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This is Jeff. I’M Ironwood athletic Mission Baseball Academy. Today we’re going to talk about first base coaches guidelines hear about all the baseball. Can we tried to help our coaches as well, and it’s really important for coaches understand what they’re doing and when I do know why they’re doing it so there’s a couple things we’re talking about responsibilities of the first base coach high. They need this. You need to spend time with your codes in in it and helping them understand how we’re going to that perform on the field for for our kids. So if your birth date codes are your CO2 had coaches code for debate? For you, this can be a good good session for you. So here’s what we want. What we expect from our coaches Weber thing is: they need to hustle to and from third base coaching box at all time. So we expect our kid. The guitar on the field as quick as they can for as we, we typically Talon the guidelines going to be 6 black and pretty and Builder than and 12th and for the outfielder. So in order for our player the really buy into that the coaches. Tulsa Baseball Camps At the mind it out, so we tell our birthday: Dakota, hey, you need to print from the dog out to your the first location, and we expect that everything will be okay. The other thing that we do, it would tell them do not say a word to the other coaches or the other team, if you’re on their dog outside, if they make they’re going to make common that are inappropriate, letter B do not say a word to the Other team we’re going to be the bigger person and when I can stay at work and we we struck that allowed to talk to baseball camps and I respect everybody to follow route. The other thing that we cover here talks baseball camp. There were talking about refrigerated code, you don’t need to say anything to the Empire, even if you don’t agree the better, the head coach at the only one who can do it, but really they’re the proper way of doing it. We do not need to get everybody involved in the argument discussion of the play that just happened. Tulsa Baseball Camps So if your birthdate coach do not say a word to the Empire, if you disagree with me, throw okay and then we’re good thing that we tell our birthday Dakota, that tough baseball camp is you got to understand the Outfield arm strength because of your job is To help him get to the next base, throw baking if we understood that the lock Builder or the center fielder has a week on the ball deep in the Gap, we want to make sure we’re sending them. So you need to understand the really pay attention to what the outbuildings are doing, what their arm strength are and whether you understand whether we know that this guy that ability to get the second base in there.

So I’ve talked to me tomorrow. Can we talk a lot about you, observing the outfielder than understanding what they’re doing Rob? The other thing that we kind of talked about at Tulsa baseball camp is when you’re standing in the battery box get getting deep, as you can possibly get, because this going to allow you to be able to really get a better understanding of where to ball. Where the ball was head, get a better understanding of what the actions of the Opera playing and I’m going to get a better understanding of weather. You’Re going to be able to spend your guy or not. And the other thing that you got to do what you got to do, they make sure they’re, seeing the usually what are the hip hurt? Babe, Tulsa Baseball Camps you know that’s something. We talked about a lot of baby porcupines, really making sure that we had the Bayside we passed because of you missed the babe, then you’re out and there’s a lot of people that try and challenge that dubbed it. The way I did look kind of throw things off, so that’s something that’s very important. It making sure that you get deep in the box, but you can pick up the outfielder than the haters can pick you up and then you can get a better view at the weather you going to thunder play or not. So the other thing that we talking about here at the Folsom baseball camp is your job is going to be able to pick up the sign from the third base coach and related to a player if they messed it. Okay, now they should know all their place by there sometime today want and we got to make sure that they understand their plays. So I thought that we talked about a lot here at the post of baseball camps and then the other thing that we need to. We have our birthday theme of the characters. Tulsa Baseball Camps To do is make sure you were aware of all the situation are both running principles regarding the gambling man, so I can bathe who want to be some more conservative, so understanding the situation, understanding of the score, understanding, who’s, who’s on the field, understanding who’s running, understand, Who’S hitting understanding all the situation that we could possibly get into that we can buy to help our players that we talking about that, because baseball camps is helping our guide be very aggressive, but also being very good. Being okay – and I are not good out so and then the other thing that we’re doing is we’re going to talk to our first baseman as the ball gets thrown the biggest overthrown.

The first bathe we’re going to be able to Beth judge whether we should be able to send that play or not, and the other thing is going to pick off and then, when I want to hire, Diamondback kind of ball gets thrown over to get past them. Then we want to make sure we get them out and get them going to the next base. Those are things that we talked about in Tulsa baseball camp and then the other thing they were talking about it is making sure that we we get the kid understanding. What the situation is and how they’re going to advance in the situation, what they’re looking for and how we’re going to get to the next days. Because of the other day. We need to get home and our job to help him get the home. And those are the things that we talking about at the Tulsa baseball camp so and the other thing they were talking about it. Tulsa Baseball Camps It is really good making sure that these kids understand how they’re supposed to lead. How did for the get there leave it out? How to put the read the page, how to put the read the picture and in either all think that would cover the tallest baseball camp? That’S why we think that the talks baseball camps the best way to go for any coaches that want to learn how to how to help their kids get better. So the the other thing that you’ll see that’s the way of the and reliable, with your CDs code to try to pull all the trick plays that your job is to be aware of any of the trick play the more talking about that hope. Bay parking at work to be aware of and how to respond to it. So the other thing that we have the kind of think about as well and then the other thing that we have to do. Tulsa Baseball Camps We have to help our car players understand what they’re doing when there’s a left-handed pitcher up a lot of kids are intimidated. Whenever life in a picture out, there they’re afraid to get picked off, and then we all that bad I’ll go have them. Have them be aware of getting picked up by the catcher? No lie catcher going to be very graphic and trying to throw guys out. Are we having weather, make sure they’re aware that out everything we have to constantly touch our player? That birthday thing is reading the pitch. You know I’m a lot of kids want to look at the picture and then I want to look straight at the catcher, but we want them to the track the baseball in the air, so they got ta, learn to walk the baseball from the hand.

All the way into the garage to the last time you can read the the path of the baseball news, be that ball going down into the dirt, and if you see that ball go on a dirt, you need to be going to think babe and then be There grab the van and don’t have to pay a lot of times you do they have you read the bath right and I’m walking down you’re going to get that babe and then the other thing that we kind of talked about here of the that’s awesome baseball Can it’s going to be trying to trying to pick up the cat really want to catch your friend? What are you doing? Try to pick up his fine to the fines if we can pick up this mind that we can now relay what’s going on to the picture there by 8, or so? If I hit his understand what you coming to Anderson Beavis, Tulsa Baseball Camps that on then all I got to do it really worried about trying to be a bit in the zone and they want, though, there’s some benefit to being able to relay find to the header and not Let them know we talking about the talking babe Mark and me personally when I was playing, I didn’t really. I wasn’t really a fan of that I’d, rather just kind of stay in and relax, but either from Hidden Valley that we would love to know what coming in, to talk to me to McHenry County go over all that stuff, and I really tried to understand. What’S going on with all that stuff, but now at the end, learning about Job birth date codes and we’re talking about the Colts baseball camp, it you’ve got to bring back to the dog out as our prior to running back out. You got to grab every helmet at long of everybody if I’m babe, I need to get back to head back out quick as you can so again. These are all things that we talking about the Tulsa baseball camps.