that we are seeing the fielding abilities across the country go down in terms of ability and skill sets. Being able to field is just like being able to hit and throw only it is a more athletic movements. The feet is what sets the foundation just like hitting and pitching and then the rest of the body is setup nicely to execute the rest of the fielding movement. Taking hundred ground balls or flyballs is necessary to becoming a great player. You need repetition more than anything. Just like the repetition you get in the cages and on the mound, you got to let the body get familiar and find the best way to execute an athletic movements so that the body just takes over when the game comes. You have made the throws and you have execute the angles, and the feet work. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy has to be on top of your list when it comes to thinking about Tulsa Baseball Lessons to improve your fielding, hitting and pitching. The ability to field and have good range is part and one of the five tools that scout look for. Most kids, as myself, would spend hours hitting and throwing and not nearly enough time fielding and it showed up during games.

The biggest thing to understand when trying to improve your fielding abilities is that you need to have a good foundation. A good foundation goes into having good feet work and solid understand of how the ball travels in space to you. Using your hands to properly funnel the ball is the next possible thing that needs to happen and get good at. The feet work is first and there needs to be a lot of focus on it and getting ready good at moving the feet on certain angles to take good angles to the baseball. When funneling the baseball you then need to understand the proper arm action to make the throw from a certain position, if you are in the infield, then you need to have a shorter arm action then you would if you were in the outfield. If you are a catcher than you need a different arm action that you would need in the outfield and in the infield. Understanding this and doing what is necessary to develop this is important in your ability and skill set as a fielder. Once you are able to understand the arm action then you need repetition and more repetition in this arm action so that is becomes second nature. Coaches and scout are scouting these things and it important to spend some time on it. This understanding is important and you should recognize who give Tulsa Baseball Lessons that understands this and develops this.

When we get a player for the first time who wants to work on their fielding, we typically start with their arm action, along with their feet work. There are a lot of little things to understand when it comes to the feet work that you must understand and practice. This must be practice and practice a lot in a slow setting and in a step by step format. With the arm action we need to understand what position you play and then we start learning the sequence of the throw. The sequence has to let the ball come throw last and let the ball whip throw instead of it being a force movement. Getting the tension out and just letting the arm do its job. This requires breaking the arm action down completely. We will start with the end motion and and trace the am back section by section so that the arm understand where it needs to go and the player can feel where the arm path has to feel like in getting the body to work first. When getting and thinking about hiring someone for Tulsa Baseball Lessons find someone that understand these things because it will save your arm in terms of your development. Getting this foundation right is very important, a lot of kids are not being taught how to throw properly and it is hurting kids right and left and we wonder why we have an epidemic of arm injuries. Its starts with the foundations and understanding it.

When we work on fielding we will have three baseball down to form a triangle and we will have kids understand how the feet should set up and how you should place the glove out front to funnel the baseball our front. Then the baseball will also show how and where you should set your feet. Your feet needs to be wide and your butt needs to be down. There need to be hip hinge and not t spine bend which a lot of kids do. Kids for the most part need to be taught how to hinge at their hips, when they can figure out how to hinge at the hips then they will be able to do a lot of different type of functions on the field of any field. We spend an equal amount of time getting the arm action and the feet work and the funneling properly executed. This is the core fundamentals things that need to happen to become a great fielder. Find someone who understands this and understands how to get things done in a systematic way. Find someone who will slow it down , master certain things first before moving on. Get the repetition needed to master movements before going on. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy does just that, and we should be on the top of your mind when it comes to finding a quality Tulsa Baseball Lessons.

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