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That the jet bomber on athletic Mission Baseball Academy today I want to kind of talk about the probate training that we do so we do a lot more than just swing a bat and throwing the ball a lot more than a mechanical part. We work on the mental approach and we working understanding how to develop an approach and we understand understand how to how to implement a plan and develop a plan and Anna and all that type of stuff in that stuff been very, very beneficial for our hitters. So we we are not known, but I’m known for developing hitters for the difference between development swinger in developing a hitter and. The way we do do know they’re hitting Unitarian wants that died, hitting a dude that 50 % mental 50 % mechanical, and I agree with that. The mechanical to Mechanical mechanics down to be able to develop an approach, your your mechanic and how you hit it’s going to determine your approach, so we typically have we did we been a lot of time but they’re the speeding but be coming to play preseason season. We thought we’re going on and I thought we work on that. They want guys understand how there are people are pitching arm in the end, what they need to work on. So we have a pitching machine that are facility called the home plate machine and it said variance near the pulse of baseball. Can when God first see that machine and then an hour while they are and how, how frustrating it is to hit, but it it it. It’S good stuff in it and how we work on getting extra diving results for Dark Souls are crying. So what exactly do we mean by an approach? We have? We have three different training.. We have the offseason and preseason Revenge season in the office. Either we don’t spend much on time. I work at all willing, broken than mechanical part during the preseason. Definitely when we start the kind of folk in the end on on our approach  Tulsa Baseball Camps and I approved mean that this is what allows us to hit. You got a picture, throwing a baseball, a text, Mama Blossom tea and the speed coming in very fast, and you got to hit the ball moving around and then you got to hit the ball on it and it’s not it’s not easy. It’S not! It’S not easy. At all, but that’s why you got to eliminate pictures of Livermore High School. We try to get our young guy to start working on developing a game plan and a purpose well, because, even though they’re throwing your basketball, you still got to wait born at the news on so developing approaches.

It basically understand who you are the hater understand why you hit well, I understand what you don’t hear well and in developing a plan around what you do well and let everything that you don’t do well, let it go, and this is a very frustrating process of All time the kids are so worried, most hitter, they don’t have the discipline their they want to swing at strikes and that’s not necessarily the right approach. If, if typical, the ball strike doesn’t mean you have to swing out birthday, Tulsa Baseball Camps goodnight Striker, you looking for a certain person both of you looking for a pitch right down the middle swinging outside strike. You knocking at your not going to hit that ball very well, because you’re looking for a pit in the middle and that’s the problem with most kids, don’t do that! Look at that tried to do hit strike. They don’t put their Best Wings baseball because they swing anything that the strike rather than focusing on their page and letting their pitch come and hit me hard somewhere. So once once you can hit your pitch pick your pitch and hit her somewhere now you’re done and in the way you do. That is developing an approach so or will do birds come around 50. The tallest baseball can what’s the hey swing at the fastball. Only will set up all the machine for all the pictures and what they had. We want to swing at the fastball on and what that means is when the basketball camps Wingin It on the curb all come down swinging on it. I’M going to change when the slider come don’t swing at it, and I have a very hard time doing that. Then you can see there’s an online games in there for worrying about covering everything and swing that strike that they’re not ready for the best basketball. Can you see it all the time these kids are playing at the mall, and I know what the hell could they weren’t ready for it and that’s what we have to try to remember, trying to reverse that Trend and saying hey, you got to be ready for The best fastball and then make adjustments, but you know – and this is what we discussed a lot of the pain from baseball camps – is that you don’t want to swing at what you’re not looking for a mic. You have two sides.

I know you don’t want us when you’re watching and looking at you know so you. This is where you start to develop the discipline. So then, after that walk, they will have what happened on Speedway on for Queen nothing, but only curveball and they’ll do a little better with it because they don’t have to hit that basketball, even though their approach should be the base. Everything off the fastball make adjustment. So they’ll do that in the talking baseball camp they love the the day off, be drowned because they can actually walk on his coming a little bit slower and they can see it and then they can now make it hard for me because they don’t understand that They got to get ready for that batch basketball and then then, we’ll have like a situation around so being able to do a delivery in a situation being able to learn how to hit for learning how to hit having a proton and being able to do a Job being able to put the barrel on a baseball glove, do what you want. So if you have a runner on second base, we want to drive the ball to the tooth interview over the right fuel and we want to hit hard from where or you know a lot of times. Tulsa Baseball Camps You know that you’re sitting offbeat on that pissed. So, do you have a running back in the Tiger game you want to meet in lobby off speed, pitch, come and drive, it drive it where you want to go and I’m going to get it. So you want to sit on top speed in and you want to be able to drive and that’s enough to situational stuff that we talked him down at the park baseball camp and then we have, you know, hit and run in there. Dude dude all kind of situation we can work on. We have to strike approach all that stuff that we talked about the cost of baseball camp. It’S very important to learn how to do all that and developing that approach developing that discipline. It’S not easy to do so. It’S something that you have to practice when you have to practice a lot. If you can practice that you going to be okay, but you’ve got to you got to practice by now and the boys in the pitching machine, then we have the home plate, pitching machines that were you have talked to baseball camps. It’S going to be the best. The best tool for that that particular part, Tulsa Baseball Camps I believe that the best thing we have our petroleum. We got the knife finger opportunity, but that picture machine and the ability to develop and work on our approach. It’S critical for what we do in the super for an hour really excited, and then we have around where we focus on trying to hit the trying to try to head home. Now. You know there’s there’s times where you got to practice hitting home run and I we don’t. We don’t care that we weren’t guy that had doubles and land Homer in the mistakes. But we weren’t guide to let loose and wanting to swing a hard and try to hit the ball farther.

They can, in a long time you’ll be surprised, DD the result of more intense swing and they love this round when it comes to the Tulsa baseball camp, because they’re there to do around back and not worrying about mechanics – and I just hit the ball hard, they Can a lot of time there going to be there about 20? You know if now and I’m grabbing some homework and all that stuff, but you’re going to see some movement patterns that you you haven’t seen when you tell him hey. I want you to try to hit the ball hard to count. As far as you can I’m trying to hit a homerun right here and you’re going to be some movement by that you haven’t seen and you’re going to really like it, but yeah. If your guy, Tulsa Baseball Camps who who’d want kids to be outside a lot of good deed, they don’t want kids to be athletic and they say that they can transfer and seven – and I disagree, I think I can kids kids are very awkward. I can make a move and no doubt I’m going to make adjustments and maybe start work first, Tulsa Baseball Camps but they’re going to hit the ball hard and I going to have fun and that’s what it’s all about and that’s how I know we see they’re all time to Talk to baseball camp, so those are things that again we talk about. When we talk about approach, we talk about a game plan to either think the hitters have to develop in order to do a master game through or not I’m when we, when we were not here to him. When we talk about it, talk to baseball camp to we’re, not worried about this year or next year, Tulsa Baseball Camps we’re worried about the next level. So if your next level right now in high school, we want to get you ready for high school and want you get there. We want to get you a call if you want to get the car, we want to get you a pro bowl and a lot about driven back near the mechanics are important, but your approach and understanding how people are pitching you. It’S very very important – and this is love – that more kids have to understand birth, more stuff, that people have to start teaching for these kids understand them. So I get another thing that we’re talking about a lot of the Tulsa baseball camp mathletic Mission, Baseball Academy, Tulsa baseball camps is the way to go.