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The conversation that we’ve been having with our guys a lot lately is the concept of do not compare yourself to anybody else. One of the biggest problem with this game is everybody’s, always trying to compare themselves, can a nice guy and when you do that, you take the joy away from the game and we take the joy away from the game. Then it’s not fun and when the game’s not fun, you’re not going to have to stop so being able to have something stuff, it’s very important and in your ability that banned from this game. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is the place to go for Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons. But you have to find a way not to compete with anybody else on the field, and if you can do that, I promise, you you’ll have much more success. You’re you’re, you’re, cheating more than you ever thought you could. Because what happens? Is you put a cap on to what you can do that cap is the limitations of what the next guy has so instead of comparing yourself to where you want to be and who you want to be? You got to give you’re, comparing yourself to a guy who could not find not going to be anything near where you want to be your even where you want to go. You don’t know what this guy’s vision. Is you don’t know what is process? Is you don’t know how good he could potentially be? But if you focus on yourself on your process, you do what it is. You got to do. I promise you, you have a lot more success more to that than you ever thought, but along the way, you’re going to have a lot more fun and that’s the part that very very important. This game is so hard. If there’s it should know how to do a man and then anything that suck the energy out you got if you got to stop doing that and wanted. That is, is the ability to change your and you’re. Comparing yourself to everybody elseif, you can stop that. You’ll have some fun in this game and if you could stop that, you love your wreath and let me you want to go as long as you want to put in the work and as long as your practice is right. You’re working, smart you’re, not working hard. You want to work hard, but you want to work smarter. Everybody works hard. You gotta were smarter than everybody else, so, if you can do that, you’ll have some fun. Now. How do we do? What are we? What the prop that that we have to do to get our stuff to stop doing this? That word, what we do all the time is:comparing the process did you got to have a very clear picture of what it is that you want to do what you want to accomplish a need to put that up on the whiteboard, and you got to believe every single day that you can do it and if you can do that, every single day by in the what you doing, what you doing you’re going to have a lot of fun okay you got a truck that you got to believe it. Man and that’s where that’s where the problem lies, is a lot of us had this big dream, big goals, but we don’t put the effort towards that. We, don’t we don’t care of everything will avid over. If you want to live sleep and breathe baseball, then you got to live and breathe it and you got it.

You got a dream and you got to feel it. You got a bleeder, you got to do whatever it is. You need to take for you to achieve what you want to achieve now, but you got to start with where you want to go and then you got to work backwards and that’s that’s what we call a process when you can get the process to work backwards and you know where you’re going, then that’s the only thing you got to compare yourself, tois your practice at the getting to that next milestone to get you to the big picture. That’s the only thing that you compare yourself to you and I promise. You it’ll come a lot doing. If you get rid of everybody, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters in your development is you, and the sooner you realize that the student you’re going to be the better off you’re going to be because nobody else in your development matter. You want to be a team player yeah if you want to fly you win, but at the end of days about you with about the development, is about doing what you got to do in love yourself to play yourself and to be the best year and give me the best version of yourself and the only way you can do. That is only compare yourself to yourself get rid of everybody else. Nobody else matter and get rid of everybody else’s thoughts and in in in feeling than word that it doesn’t matter you going to have haters and all cross would like all of them haters everywhere and the haters who cares i, like you, I promise you be focused on the people that, like you, will have a lot more success. If you have a lot more fun, if you focus on everybody, that’s talking against you, then you know you’re you’re, going to you can be miserable man. Making the right investment for Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons is super important. If you try to compare, you can be miserable man if you’re trying to fit in your going to be miserable. You do you and only do you it nothing else, matters if you can do that, you will do you do well on this end, in the sooner you get that the sooner you’ll be the better you’ll get student lot of guys. Wait too long. They wait till too late to be able to do something like this and when they do that, it’s too late, and you know what it do you wish man I wish I was just got it back in the day it doesn’t matter.

You have haters everywhere. It does not matter just focus on people that, like you, that’s it. If you can do that, you’ll have some fun and you’ll have some success in the game of baseball so again figure out what you want to be? Who you want to be bigger out the process find someone who could help you get there. Comparing is something we steer guys away from at our Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons. You need a profit that help you get there. You can go out there and not follow up a simple process. You can’t put a go out there and just say:okay, well, I’ll put it out there and when you get the process right you’ll be amazed how quick results come and when results come, got it. Now, how do you train it’s? The key part of the meat? Most people need to understand. You got to train your visual system. You got to train your brain and you got to train movement if that, ideally, your training, all three of them at once, and you can train all three of my one you’re going to do very, very well with your training. That’s the working, smarter part. A lot of people go their entire life without actually really training and what I mean by that is really training the trying to get ready for the activity. So when you can train the brain to get ready for the activity trying to see, decide and react process, you’re going to be way ahead of your peers, who are not even training, don’t understand. Your, prostate your process to make sure that everything is improving, decide and you can do that you’re going to develop nicely. You can do that. You’re going to compare yourself to you or later you’re going to be able to get there a lot quicker than you were all otherwise, otherwise, you’re, comparing yourself and johnny jones, never going to be as good as you want to be he’s not putting in the same working you’re doing, but because you always comparing himself to him, you never going to be hired to him ever you’re just going to get to where he that you’re going to be happy that the problem with the comparison and then you never going to have fun so have fun, make sure you working, smarter and make sure you’re working hard and good things will have a problem. Have a mentor get the right! People on your team and you’ll have a lot of fun today. That’s what you want to do, if your, if you stop having from the game of games, not meant for you, this game is extremely hard, even when it’s going well and even when you’re having fun. So you can only imagine how hard is going to be. If you don’t want to really be out. There. If you really want to play then you must invest in the best Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons at Athletic Mission.

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