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A guide welcome to athletic Mission, Baseball Academy, this going to be episode, number 17 and we’re going to talk a little bit about what’s Council. Looking for when looking for hitter Mission Baseball Academy in the Tulsa baseball camp, we talked we trying to help kids understand what it’s like to work with her fine. What you need to do to be able to help yourself as a hitter trying to play at the next level and watch guys are looking for so there’s several different think we have to keep in mind when we are one about playing at the next level. First thing versus you got to you got to know you got to know too much about yourself, but we got to know that I still got to know what kind of hitter you are going to know. Tulsa Baseball camps Your mechanic got to know your routine to got to know your processor got to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You just got to know thyself and it’s coming back to me a lot of hitter just don’t understand who they are, and we have ice afternoon that beat baseball camp that which we try to understand, get get our hitters understand themselves and when. When you start to understand you start, you start to develop a routine than an approach that can allow you to be successful and when you can develop a routine and I’m proud that allowed you to be successful, you’re going to be consistent and you’re going to be Able to play this game at the next level and my tire level so that the birthing first and we we we comprehensive. We try to a Target. Tulsa baseball can try to get our kids to really start to think, and I think you know in the torture of Youth Baseball, we’re not letting these kids think about and that’s a big problem, my opinion, Tulsa Baseball camps so we have to get them to think about them self. You know yeah, we did the team concept, but the end of the day. Every kid want the place nightclub on that got to be starfish when it comes to their development, and we talked about that baseball camp. It’S okay! To be selfish. You got to be able to do you and and take care of what you got to do, but that you can play the game is hide. You want quiet, so the Tulsa baseball camp, one of the first thing we’ll do it we’ll have to sit there and really start to think about themselves with header. I want them to understand what pictures they hit. Well, what pictures that don’t have? I want the maintenance man who, what the picture Tendencies are to try to get them out.

What is the picture Fast pitch and how are they going to use that to get you out? What are your mechanic’s like? Why do you do what you do with your mechanic? How has that been working out for you? Do you have more in the tank if you understood how to remove proper? When do you have a good, routine and routine meeting free, math pregame post about app that work out practice homework that anything that you do? You need to be able to do it in a routine fashion that allow you to be consistent with your performer, and this is something that doesn’t get talked about at all, and it’s something that needs to be talked about. A lot more is how to get them. They’Re prepared to play the game and a game that very hard at sports baseball can’t wait to breed. We can we talk so much about how hard this game is at the higher level and the ones who understand themselves. The most who put in the work understand the routines the end of the one to understand about the most, and I understand they’re, not working. Tulsa Baseball camps I understand how to how to get the barrel to the baseball consistently are going to be, don’t want their place and I don’t want that to catch the train, to work for and coaches the days that I talk to coaches all-time college coaches. They have a hard time finding that they have a hard time finding kids that can help it’s one thing to be able to swing the nursing be able to hit now you’ve got to be able to swing in order to be able to head. So your swing a lot time will dictate your approach and if you you have a swing and you have an approach that doesn’t work with your swing, then you’re you’re not you’re, not fit in the car barbers in time. You got to understand your point, but you got ta understand what it what I was going to produce it, and then you got to develop an approach around it. Now I can’t be chained to it if you’re not happy with the results, and you need to change your mechanic, you need to put in the work, change a mechanic and change a result in there, Tulsa Baseball camps for you change your your approach. That will allow you to be successful so being able to consistently to grab the baseball you’re so fluid in your movements that you can get the barrel to the baseball and anytime and that’s super important. It being able to you, be consistent with the barrel path and getting the ball getting the barrel to the baseball college coach in the professional scalp, don’t like to sing when he messes swing-and-misses is the hand eye coordination thing as the swing thing it just messes are Not good and it’s one thing when you swing a mess because it’s showing at a bad pitch and they understand that.

But when you have a good pair, a good I’m bad, a good swing and you’re you’re on time. Everything like that and you swing and miss that the huge red flag. All that means that you got to practice more. You got to get better with your move into got to get the point where you trust the movement where it just happened in the bathroom. For the dog, and then you can hit the baseball consistently put the barrel on the baseball. Consistent one does that that’s very important. The the ability to hit the ball on that job be controlled at barrel and being able to drive the ball anywhere. To feel that you want to it’s super important as well, if you can do that, you can play this game a very high level, because there’s no retail kid that awesome baseball camp, Tulsa Baseball camps that you’ve got to be able to sit on patch and be able to drive Anywhere, you want to see when the situation calls for it. We told them to expect about two or three about the game, where you’re going to have to do a job and then expect at least maybe to a bath. Maybe one where you going to the back and let her rest. So that’s where the learning how to hit coming to play is you’re going to have most of your bad you’re going to have a job to do so, meaning like if you think you leading off. If you’re leading off – and you are now meet on Pinterest and your job to get on me, though your approach it. While I think the same as how you approach is going to be a little differently because you’re not going to sit there and tell me how your shoe, when you’re your job to get on base to get the job done so at the Tulsa made for Hamburg, Been a long time trying to get kids – and I understand now hitting it – is about being able to do a job hit the ball where you want and being able to help you can score runs and which, in turn helps is Win games. I’M a bearded, the selfish hitter. You could try to hit everything as far as you can try again. I make that sound bad, but that’s not what we want to be able to the bar Hardwick and Hardwick can, Tulsa Baseball camps but when the situation calls for and beer guy that trying to do that, hit the ball hard and far too can ride in the trying to get The situation under you know do what you got to do to help with him and help the team win. Then we got issued from because you know it’s California downtown called coach. You want to see you sacrificed your bath for the better of it. Now again we tell our kids at Tulsa baseball camp. Yes, we want to be selfish, but we’ve got being selfish but being able to do your job to get the the job done, but you can be attracting coaches and Scouts, but that they understand that you know how to hit.

Oh, that’s right. That’S going to be very important with the message: don’t don’t want to happen, you got it, you would do it yourself, your guy, that’s willing to miss a lot. You’Ve got to get to work in and you got to get some rest and you got to work on your movement. You got to get your preparation powder. The routine routine need to be worked on all the time to talk to baseball camp for talk about in the battery box in the batting cages, you’ve got to be a step down, go to European step back in and had their the time played where you got A rapid fire and hit as much as you can, but then there comes a time when you get close to the season where you got to step in and you got to learn the routine. You got ta, Tulsa Baseball camps let your routine take over and then step ahead and not try to do it to go as fast as you can try to get my to get from call to your work now and what you can get for Folly, work and you’re going to Start to see if dr. Allen is going to Skyrocket and your ability to hit it’s going to be unbelievable and coaches are going to want you and I’ll be on eBay, that for trying to do get coaches of one of your coaches, the like a guitar to The things that we know how to hit her and then we know how to hit and then do what we got to do, to be able to play this game at a very high level and maybe make some money playing the game so again supposed to be. Tulsa Baseball camps At the camper talking about how you got to learn how to hit in order to play at the next level – and I go back to knowing yourself no new routines and having a routine understand your mechanic nursing how to fix them and getting your preparation working and Then getting enough for accident and doing all the things that’s necessary for you to have the most success. You can draw a bat and hit nobody that good, even the best singers in the game have a profit, the routine and they understand. Very very well, and they take that and it ended developing a program that allowed