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At Athletic Mission Baseball Academy we are pride our self in having a growth mindset and encouraging our players to have a growth mindset. When you allow yourself to have an open and growth mindset, there is no limit as to what you can achieve. When our instructors learn something or read something, we immediately discuss it and quickly try to capture as much data on it as possible to ensure we can see that it makes sense data wise before we have all of our players do it. If it makes sense data wise then we have no problem evolving our approach. If it doesn’t make sense data wise then we simply move on from the concept. There are lots of theories out there and all of them have great point but it has to make sense data wise and it has to make sense for us to evolve our whole approach. Again we are not against evolving our entire approach if it makes sense and the only way for us to do that is for us to continue to try and learn and have a growth mindset. We are not stuck in ways and we are one of the few that give Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons that has a growth mindset.

When it comes to hitting there are a lot of theories and what we know is that everything work, but nothing works forever. So there has to be a different approach as the research comes out and you have to be willing to read the research and the studies and then actively try to replicate the study to see if it works. Ideally, us as instructors are trying everything first before our client are because we want to ensure that our process and our approach work data wise and is getting the results that matter. Our players are encourage to learn and have a growth mindset as well, when they have the growth mindset then they are understanding their swing better than anyone out there and that is how it should be. For a player to have an open mindset and have the approach of evolving with time and research, they have to be explained why they are doing something and why it help them become better over what they are currently learning. Anything you evolve in house with kids who have been with you for quite some time, it takes more work to get them to understand because they have seen great results with the everything work but nothing works forever approach now. Getting kids who do not always have the best awareness to make a change that was completely opposite of what you were teaching is a challenge but it great for their body to work through and try and understand. It is easier for players to have a growth mindset if the instructor has a growth mindset and does a great job explain to the kid what they are working on why it is better and how it is better than what they were taught before. When you are seeking a Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons you need to find someone that has a growth mindset.

Several different ways we have use the growth mind set and adjusted our approach based on the data, was we got a much better understanding of the rear hip and of the hands. This has been game changer for us and the data reflected it as well. The players result reflected it as well. It been a lot of fun as we continue to have this growth mindset and adjust our approach based on the data. The players love the process, as they know each time there is an evolving process that it is going to be better and that they are going to get the results they want and that it will help them advance their game. The growth mindset and being open minded it prime for doing what is best and great for the clients. When you seek a Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons, you need to think about someone who has a proven process or a proven system, and it has to be individualize for each kid. Everything we do and we try we measure. We use the kinematic sequence first, as this affects how we generate energy and transfer energy. If this data improve and the process is effortless, then we like it however if the data is off and it feel more force then it does not work for us. We want the body to more freely and efficiently and we want the swing to be effortless. Hitting should be effortless and the swing should create a tremendous whip with out having to try so hard. If you can make this happen then you in a good position to make something great happen at the plate. The only thing we should be thinking about at the plate is the baseball and what our hands are doing. When you get to the point where all you do is think about the ball and the hands and the swing works on autopilot then a lot of good things are going to start happening with your swing and with your ability to hit. When you improve your ability to hit then you improve your chances of success. When you generate effortless power then you don’t not get some tired just trying to hit baseballs and when you generate effortless power and it goes farther than any ball you ever hit it fun to watch. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy works with softball hitters too and it is the same swing. We are using the data to help hitters in softball be effortless and effective. It is a lot of fun to watch softball players hit this because they have much smaller fields and this power approach and effortless power is fun to watch. Think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy as your next Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons.

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