Tulsa Baseball Camps | Number One Option

Hey guys welcome back to episode number, for this is Jeffrey, I’m out with athletic Mission Baseball Academy, we’re talking about things that we talked about over an hour all of our Tulsa baseball camps. Today we want to kind of talk about our prayer to our training. In this is nothing that really appealed to go out for people with that, where we feel like we separate ourselves from our competition, and we talking about that. Tulsa Baseball Camps The talks baseball camp is typically, this will bring them on other client, which is obviously the objective morning. First thing we do when, when people come to us, did we do a comprehensive Beyond Allison and what we? What we mean by thatthere are certain things that you have to do when you swing the bat and there certain position that matter in how you delivered about the war we well. We spent a lot of time really studying professional hitters, and then they are the professionals we feel like they’re, the most they moved. They didn’t move matter how everyone these got to learn, how to move like them and if we can get them to move like them, then we’re going to be giving them the best chance to succeed. Despite how old are the water, the man I haven’t, checked, but that we go through and over the chocolate? We talked about all the different things that happened in the swing that we want to have that happen now is, it seems overwhelming at first, but really it’s on one thing. I understand how the swing words and understand what needs to happen. They really pick it up. Really quick like so, I think that we talking about we go through our check. Where can we go through very comprehensive way, really getting an I understand what they’re doing and what they should be doing and why they should be doing it. So the reason for all of it, and then after that you know, World War talk about a and evaluation evaluation process is really where we start to understand and know how bad they want to play and how hard they ruin. The word. What their goals are because to be able to train with us and our approach.

Those going to take a lot of you need a lot of ownership. You need to be able to to be able to work hard and you got what you got to want to get there. How many got to put in the word to get better so do you do the evaluation allowed up to figure out? Who, who can you can do this. Man alive time? That’S what we figure out to at the Tulsa baseball camp with all the baseball camp will give us an opportunity to look at kids if they who wanted to put in the work, and then I give up.. It’S kind of bad, we want to work with children more and then, after that we have the physical stats in the bed. The course that’s what we see where we talked to identify mobility issues or even civility issues, and this is something that it is truly important, and very few people understand it if you would do it, but I can tell you a lot about why kids swing away Their swim, if you can understand their their conversation, pattern the Wheaton lot of time on that, and then we getting them cracked back inside now, they’re kids, Tulsa Baseball Camps who put in the work on that are the kids are going to get better now, there’s something that’s not the Type of thing, but it’s the most important thing that we do with understanding the mobility and then there should be no issue. So we do all those that summer that we do those we put together a cracker program at Tulsa baseball camps. So then, one one of the cutest nine. And that’s why they want to train with us we’ve week, then put them through a a series of movement drill and the movement drill is trying to take the bat away. Take the ball away and just focus on the movement pattern, because, as soon as you put the bat in the mall there they’re going to revert back to their old way, they’re going to revert back to what the comfortable and being able to deliver to build a Baseball, though, Tulsa Baseball Camps what we want to do take all that away and then allow them to move work on the movement pattern and if not the funnest up but the most important stuff that we do and then the nice thing about it is, and we tell these kids All the time at the Falls baseball can is that you can do this stop at home. Are you watching TV? Are you watching TV? You can be sitting here working on the swing and getting better and that’s that’s. That’S awesome. I think I would. I wish. I knew I wouldn’t know now, so I don’t know now we’re a lot of time working on my sweet friend from the TV anyways, but the movement drills. We don’t move on at your one guy named after the third movement once they master that movement, then we’ll move on to the next movement during the making of the progression, but we want them to take their time. We want them to really understand the movement in the field. Remember one thing that gets results for Napoleon why we would rather stay there and move forward and having to come back and revisit it. So there’s a lot of moving everybody, no matter how long it been with me.

They all start movement girl. I am weak break morning and I threw up a lot of what we do at the park baseball camps and then from there. We will graduate to the key from the key work. What we’ll do with the word to take a lot of those things movement they were doing and we’re going to do the same exact thing, but with a ball in front of them and they’re, going to learn to tuck the ball and they’re going to blend them. All too, and I got to learn to start to put this swing together with a baseball in front of them, and this is always the funnest part talk baseball camps and they realize Okay, so better the results aren’t going to be there and that’s okay. We don’t care about that. We know the results will be there at some point. The only reason why we’re doing this to get them start understanding how to how to get to build a baseball instead of instead of worrying about the baseball so and if you need movement patterns to do that. So don’t do that and will stay there for a long time. That’S why the office is important for us, because they need all that time then work on their movement pattern before they move on and then from there we’ll go to front office and in the front tie rods and now we’re getting their ball. Move is going to be very, very slow now they can really broke if not all of them are typically will have more into their foot down position without in The Swinging, learn to track debate, barfi the baseball and at work on getting to a good hitting position At the baseball moving, so I can work on that time in a little bit once they do that, then we’ll go through a series of the same drug that we did last two times and do it just keep doing that over and over and over and over And over and over until we get him and that’s that typically, Tulsa Baseball Camps where we’ve been talking to talk baseball camp and then I think they continue to come work with us. Then we going to do the over here Pronto., But I’m working a lot more like a pigeon. The game and they’re going to work on again. Do it taking pictures they’re going to work on this being the ball, getting into a good hitting position and what they get into a good from the drug they were doing before and then are hidden that moving baseball with timing me and then one thing you get A dad, then we’ll we’ll move over to the machine and now the machine, but the progression from the movement to the t is get there as quick as quicker the progression from the P, the movement at not as quick now, their progression from the overhand time.

To the machine it did not work at all. It’S on they’ve got to work and see all the machine, but the way the machines that are, we did with that it out for 5.9 middle swell, but now they have to understand that for time and visualize the picture coming now they’re speed. Now I got to work on getting the good ending position and all that good stuff in and we haven’t, do the exact same drawers off the machine and when do off of the front of husband and p.m. in movement until they get into a good hitting position. Tulsa Baseball Camps Then we’ll move them on and let them fight the swing. If I could blend in from these other drill and the main thing that we talked about the tallest baseball teams and then after that, they get really good it bad that we would start to work on their approach. There are there proof of paid training. It is very important that that part of the training is going to allow you to start things start developing at disappoint waiting for that bath. Won’T let everything else go and then waiting for a curveball at me on the go or just sitting on Pandora. That part of the other processes in a lot of pain. Tulsa Baseball Camps This is where you start to take swinging and learning how to hit, and we talked a lot about that quite a bit of cost baseball camps, and here I thought that I think Mission Tulsa Baseball Academy. We talked about we we we do tend to focus on the holistic approach.. There is one thing we need to get better at 4 for grass time. We don’t want our. We want to keep moving forward. We don’t want to go back now, there’s not nothing to say that we will never go back and we will we do that a lot, but we don’t want to go back often occasionally will go bad. Just very busy. Sometime get your body