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If you are looking for the best Tulsa Baseball Lessons, look no further than Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. It’s easy to say and claim that you are the best but when it comes to results and getting player to develop, there is no one better. The reason we are confidence in statement is because we have a formal evaluation process that everyone must go through before being considered for the program. This isn’t for everyone. Out training has been compared to as the navy seal of baseball training.

We are going to give you a look into what Athletic Mission evaluation process looks like and what every potential client has gone through to receive the best Tulsa Baseball Lessons.

When a potential client reaches out to us for the first time, there is an in depth conversation about what they are looking for and if they are committed to a long term training investment. We take the time to let everyone know that there is a commitment of time, money, effort, etc. Getting better is not instant, better better will take time. By the end of this conversation the potential clients gets a good understanding why Athletic Mission is the best in Tulsa Baseball Lessons and sets up a formal evaluation process.

Once a potential clients commits to an evaluation, we then forward them an email where  we ask them to fill out paperwork to give our instructors a good understanding of each individual before they even start their initial conversation. 100% of potential clients have been equally thrown off by how professional this profess is already as very few competitor have their client come in for an evaluation or take the time to really want to understand the individual and his problems. Parents and really starting to feel good about this process and understand why most people consider Athletic Mission the best in Tulsa baseball lessons.

The day has come and you are now at Athletic Mission for your evaluation. As you wait for the best Tulsa Baseball lessons instructor you roam around Athletic Mission facility to start to feel a homely culture. An environment of which everyone would want to send their kids. An environment that is your sons future pride and joy.

The instructor comes are greet you with pure excitement that you are here and we are excited to listen to you and problems, we are excited to offer you our solution’s and show you why we are the best Tulsa baseball lessons. At this time we are reviewing the document you filled out at home, and we are having an in-depth conversation about you and the issues are are experiment with when it comes to your player development.

Once we feel we have enough information and got a good understanding how the problem, we will then start a video analysis of either your hitting or throwing. We capture super slow motion analysis that help us see unique movement that we cannot see with a naked eye.

After we have captured enough footage, we will then analyze the video. The video analysis, key word being analysis, is where potential clients get over-filled with “wow” and start to understand why Athletic Mission is the best in Tulsa baseball lessons.

Once a player has gone through this process they either decide to sign up. Once a player has signed up, we instruct them that we will be sending them the TAP Assessment, and this assessment is a personality assessment that will help us better understand the individual and design the player development program specifically for this individual. We are the only facility that give Tulsa baseball lessons that goes this far to try and understand the individual and design a program specific to him or her.

When it comes to understanding the problem and developing solutions no one that does Tulsa baseball lessons, does better than Athletic Mission. We have a unique understanding of how the body move and how energy is generated to deliver the most efficient and effortless results.

The solution we are constantly getting people to understand is that, the body has to move in a way that is natural and in a way that doesn’t interfere with the body’s ability to deliver the final product. But it all start with understanding how the body moves and the correct order of sequence. 100% of potential clients that come to us say the first thing they want is power. And power typically comes with maturity but there is a way to move to allow to to consistently get the most out of your body. The next thing that makes Athletic Mission the best solution for Tulsa baseball lessons, is that we are next level focus. Yes we want you to play well now, but we really want you to play well at the next level. Developing a plan, developing the consistency, developing the routine to successfully let you achieve this i what we are best at.

After all of this, our instructors and team will develop a comprehensive player development program to tackle specific issues that are keeping you from where you want to go as a player. A lot of the drills are similar to what most will do, but it is all individualize based on what a player needs. The program is built of 6 week program with the 7th week being an testing week.

On testing week, we are capturing all of the data of which will contribute to the next level and constantly measure we we are compared to where we want to be. This gives us an understanding of whether what we are working on his working. If it is working we will continue down that road, if it not what we are looking at, then we will make adjustment. This is a never ending process. The processes will change constantly through out a players development. Athletic Mission is the only facility that gives Tulsa baseball lesson that measure what they are doing and re-evaluate to make sure the results are where we want.

Lastly, our training process is designed to take you though your entire development period for as long as you are playing this great game of baseball. It is a journey, the sessions are more important than the lessons. The work you put in between the lessons are why player see great results. It’s ingraining muscle memory, its getting the reps to be successful. This is a process one which your son or daughter will take with them forever, because this humbling game has lots of lessons to be learned and carried with you.

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