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Hey guys welcome back as Jeff Palmyra that played Mission, Baseball Academy, it’s going to be episode, number 13 and we are talking about receiving the baseball at the catcher hesitate at the park baseball camp. We talked a lot about just catching and and how we want to approach receiving the baseball and help your hair out catching a strike being able to catch the ball. It’S going to make a dead big difference in this is what that very good good, good catchers and back at you Being Ian McKellen more and more importantly, our strike got to cut. The ball is coming in this right now and you got to be able to be able to maybe even take borderline pictures and make them Stripes. So how do you set up going to matter based on where you want the ball? Tulsa Baseball Camps To be me and Amber position yourself, and we talked about that, the Tulsa baseball camp to be able to position yourself and being able to bring pictures and make them into strikes. Say that word with with with great care, because the the framing for pictures of gone a little too far, pictures don’t work, I’m tired, don’t like then I stupid, then out they don’t like kids that really really graduate the framing. A pictures go to talk to babe. I can’t be rude to try to position your body in the position to be able to receive the ball and then being able to move the ball and make it a strike. So catching striped going to be the number one thing and the biggest broken that we talked about the Folsom baseball camp. Holding the pitch you know being able to framer hold hold it for me, the meaning of catching the ball and holding it after a couple seconds of the impact they have all the longer we can hold it there. Tulsa Baseball CampsThe longer, but the the for a few seconds. After the pit that’s going to help that., I’m really just evaluated his his ability in that car there so don’t hold out too fast. Just make it more difficult. So holding that pitch cut the ball frame in a little bit. This your mind right spot and then do them just hold it there until they give me a chance to evaluate had called – and we show you how to do that. Talking baseball camp come here for a minute.

This is something that’s kind of been way out of way out of where I could have laid if, if, if the bar old is a ball, that don’t try and frame it, but if the ball is borderline, you can maybe sneak it in there go ahead and Try and position your from your quad into this down, based on certain movements of the club, and we talked about certain movement of the club at the Tulsa baseball Kansas to be able to get borderline. Calls prophetic word about problems in your body are properly and that being able to remove the glove or move your body in a way to position these pictures so that we can steal borderline cause the low pitch. Those are very hard to find, but I can benign once you receive it, you might got to Roy him by Rolling you’re rolling a hand aboard the trying to match the plane of the patch. That’S coming in through the loading page, while difficult is something that most guys need to work out a lot, because you got to be able to get that that low pitch first strike and help and help Richard Gere hitters out. So are the Tulsa baseball camp. Tulsa Baseball Camps It’S been a long time on catching weighted balls for the low pitch and getting guide understand how to how to move up in through the strike zone, to be able to get your pictures to be strike. The high pictures of you you just going to you just going to roll up now, so don’t call don’t really go here, but Dad said the pulse of baseball camper teach you how to roll to go out of town at that boss coming on and maybe maybe Get a borderline V to be a strike Palm be inside outside corner. That’S going to be the either want the frame. Essentially, you just got a position, your body on the outside part of the player on your part, to play, and then too bad you’re catching it move. It move it into the know. Now, if you’re going to be missing that ball and that boiled clearly a ball out of hand, a trailer ball, don’t try frame and don’t try and do not try to forward it on power, you’re going to lose some respect for the Empire. Don’T just say close in a little bit into the zone and we will teach you guys how to do the pulser baseball camp, the weather with the left-handed hitter and then obviously, with the right-handed hitter show of the catcher.

You know where all right, we’re typically right-hand drawer, so it becomes more and more difficult to get that out that bad then type it to meet you again same thing with the with the lap. Do you know you’re up there and you have the frame in the the outside. Just need your because of your body. The way you moving away positioning I’m going to talk to Beth. Or can we talk a lot about this? You want to try and keep your body as still as possible and keep your head from moving. So did the lateral movement you have the better the left. You had moved the better. You just want to show and kept them all. You know I just coming in and try to get the ball to be a strike, faith on high position, Tulsa Baseball Camps your body and and and your glove. So the again we were talking about, you know that the cost of April can we talk a lot about this, but we were talking about catching sharks, I’m holding the pic. You got to be able to hold that pitch and then frame and a picture. Where did not know so I’ll, be at that you’re trying to see you trying to steal strike star the Tulsa baseball camp? We wanted catchers that if you try to take a ball, that’s clearly a file for out there ball and try to make it. So I can only the letters back from that from that catcher Urban.. I’M tired of you start losing respect for my alarm fire. Then that picture is nothing I can be too happy and so that I can be able to get here right now. So I have to talk to me, Tulsa Baseball Camps but can’t we all just talking about me – know the proper positioning of your body in the proper position to have your have your cloth and being able to, but yourself out to be able to steal pictures without being so obvious. Now, being that the ball, the ball, don’t try and framing don’t try to move it. Don’T do anything that going to allow their umpire how to get upset with you and will help you with all that the cost of baseball camp athletic Mission, Baseball Academy, and then we have again below pitch when we talk about the love, for you want to try To meet that ball up on the pitch plane and try to get that ball up we’re going to roll that fingers we’re going to roll it up, roll of them up and try to try to meet it out in front and try to match the plan. The pitch with are with our club and then the high pictures. What is going to roll it down the Lord biton, the higher picture of little bit harder to get to frame and get calls from, Tulsa Baseball Camps but I can’t be done with enough to work at it.

I’M at the park baseball camp with teach you guys how to do all that with a low.. We talked about using weighted balls to get you to work, not matching to plan to fetch and then hi.. We did work on trying to go out now, I’m at the closer baseball camp. We also talked about the inside and out that pair, trying to make me into a bar. So I can pick him up pitch in and trying to help help your picture get his out again. It does the picture. The ball: don’t try and snort trying to sneak it in you just going to stand up and find out, and I will set up your body, but if you’re pissed and that up your Club to allow you to turn to make small changes in and get one Of my pictures, through the side door again, Tulsa Baseball Camps if, if, if it’s a ball, don’t try to don’t try to make that fried balls are clearly bald, but borderline beverage. Close pictures go ahead and try to do what you can do with that, and you know we did. We were talking about this a day at the Tulsa baseball camp. What we do with our catcher that did to get them understand that receiving the baseball at the most important part of the game and Barrel. Goodbye do not alone they’re going to do a lot and helping their picture of your head is out about to talk to Baseball camp you’re talking about the framing we’re talking about not wanting to frame ball, there, no balls and its name and Strikes, and if we can do that, then we’re going to be in a very good position to be able to get hitters Owl and the umpires. Don’T like at your pictures, don’t like you, so I gave me all the stuff that we talked about at the Tulsa baseball camp, athletic Mission, Baseball Academy. If you can do that, you’re going to have a lot of stuff for the catcher and you can have a lot of stuff to the catcher, then you’re going to have a lot of stuff on your team. Tulsa Baseball Camps And again these are the things that we talked about. The Tulsa baseball camp in Tulsa talking about catcher, that poster baseball camp