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Hey guys welcome back with Jeffrey that, like Mission Baseball Academy, that’s going to be episode. Number 12. We’Re going to talk today about what we talked about at the Foster baseball camp. We’Re talking about the thinking picture so that the picture there’s a couple things we got to do one we got to be able to analyze and understand and know that I’m going to be able to analyze your your strengths and your weaknesses. Have you can analyze your friend your week for the then you can develop an approach that will allow you to be successful and be able to get hitters out the other day about your number one job to getting hitters out so at the Tulsa baseball camp weed the Week been a long time to time, the kids are off mesamint to learn a little bit about themselves and who they are and what they are good out. When I’m being able to to to understand how to how to take that and be able to develop an approach that will allow them to get hitters out men from there, we have to the whip train them when it’s. What we do at Tulsa baseball can for training the kids to learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of hitters know. There are certain headers on a team Jupiter given based on how people have their batting order. You can get an idea of about a certain hitter, but you can also get an idea just like me and how they swing you getting ideas for dinner in pain. Tulsa Baseball Camps You get an idea of what I pictured a swing at. You can get an idea by the the last previous game of the had you got to got to be able to study in in in in identify the Deep kids weaknesses. Man, you should make it happen throughout the game, based on the results of you. Have hers off, they don’t have and then that’ll give you the ability to see whether they have the ability to make adjustments they don’t you need to keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over that bad, the ability to adjust. Then you got to make it yourself Amanda, but we teach you how to do that: Tulsa baseball camps. The other thing you want to identify is there, where they’re standing in the battery box. Tulsa Baseball Camps If there are God that man by copperplate there guy that? Looking for that, a fact that there are guy that wandered outside Pitch hit that does the closer they get to the played the more to change their their Insight, poop outside Bridge down the middle pitch and their stand on top of played their down the middle picture. Now that I start page for this is the guy that probably doesn’t like the inside pitch for this, the guy that we would want to maybe start working on in the inside pitch in and seeing if we can get him to jam.

Nor get in the mood for a little bit so understanding where to stay in the battery box. It’S going to matter. There are a bit there. Guy who stands in the bar back parlor plate he’s going to be a guy that probably waiting for basketball, and he wants more time he that pitch he’ll be a guy that we will probably drop in and then throw things that kind of or slower and in Forcing him to kind of get highs for inside a little bit, but these are things that we we cover at the door for me. So I can stand and talk to baseball camp you’re, going to learn how to use this information to help you get hitters out. Stud again, you know if a guy has stay an open pants. That’S going to allow you to. I understand that he’s already open, so you can have a difficult, I’m probably on the out that part of the way. So this guy he has an open Samantha. I’M not I’m going to shower I’m going to throw him away until he showed me that he can hit that pitch a bag of clothes fans they’re going to have a little bit better idea of how to hit that out. Back.,Tulsa Baseball Camps I’m probably going to go in 5 with them and we’ll talk about this at Austin. Baseball camps is on the go inside on him, and I’m going to go outside on the guy that opened. The guys close the morning showed me that he can make that pitch her head that patch and it hit hard. That’S going to be my perfect him. Are you going to go and take a long stride? This is going to be a guy who’d, probably a good good Lobo header, the better they are at the Laura picture of how. I would therefore be a guy that I will look at throwing on the top app throw throw throw higher and see if he can hit that bit the guy who has a long Sam. You got a batter who hand beater again all the stuff. We talked about. Baseball camp in try to help them help.

You guys understand how to get haters out. So then you dear, are you still at hater? Who, who had the crops nasty he’s eating he’s going to be a guy who likes that lower pitch, though trying to keep you know he the guy that you’re going to want to keep the ball Up In the Zone on? If he’s, if he’s getting haters out people getting lower back, Tulsa Baseball Camps he want them all down, and if you give him that he probably going to have a better chance of hitting that ball, so make sure that if he standing down that he’s he’s getting that hire patch And then, like me, we have a guy who stands straight up his hands behind he’s, probably like in the high pitched and we’re going to spend a lot of time on their lower, lower pitch and chip chip until they show that they can hit that if they Can hit in then then we got ta learn how to make adjustments her. Then, then, you would be see a guy needs a thing they were talking about. Talking baseball camp. I’Ve got a guy who has an uppercut. They are probably going to have a little more difficult time with hybrid, so the guys swing by and then we’re going to happen, Tulsa Baseball Camps throw him up and up and up in his own, you got to go eat at the ball. We’Re going to get him a lot of options we pitch now that we talked about, and then you got a guy who who dropped his hand and then comes back up. He’s going to be a little bit better, probably with a lower pitch. There will probably keep it until he showed that he can hit that pitch. The other thing that we have you got a hitter who stepped in the market Miss Mimi got. I can hit that away., So I’ll need to bring to get Head Start due to throw it away from him hand, you’ll be able to get him out of his weiner and white and slimy show you that he can hit that pitch. You got the guy.

Who is stepping into the plate that you throw him in side and then he’s going to struggle with that? With that pitch got a batter who pulls off for tried to swing? This is the guy that you want to throw away, they’re, all more and thrown off, to be thrown off, meet stuff and you’ll, be at you have a much better chance of getting him out and – and you know getting getting out Anita think they were talking about The partial baseball camps – you got a guy who choked up the bat he the guy who is, is typically pie more of a contact hitter someone who trying to be able to control that Barrel is there going to be a little more difficult time trying to trying To make contact with the baseball, so with man we we we might want to try to do to get them inside. There typically be a little bit later, we’re going to try and work them away, we’re going to try and work, I’m really in size to which one did they do well with what they know, and we talked about that. I was at the Tulsa baseball camp. Have you got a hitter who hold the bat straight up, Tulsa Baseball Camps he’d likely going to try and be a low ball hitter, though, with him trying to get them all out, see if you can get that ball or if you can turn that marijuana on a plane to Hit that high pitch are you got one? That’S a little bit hold the bat flat and he’s going to like that high pitch or get him drop his hands and and going from there. So I can either all the stuff that we talked about. The talking baseball camps we got batter, who got a long swing that normally get a lot of rollovers you’re, Tulsa Baseball Camps going to throw them in side. Your all day long the floor that matter, the mural, the you’re, going to be able to get them out with Brick by Falls inside a list of the guy who had that armbar. They are there probably not going to hit the off weed very well, but I will get it though I’m inside I mean when you see that and then you have just adjust the understand what is kicking handle what he can’t have you know I got to have Her a good strategy and figure it out how to get down to how to identify the we can work, what they can head that way. They can head back on all these different things in when they can do that, and you know you’ll have more stuff in the mouth. We do this at the Tulsa baseball camp outside Mission, Baseball Academy. You can do all this stuff you’re going to have a lot of sex, as if you can understand all this stuff, you can have a lot of traffic and getting hitters out and at the end of the day before we want