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Good morning guys this is Jeffrey, I might just episode number 8. This is again Jeffrey, I’m out with athletic Mission Baseball Academy. Today, we’re going to talk about just some common Falls crashing that and we’re going to we’re going to work today, I’m a little bit of the mental and the and the physical Fallston crashing so should we have we have the first one is that we see this A lot to do the younger kids and the younger kids they struggle with the being being afraid of baseball, and this is something that we have to kind of get kids on Earth. In a long time, Dutch beer getting hit by the ball develop after they get hit by the ball, so what we have to do and we have to get them out of thin air. Okay, now you, if you get hit, we all got to get the mounted fan that they’re the Builder procedure. Tulsa Baseball Camps You have enough time to move out of way to pitch we’re talking about the coffee, bad for him. If you pick up the ball really soon as soon as you can, as soon as that picture gets rid of the baseball you’ll, be able to you’ll, be able to steal that ball never be able to move so, but these kids, typically, I don’t want to step In the bucket today, so typically, we know what we want to do and they will will get them after they’ve been hit by pitch they’re. All dog get this …. This fear the baseball and the Tulsa baseball camp, or we’re going to do it. We’Re going to have to start back on tennis balls float with the tennis balls were going to be warm we’re going to try to start throwing it out of blue, wanted to kind of hard to learn how to get hit by pitch, so that doesn’t hurt as Bad, what do that with tennis balls and we’ll never grow old? We wanted. Tulsa Baseball Camps We won’t Ford, Raptor baseball bat with a tennis ball and the talking baseball. Tulsa Baseball Camps Can we tried to get them a really get to the point where they can? They can pick that ball up as soon as they can as soon as possible that they can see the patch coming and then they have enough time to move out the way. The picture of the biggest think anybody is getting on the stride toward the picture and what time does stride where they Musta got lost up in the back of it was that earlier.

So we want then, but will do or what typically maybe take the way to stride, we’re going very, very small Drive. Why didn’t get my daughter and have them just kind of stopped and stride toward the plant that the bigger the shower ideas, the more they have? A chance to move so we want them to Canada, pick it up and put it back now, and you do a lot of a lot of that type of work, and I will have them play. What do a lot of front office will do? A lot of you know, live pitching and forth, and not the move will put it in front of them and orders work on tracking a pigeon. The ball never even crossed the play, but it is practically walking the ball on that one through the batter box or to the to the picture and not not stepping out from either of them that we talk about talk baseball camp. One thing: that’s kind of lock on baseball is the game of pepper, and we can keep them how to how to play the game of pepper they. They will get very used to seeing the ball and picking up the bar early and didn’t put in a bear on the ball. But that’s something that we could do as well. As you did just getting an honest man how to properly turn. But they can get hit properly and I and I have it, hurts so much so the other thing that we talked about Tulsa baseball camp, another mental barrier, it at the fear of failure and the fear of failure – can kill you, Tulsa Baseball Camps and I am so what we Do on the way, our way we set up an approach is we want them to Falmouth possible and we constantly put them in a position to to handle adversity., Don’t learn how to how to spell and Anna getting in the understand that there were not a bad Thing for once, once they get get to the understanding of you know, Fallon, not a bad thing, and I get to the point where they start to learn to embrace failure. They start to develop a lot of confidence in their ability to apply an understanding that one failure and the more they failed, I’m more. They succeed whenever we see at the Tulsa baseball, Cam Newton’s. A lot of kids will come in and don’t be very frustrated with the process, but if it gets to the point where they really start to embrace it understand how that failure is going to translate to the field and getting them to be successful in this game. The other thing is, it is that’s the kind of mental barrier it is required that are not a graphic. A lot of this can be. A lot of this can be baking develop.

I grabbed them by changing their product and we can make him swing. The bat more about I give me the hit-and-run. Fine needle thing that we talked about off baseball camp will get to the point where two or like a just swing.. Don’T worry so much about Play-Doh fun. Just get yourself to swing the bat get your stuff out. The hit the ball hard somewhere, it doesn’t matter where. When I’m baking, the dog that don’t start to develop their crops and then we get done. We then we’re going back into being a selective grab them and not that easy to do then trying to get the beer grab the Buddhist units you do, how you put on hit and run and talk to Beth Moore Campbell talking about hey just swing the bat At everything, so they can do that the approach of being aggressive enough, what we want and then the other thing that we have it just. Did you not really understanding what they’re doing up there dog that doesn’t lack of approach so we’ll see kids all the time? And we see this and we talked about the other Tulsa baseball camp. All the time is so many kids are trying to cover everything that they don’t hit. Anything and what I mean by that is there trying to hit the curb all the change of the fastball Aunt. Tulsa Baseball Camps Everyone men want that again.. It just doesn’t work that way. Tulsa Baseball Camps You got to get to the point where you’re sitting in our picture, setting on a speed and I’ll talk to baseball camp, we’re talking about bidding on your pitch waiting for European understanding what you can head and what do you can have well and is waiting for It like a lot of come now, not enough daily, the certain Paper, maybe the starting speed, you’re sitting hardest-hitting stop, and if you can develop that approach, you’re going to be able to develop a great point, you can be able to develop the great mental approach, beheading And just a lot of things are going to happen at that. Are that are great and we’ll talk about that when we have the physical aspect that we talked about, that’s kind of all, driven off the the the mental part of the first one step in the back of the one who’s afraid of all the we’re going to Tell them to we’re going to have them, do a nose, dried approach and we’re just going to tell him that’s good good to sit and turn they can sit and turn, and they don’t have to worry about stepping out. But I thought that we talked about it.

Talks back on, can you know you need to get to that position anyway? Do you need to get music into a good heading, for the train need to learn to fit and turn anyway? If so, getting into that type of The Hobbit is, it is a great approach to developing at The Hitter brother called The Baseball Campbell. What do a lot of take him into a good hitting position, and I would have them put that up. There lead foot the total of the human, the air and I were just going to have drop that heal and turn and what they can understand. How to do that. Then we try to get them or do you want the side and typically you’ll see that I’m starting to really try to strive forward and not worry so much about maybe getting hit by the ball. So, there’s no fucking not trying to feed a baseball that they’re not worried about being appraised baseball. Another thing that we talked about at the Tulsa baseball camps. So the other thing we have is the guy who lunges, though he left the top, have good way and forth what we do. We want kids to move forward in their swing, Tulsa Baseball Camps but they think of me often mistake this time we talked about how to talk to baseball camps. Is they try to they move too much and in their way cuz all in the front by the we want the weight on the back side and when we get there or forward movement and put down position, we want to be 50/50 and wait and you’ll see A lot of kids that are continue to go forward in a problem with that, and we talk about good to talk to baseball camp is the problem with. That is that you will start to get your head moving way too much during the swing, and you can’t do that during games. Your has got to be one that broke it down your head cut off by moving, and you just got to rotate into the baseball and other things that we talked about. The other baseball camps is understanding that the do you understand that your your way shift. It’S going to stop at a 50/50 at 4. Down from the other thing we’ll see, is the arm bar or feel a lot of kids? Who just take that for unarmed to bring the hand straight back, don’t take the arm and don’t take it straight back and not typically it’s going to slow down this morning. It’S going to be way too long and it’s going to Florida swing down at the end. There’S a lot about this happening at that time, so we talk about that. To talk to Bay Park Campus Park Mission, Baseball Academy,