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Hey guys welcome back. This is after number, 11 has the jet bomber about that mission, baseball academy. I want to talk today a little bit about our control and command Bridge.. We throw our pictures of the key to being very successful at any level and we think we talked a lot about at the Tulsa baseball camps. I bet the key to beat accept what I ain’t level to be able to throw a ball wherever you want it. Anytime, you want so being able to throw a fastball always great to me, never so hard, it’s great, but if you can’t command and then you’re not going to have that much stuff for the Tulsa baseball camp, we we talked a lot about No developing your fastball command. First, and if you can command this fastball throw that ball whatever you wanted with a four-seam grip, then you will be able to have a lot of success. Goodbye living off the fastball at the Tulsa baseball. Can we cover all that in depth and a lot of Coach can’t walk away surprising in town Everybody by Tulsa baseball camps, but anyways? Tulsa Baseball Camps I don’t know, there’s a lot of different components into the Commander’s, obviously the the mental component of physical component. So, Tulsa Baseball Camps let’s just kind of go over some of this stuff right now, so we have the the physical aspect and. Are you happy? You have to have a good mechanic to be able to throw the ball where you want it, and it’s got to be consistent and you got to you got to be able to understand with your mechanic how you going to be able to make a ball go Where want to go, and the only way to do that to be able to consistently repeat your delivery over and over and over and over okay, so see the the reason why most people don’t have a lot of times. It is a lot of kid. They won’t pick a certain Target, so you have to you’ve got to keep your eye on where you want the ball to go and got to practice that a lot of time will see kid. That they’ll do two daughters, kind of go through the motion and then pick up the Big Love at the last minute and not really broken them where they want to throw the baseball and that’s something that’s holding baseball. Can we have the time we have the conference where you want to throw the ball, keep your eye on where you want to go to ball and then and then throw it there in the more you practice.. I want to get to wall. So if we see it talk baseball camp, they will pick up the ball they’re, releasing it so don’t throw and then I’ll look and Wanda track. The ball went to the club, but you want to keep your eye on the target at all time and then we have the other thing. That’S going to matter it if we can’t that we can’t fix.

So we repeat our delivery over over over we’re constantly changing the release point in time for change the army. So that’s why? I that’s why I reach coaches stress so much and that’s. We are coaches at sports, baseball, can’t stress so much about being able to repeat your motion over and over and over again mechanic. Then then, there’s a certain way to move it away, that’s more natural and that that’s what’s going to be able to have brought you to figure out with most natural way to move and do nothing, but that you can fix my car outside. But then we have no good guys who who who land on their heels and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. But last time did you land baby harder than kneels down that he will at least be at Tulsa baseball camp that your head’s going to your your your head and your body just going to move a little bit going to get thrown off a little bit at Your job now and then hit that hit that he don’t need to put plan. So I talked to baseball camp. We we talked about throwing across the body, there’s only kids who cut their heads off and it doesn’t allow them to follow through properly there for not being able to have a smooth delivery and they’re. Throwing mechanics to be an able to relieve have the proper reefpoint at the at the third whenever they release the baseball. So the only thing that can happen, and we could be there’s a lot in and really talking baseball can’t be. On time we tell kidded moving around on the rubber, so the only time we talk it to move around a robber it that that particular day there consistently missing to one side or the other. Instead of thinking about me, can we talk to make a Jack In The Box on the rubber? Tulsa Baseball Camps So if you’re constantly moving around the Rubber – and you have good mechanic – you’re not going to have the family for everything going to go in a different spot all the time and you did not going to be able to get mad at like you want to the Other thing that can happen with with the control problem, the stomach that is in a lot about over.

So I know I’m just writing. You need to establish a very consistent stride length there with your pivot foot land so that you can have good control your picture. So if you’re, if you’re Landing in a different spot or your Landing, shorter or longer patch – which we see a lot of time, but then when I start adding different person than to their their routine, so they thought don’t we need the bathroom all the curveball changeup. Everything to be at the same length and we throw that ball and talk to Beth Moore can’t. We talk a lot about just being very consistent with your Landing point and not over strong or I’m just driving with a certain. It’S good that at the next level. You’ll be able to go, be able to pick that up and then be able to make a judgement based on how your pitching excessive body movement. Another reason why we would have no, not Matt brake controller. We are. We have the better we are, Tulsa Baseball Camps which is why people can’t we always thought everybody out with the stretch and we talked to it. Don’T don’t move on to the windup until you can Master the stuff pitch and you can Master the Stratford you’re going to be all right and I’m supposed to pay for him. We we we we here away from the windup altogether. The other thing that happened that we feel bad for him that’s going to be pictures who Rush, who tried to who tried to move way too fast and then, then, more than their body can handle and trying to make. The throat are the other thing to happen. In this happen, a lot because most kids don’t move well and it part of the baseball camps. Tulsa baseball. Can we talk about movement constraints and that’s going to impede with your ability to have fall through properly the following through your throws, is going to allow you to just be very consistent and with with your delivery and then being able to throw the ball the same Spot all the time, so I can be the deportation process out front replacing the shoulders. We smell a lot of time on that that the very first thing we vote. We were really work out with anybody and every memory nandi, linear, vs. rotational process, but right now that follow through is something that has to be understood and thought that we talked about it. Baseball camps. So then we have to pour conditioning in are at the gang is Khan. You don’t have the condition in to allow you to keep going so you you don’t go anymore and I know you’re not able to repeat your mechanic and therefore your mechanic gets thrown off and therefore you’re you’re completely out of it not doing for a while, because Your conditioning is it, it did not snow going to do very well. So that’s why can’t we? Tulsa Baseball Camps We talked a lot about that and then just saw those blue things that that matter and then we have the mental aspect.

Failing not it’s not fun, but it’s not me. You have to go through something that you learned through all the time and that’s all to be able to have more confidence in our garage fell. We want them to fail a lot of the Colts baseball camp. We talked about and the reason why kids, like compliments, cuz, they don’t have the preparation and they need to be able to go out there and be done truck their stuff. So you have 3. Tulsa Baseball Camps You have to work on your. You have to work on the game. You have to put the work in and you have to get your boxes and I’ll. Allow you to increase your confidence in your ability to tap it and both sides. Black concentration is something that happened this kid that you don’t know how to focus, and you can’t focus control on the look of your Target and then to focus on the island and beat and don’t worry so much about anything else. But you have to conflict, focus and concentrate on your Target and make the throat and talk to baseball camp. We have to break it through a concentration grid and that constellation grid will will get them focus on time and not to do their actions so and then the other thing is the lack of experience and that’s where you put in your work. The practice been getting in front of real battery, that’s going to make it different than your ability to perform. So the more you eat the more you practice, the better you do, the more you getting in game time after the better you’ll get so being able to throw strikes, going to be a huge thing and just going from there and doing your your thinking on either All the things together, we cover the cost of baseball camps at athletic Mission, Baseball Academy,