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Champs athletic Mission, Baseball Academy, hey guys, this is Jeff rahmeier, again welcome to episode number 7, who is Jeff Rama, athletic Mission, Baseball Academy, but today we’re going to talk about the basic hitting fundamentals: hey I’m talking about that the other day, but I want to kind Of go more in-depth in it, so when we talking about hitting butt or what you hit with it at the map and the the math elections going to be important, so are we talking about bath? For I shouldn’t you need a map that is the has the proper weight for proper lane, the proper grip grip, the proper weight distribution, all the things matter in in trying to become a good hitter and being able to be productive at The Hitter. So, typically, when a kid come to us, we like the kind of look at their their bat and throw what will first dude what will have them and when we talked about this and talk, baseball camps were also. Tulsa Baseball Camps But what did we want to? Have them stand? Don’T have the map been beside them? How are you want them to rough? The bat up onto the for the bear on the floor and the wreath down in their hand, should be able to come up to the bottom part of the handle and should be able to come up to about your mid mid hip. So the once we figured out that that part of the line part of the other party line farted we can go. We want them bad that the little bit longer than her arms. Tulsa Baseball Camps So that’s another test. So now we’re talking about the wait for the wait. We can have end loaded bats, for we can have a very balanced bath and the weight distribution is going to be important for the type of hitter that you are in the type of strength that you have in the size that you are. So what would you typically don’t? Have them just kind of hold back straight out in front of them and we want them to be able to hold it there for for a good 30 40 seconds and everything that we talked about post baseball camps and if ever player can do that, and typically We’Ve got a pretty good stead of weight and length. The other thing we need is to understand my grip and the grip of something bad. I feel like most people, don’t understand a lot of kids and you look good. That’S a little too small for the hand, and we talking about dude that the person baseball camps when the group too small you have a tendency to roll over more and rolling over, is that as a hitter. You did nothing more frustrating than swinging about it being on and then rolling over on the baseball and a lot of people don’t know this, but the grip, the grip size can make a different than that, and I can matter we.

We have to look at the that the the grip of your body and see whether it proper for what you’re doing and we go over, that post baseball can come now that we have the knuckle alignment on the bathroom. Now we have a bad that we we like, but now we’re going to hold it and the knuckle alignment. Alignment of the bat is something that is bothering me, but I feel a lot of people want either holding in their finger that they want to hold it in the Palms and we want to hold it. While we were with you to post baseball camp,Tulsa Baseball Camps  if we’re going to be in between the fingers and a hand or what I think of in the hand, means that for want to hold it bad enough where, where the strongest and that’s the reason why we do It because that’s where we’re going strong cats, so you don’t the developer problem with the knuckle in the finger that doesn’t allow your arms be in position to be able to do a high-level point. So that’s something we talked behind the Tulsa baseball camper. Talking about eye level swing me and the knuckle on the hand, the grip alignment matters, so they want to talk about the positioning in the batter box, so I prefer baseball can’t we talk a lot about understanding where you are in the Box, and this is where A lot of kids get in trouble. If you are going to stand on Topper play with the 90 % of kids do, then you have to understand that you’re now you’re the pit that down the middle for you, Tulsa Baseball Camps it’s going to be the outside corner, cuz you’re you’re, not forcing me to play you Now changed your info, I figured that I’m going to bring you a lot of trouble because at the talk to me tomorrow, can we find talking about the the process of understanding that location, because, if you’re spending time for playing in your outside pitch it now, I’m Going to be where we throw a ball at the ball is: why are you swimming at that pitch for your picture when it’s election really thrown off because of your location in the batter box?

So we want to be able to cover the other plate cover the very important I want to be able to cover it out, though, but we don’t want to be so boring table at the very very far out by pigeon now strike in our eyes, even though It’S not so being being which we tell our kids at the park. Baseball camps, kind of take the battle tapping on to the corner and to reach out for a little bit of the corner that play on your side and, typically, when you turn around and square up the barrel, be, will cover a majority of the point. So if you want to stay on top of this fine, but you got to you – got to understand that your middle pinion by picking out, if I pick changes and what you’re looking for and how your, Tulsa Baseball Camps how you set up your pro changes, I’m up and down A lot of kid will the guy throwing hard and don’t move back after throwing stop doing the move out. If it’s going away a lot of curveballs don’t move out. If, if you want to invite a lot of moving stuff done by moving the number back, so you can move over about a barking and – and I dropped your approach based on how they’re pitching you. So the position is about about that talks about more and we’re talking about a lot talk to me, so I can, but it’s something that needs to be talked about it, some of the kidney to understand to help them develop their perch. The other thing that we kind of talked about the Tulsa baseball camp. Can it be your feet and wear your feet starting out bad, the the the beat you want, your feet to be in the other battery box and when your feet, the prison yard bad about going to put you in a very strong athletic position. Now, when that happens, you need to put your weight on the in side of your feet and through on your end. Tulsa Baseball Camps That way, all your way should be, and then it should be sitting nicely over the heels of your feet. You want to send it back over the hill to your feet, and these are things that we talk about: Tulsa baseball camps. If you can do that, they’re going to put your feet in a very good position to a doctor, properly rotate. And then you have your knee joint Journeys. You want that your knees joint to be on the in side of your ankle joint. So when you put you away into your and stuff, that’s going to automatically kind of shift, your your knee on the inside of your ankle. Everyone to keep that on the on the inside all the way through the load and everything like that, and then we get in to put down position. We want to make sure that ankle that knee pain on the inside of my ankle, all the time, throw the Tulsa baseball camp real talking about the the hip.

That needs to be square to the other battery box and tell if you have an open stance or close man that I change a little bit. That’S not really that big of a deal on until we get to put down position that we really got to understand. Where we’re at and then we have the shoulder, we talked about the shores at Tulsa baseball camp. Where you want the we want a level shoulder, maybe even slightly down the front Rianda. You want a kind of maintain that all the way up to your load and all the way into your foot down and then I’d. You start the swing you’re going to drop, that back I’ll, be on the show me will start the kind of work its way down then go to the building with those things that will kind of talk about Tulsa baseball camps in your head. Tulsa Baseball Camps In your eyes, we want to keep it very very still, and you can have a lot of movement, not move your head very much, and if we wanted to, we want to make sure that what that baseball moving too fast, it is we’re talking about 12 baseball Camps that the help me I’d need to move very, very, very, very little and trying to trying to pick up that made more read that baseborn and I understand what are you want to head that picture or not, and we’ll see a lot of kids again when That book get down, it doesn’t really matter Warrior. Where are doesn’t really matter Warriors your shoulders? Are you had your head and eyes are going when you start to swing, you want to make sure your head doesn’t move it always sucks when I walk through a lot of kids would learn how to ship their weight, but then start to be very very if They continue the move as they are. The continues to move out there swinging hand that for now you’re heading in a very different location from when you started the flanks and I’ve not a good thing. So we’re talking about that Tulsa baseball Cam and I were just kind of talking about the flame. We want the Elvis grbac Albert working, an issue at the swing of star rotation. Lot of kids. Tulsa Baseball CampsYou don’t understand how that back on work, but we talked that we talked about a lot to talk to baseball camps and understanding how the back arm worth and how to launch the swing and how to how to throw that Barrel Into The Hitting Zone. By a lot of that is determined by your fed up and we’ll be there to see the thing we talked about: the cost of baseball camps,