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Hey guys welcome. This is Jeffrey. I’M out Walking Dead episode, 3 good to jeopardize like Mission Baseball Academy. We want to talk today about the stride. The Stride, I believe in something that’s really important. It could affect the entire fooling, and I basically, this drive will put you in good hitting for vision and the hitting position we talked about that before and after really matter, because that, where you are, when that front, Borderlands is going to be very, very important because That’S what’s going to start up this morning at 4 that the plane up what’s up the rest of the body to do this morning, when we talk in a good portion of our kind of told the baseball camp talking about them dried, so everything we talked about. It’S the length of how: how far do we want to stride, and it did nothing different kind of different for everybody, but typically when we start this job at the carnival at Tulsa baseball. Can’T we talk about. We want our stride length to be about the length of your back, so put your bag down for the ball in your back, Tulsa Baseball Camps where Baltimore your front door should be and really work on, perfecting the cops tried, not driveway, and what that’s going to do with that’s. Going to allow us to use the ground to most kids, don’t know how use the gram Rotator don’t use the ground, transfer the energy to the front from the back door to the front foot and that’s going to allow your hips to come through and all that Good stuff, so the book The length again at the map and what we’ll do is I’ll talk to you about the post baseball camp cuz they’re closed they’re not used to driving that far away too short way, too short, don’t lose grab some time with the drive. So we’ll have more we’ll do what we called Babe Ruth girl and I’ll have them just I’ll. Have them put their feet together and of town the fall that baseball for that pump for a letter, hip, tipping board and land at that baseball and typically the old? Don’T see very quickly that they did the length and become Mormons and that’s okay, because we weren’t encouraged value so the length of the of the stride again at the balance and the baseball bat and I’m tired I’m trying to get them to start, both being a Back for it and to fall into for plant and the water do that over and over and over now what I want them to do by the time they get there in this thing that we talked about it talks, baseball camps it when their front foot lamb. We want the weight distribution to be 50/50 on the back leg and a burn ride so long time. We could do this, don’t start with their feet together and I’ll, get all their weight on to that front side, and that’s not what we want. We want to keep you awake maintain your way. Now we talking about the where the weight distribution in our in our feet. When we want to wait on the InStep on over our heroes, have we can keep the waiting on her and stuff? That’S going to transfer to be very easy, but if we keep our waiting are healed, then we’re going to be able to control this movement lot.

Better and be able to control our weight so I’ll have him. Do that all the time of hey really focus on trying to get your feet together and try to drive all the way that baseball and try to keep your weight 50/50 and simply what you have to do with the hair feel like you’re. Pulling back glad your phone for feel like you’re, pulling back toward the catcher and typically battle that’ll slow him down and not allow them to get into that good hitting person. I could have Lain so again at the tallest baseball camp. We’Re talking about the the bat be in the Striped one guy, and then we have to learn that we want to go from backward and stem to Frankfurt and stuff for the back door to the front. But the InStep matter and what you up to the backward and what will talk about this one day if the load when we load we went alone into the rear hip typically you’ll, see that back but kind of sliding back toward the catcher and that’s okay. That’S! Okay, a lot of people, they have not a good thing, but it says I feel: okay, if your Porsche driving were loading properly, you’ll see that back door and then at the front for every rotating the floor plan. We want that my birthday be closed anywhere close to about 45 degrees. Thai sauce be slightly over. We don’t. We don’t want to go all the way over to the picture, because that’s going to leave a lot of power, so we’re talking about bumper close to buy 45° and Renee rotating door open up that. But that will be open more. Tulsa Baseball Camps So the bed that that matters, but the biggest thing we have to understand, is where the wait. That’S going, that we have from InStep to InStep. We don’t want to go flap with the flat, but are we don’t want to go and step The Outsider and in Step 2 flatfoot? We want to go in stuffed and stuff and that’s going to start going to start transferring their energy from a backward to the front or discounts not working up a chain, and these are things that game we will cover at the Tulsa baseball camps, Dee Dee. We talk about the good hitting position for the good hitting position that involve where our feet are, Tulsa Baseball Camps where our needs are. Where are hips are we’re on the road towards always worried about is where our hands are so in The Strider stride. What that’s all that up? So again, when we land, we want the knees were there. The other need to be on the inside of the ankle, and I need needs to be on the young or the head to be on the inside of the name. So you’ll feel a lot of time. Kids, will they don’t get enough ground, so they don’t get that any type of, and you know kind of a triangle shape. We should be able to draw line from the ankle to the hip and your need your knee joint kind of be on the inside or the outside of that that line. There should be very, very similar, but you’ll see a lot of kid, though their ankle won’t. There need in there and back over each other, and then I have a good move for a little bit so that some weird we currently address at the Tulsa baseball camps to try and get kids understand, and I will not happen, but there they were the lead Arm just like we did in the regular set up, but we don’t have to be up, and it’s got to be, it’s got to be you got almost quit. Talking yourself out.

Daughter back arm is going to be the elbow the album going to be on the inside of that rear shoulder, and it’s going to be almost completely straight on that we don’t want, we don’t want to arm bar. We don’t want it to be completely straight. We wanted to maintain it if it’s tension-free, the one we turn is going to fly again. So stop asking to be important to get that, then we have the rear arm and the rear arm is the the scab again is going to be pinching back work for the compound book. The top have never stop loading, don’t get good comeback, cons of overload or overlapping load. So I told the baseball camper talking about no load of this Gap, Edward that we are on now we keep pulling through the concept of the elbow going back toward the Dugout, but there is nothing going too far and we talked a lot about that. Talk to me about can’t tell the kids they just don’t, have the muffler skeleton to be able to and I’ll go away too far. So we talked about that talk bad about him, trying to feel a little pinch in your scalp and that’s going to put you on the right position. Tulsa Baseball Camps So what we see a lot of time than that and destroy the armbar there, the front Arm coming to play. It if they load back toward the catch and we’ll talk about it another day by talk bad about everything about you load the arm back toward the catcher. Then your arm dear you’re, going to do an armbar where you want to load back toward the Dugout and when you do that. That was going to that’s going to take care of that for unarmed. Allow you to get that one out of a point. So so that’s a lot of stuff that we cover at the Tulsa baseball camps, the the back elbow. It is now up at the up and we’re holding the bat with the barrel directly overhead and then knob Point toward that capture. Totale I like to set up the set up a lot of time. You should be able to get into your foot down position exactly like in if, if you transferred away properly so that transfer of weight, the way shift is important. So that’s the kind of stuff that we get into the Tulsa baseball camp is the importance of the stride and the importance of getting into a good hitting position and the the way ship part of it. It is very Berry, born to a lot of kids and buy. That part cannot be stressed enough to do generating you, the more you push into the ground, the more the ground push it back there. We need that from the back by to the front side and we need to put down hard and that Prince died. Just then the energy up the chain and that ground reaction for the very, very important, very misunderstood, and it’s not you just fixed that a lot of time.

Your improve the power output of a kids swing, even if you didn’t fix the kinematic sequence or fix the mobility or stability at you, you’ll do it by getting them to use the ground better you’ll feed them hit the ball a lot harder. So again, those are all the things that we cover at the be, as I can mention: pasta, Baseball Academy, Tulsa baseball camps and we we still a lot of great, was all for them and the kids enjoyed it. Love in the ball hard and way to go to go back to the store and just ride in the way shift and getting into a good hitting position. Make sure that aren’t in the right position making sure that the bathroom right position so that when you rotate – and you turn your already on playing with the pitch the hands, don’t do much in the swing, all the hand do with guide at the barrel will turn Around the hand and the barrel will take the hand, through extension, so the the the the plane have to be that very very early in the morning and in the end, in the fried how you hold of that matters. And then, of course, when you get into a good hitting position that matters. That’s why we talked a lot about to talk to baseball. Tulsa Baseball Camps Can we talk a lot about the by positioning and where to buy should be and and how you should hold it in and then and why and I’ll go in the main reason is it to swing plane, so we noticed we plan to come down on a Slight angle for the pictures on a Hellcat to squat down and we need a map that plane with our fling, and we can do that. We’Re going to be able to hit the ball hard in addition to the way ship in the stride and