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Hey guys welcome back and see if Jeff brought my arm with that buddy Mission Baseball Academy, it’s going to be podcast Episode, number 16 going to go over some different type of defensive issue. Issues getting are standing where everyone supposed to be in water supposed to be there, so I don’t talk about today. It’S going to be a single to center field, with no right or wrong babe or a runner on thirdthough. I think it was going to feel could be a ground ball. They could be a line-drive. I could be a ball that went over to Senator Ted in the Bible talks about Abraham. What will go over a lot of situation.? It is a stuff that kids, most kids don’t understand, but I just going to talk about with no Runners on base orders around 9:30. So at the picture, where should the picture be in in the Desolation? So we know that they were the runner on third and that ball of the middle. We have power. I don’t have a chance to get that that they got home, though his job now just going to be the backup that second base area and thought he drowned. The heater heat on the hill he’s in the perfect position, but we already know he’s going to be able to back up that, throw from the center fielder to second base at the park baseball camp World War. At this point now, the catcher – the catcher – needs to read the bond, understand that the guy at home, if it’s going to be it’s going to be stable, Tulsa Baseball Camps there’s no chance at all, but he’s going to be a guy, that’s going to break down and run as Hard as they can, the backup first babe just in case the center fielder for the second baseman of the shortstop, comes up and fire the trying to get that guy. On his turn, I’m at that bar get fired. I catch what you got to be there all the first baseman they. They also understand hey when I can be able to get this guy at home. So I’m going to go cover the back and they’re going to go, stand up and do that if I throw from either the center fielder the shortstop for the second baseman and that he’s going to be able to put a tag on a runner who trying to Maybe make a break or two thinking base, or maybe to the chance of making it to your pickle and everybody’s in the right spot. The second baseman is actually going to be running straight to the bag he’s going to cover the bag and the she’s going to be the point. No contact order 2.0 Target the throw from that center fielder in the short.

Going to go out and buy halfway between that center fielder and that second base the outfielders going to make the longer throw. So. The short side will only be just slightly into the grab. The area lined up to, but then only going to cut it off if they need to. Center fielder job to throw through that short time into second base that that’s not the runner on third base, still going home. The the third baseman it’s going to start moving towards second base and in the reason why, if the ball goes a lot farther than then they entered the pay in a short knob have to go a little further out. The odds are that second baseman needs to be out there to to back up. The bathroom in case it gets through an in and that in that cave that third baseman going to be on second base. So but then again that the shortstop going to be the guy, that’s beneath the cutoff guy he’s going to be the guys going out to center field. His give me guys putting his hands up and he can be got. It makes that throw the putting the hands dub it’s going to be very important center fielders. I understand where he’s throwing the baseball are. Tulsa Baseball Camps We saw great example of this. At the end I talked about this at the park. Baseball cameras are great man for a visit over the postseason, a guy sure second baseman, going out to the field and being a cut-off guy, and he did not have his hands up and then and then after they’re, two totally missed the Target and in through to The bag, instead of through the trees, are cut off guy, who probably would have thrown the ball home, but anyway.. The person that goes out and it’s the cutoff guy needs to throw their hands up to the operator, knows what they’re doing with the ball. At the Tulsa baseball camp we spent a lot of time on my hands.. I’Ve been communicating and all that type of stuff. Tulsa Baseball Camps So that again not sure, if not these big guy, that’s going to go out there and beat at the real a guy at the bar. Get too far that they can also be the real a guy who, behind backing up that, throw some time. Shortstop will let the ball go. That’S if it’s going to be a low bar and I’ll give you a long harm in that second baseman going to take that call her that throw man about time that third baseman’s now could be a second base. So again, at this time that the run-around 3rd has already scored so when I worry about that worked for trying to keep this guy that hit her in the runner on first base, instead of getting in the second base, Deluxe building a road Builder. This time are both going to be going in and back in town they’re, going to Sprint it’s hard as they can to try and back up the center fielder.

Are we still a lot of time and at the Tulsa baseball camps in, and even I just don’t want you to Tulsa baseball games, so I will see a lot of kid in the Outfield just just standing there not really backing up anybody and it’s very important That you take off if, in case something happens, we can’t afford for that Runner to keep going to keep going to keep going because the lights go to write better than to do that job and then the center fielder they’re good. They got to come up and throw the ball, they got to come up and I got to get rid of all quick and I got to throw the ball to the guy or throw through and so meaning you want to come out fire. You want to hit your child off guy, but you want to have the ability to put enough on it that it will go through him and into second base so again after single to center field, with no Runners on or around on third base at that time. That run on third base. Is it he’s good to go he’s weird, there’s no chance at all, so just to recap that again that I think we’re going to be able to talk to me for Camp world will go over there this week at all about wraps. We dude it’s over and over and over and over and over and over again, and until they get enough crap that they’re not going to be able to be very fishing on it. So that’s how some people can become a long time. I didn’t repetition with this type of stuff, Tulsa Baseball Camps so the single to center field, with a runner on third base or no Runner, Tulsa Baseball Camps don’t know how tall is that that picture? It’S going to stay right behind up the home that mound and they’re going to back up and throw from the Benefield Rebecca babe. The catcher’s is going all the way to backup first base the first baseman going to be on the bag in case they should throw him the ball and try to get him or maybe try to get him into a pickle, the second basement going to the bag. Unless the ball gets so deep that the short thought would so far out there that the second baseman that have to be out there, but if it should be right in front of him, then it’s super single going to go to second base and hang hang tight.. Throw the shortstop going to make their dive out there in front of home plate in line up from center field the second base and he’s going to be the cutoff guy. This guy needs to put his hands up in the air and let the operator know where he’s at the third baseman in case the ball. Take.,

Look behind them and be the guy second base in case that comes Tom. The lab building, where I feel there are going to be making a Mad Dash behind center fielder and try to make a player, try to help State Parkway in case the ball goes by the balls hard to can he’s going to pick them all up and quickly. Can throw the ball to the shortstop, who had his hands off? You can throw through him, meaning that he’s going to put enough on that, throw that I’m going to be able to go through him in all the ways that I can babe and this stop at the Tulsa baseball camp is super super super super important in this Is nothing that we feel like doesn’t get covered enough at the amateur level? A lot of time to go to the games in the Tulsa baseball camps will look at the stuff more to come, and these kids are just not learning how to play the game. The way it’s meant to be played so again, Tulsa Baseball Camps I think it was going to be over around 3rd and over nobody on the plane already going to be on that leadoff guy that hit her at that their basement going home regardless. I still always understand why you got to be at the Tulsa baseball camp men on time, I’m in a lot of time on their just trying to get kids to think before the day before what they’re going to do before the ball goes and and thinking that Is a very, very big part of becoming a good player? You got ta understand what you going to do with the ball and we spent a lot of time on the talk to bed. Bug me, I’m just getting got to think and some time for you won’t. Even put them on the field, where can I get there? We’Re going to talk to him talk about how how to how to position themselves to get to get hitters out, and I hope it pictures out. So these are the same. The game we talked about the Colts baseball camp in too deep in the situation, and we can understand all that we can. We can advance very high into this game.