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Hey guys welcome back to Blue Chip, where I’m at with that played Mission, Baseball Academy, that’s going to be episode! Number 14! We are going to talk today about determining your lineup in your batting order. This is stuff that we go in-depth with our coaches, that that come to our talk to baseball camps, the determining your batting order in in the end position positioning your offense going to be important in your ability to score on and your booty is going wrong. And when game for keep your job, so do you do have assets that for offering the dude for the quality that we got to have my God, I have speed going to have power going to have back control and then offer the person on the better team. Had the combination of all for these and having all for thee that very hard to Coach Beckford worth typically, what team recruit is the ability, the guy that had the ability to have to speed up our God, damn good back control and God, who knows how to Hit getting ahead and get your hips and primary Palpatine one game so typically work out, you don’t take what they have and now and I’ll just try to determine what each player! What category do I fit in determining what category that been in determining whether, Tulsa Baseball Camps where they are in the in the lineup and in their strategy, into helping their lineup put together when I’m driving around so the first part the speed? This is the guy who, who super fast, he’s a threat to steal bases. Every time I get someone on the Tulsa baseball camper, talking about the be there in which they had the leadoff guy, took it with the second guy. Some got no more typically troubled, even the guy that we’re not we’re not going to hit the ball very far, but there are still at the Reserve Base the other guy who’s going to be able to. Maybe we can drop down upon their guys going to be able to get on babe anybody walk there, guys going to be able to just to steal bases on there going to be able to take a thing going to make it a double there’s this guy, that Are going to be able to make things happen, getting their very excited to make things happen and make the different work a little bit. So speed is always a great thing to have in your lineup, when your your kind of fun together try to figure out how to run another thing that we’re going down then at the Norfolk baseball camps in the next thing that comes into Power.

These are the guys who had the ability to drive, drive the ball Elevate, the baseball be able to ride the ball into the Gap, get doubles, get home, run good Deployable, guys who who know how to get the bear on Baseline Drive a long ways either guy There that are game changers a lot of times, they’re guys who can hit the ball hard American. We want to make them hard. Tulsa Baseball Camps We want them to go and driving around there. Also, guy that who probably going to get a lot of walks – and I forgot you – don’t – do their ability to be able to drop the ball and it changed it out. So it’s all good. I’M talking Baseball Camp retard guys to embrace the power hitters and let them be able to strike out. Let them be able to generate walk, let them be able to do what they got to do to be at the mall somewhere they’re their job to go up there swing by hard and let him hit hard and then we have the think they are guy who Had to go back and Troy’s the guy who, who can put the bomp why he doesn’t strike online, doesn’t do anything special? I hate the guy who can who can get the ball in play. He, the guy that can get the ball on the ground, to get run over here, the guy that I can get the ball into the Gap when he needs it he’s the guy who can Bonnie the guy before he took the guy. Who can do just about anything with the with the man and being able to do it well, sometimes, Tulsa Baseball Camps but the guy that control that Barrel in control, that Matt is a big place for the team and the guy who’s very consistent, a guy who knows you know What you’re going to get out of them at the couch and I talked to baseball camp, be the car from the guy behind developed guys who understand where the barrel that and how to get the barrel to the baseball Handa your week been a long time developing Baseball player to Tulsa baseball camps may may know how the how to take a their advancement and do what’s best for the team there, the guy that hit the ball behind the runner there, the guy who can get the ball in the air deep. The score of the other guy that you understand how to how to get the job done and an infant situation have a call to baseball.

Can we talk a lot about guide to understanding how to how to counter Harbor Pittsburgh situation? You know you’re going to have to try it out to a bath to do a job, and then you have to back where you can just go up there and try to drive the baseball from where. So that’s between the ages of the god that generate the lineup, but now we’re talking about you know where to report them in the lineup SCI he’s a guy that typically had the most speeding off of my birth control. This is the guy that we want to get on base. You forgot, I can be a game-changer at any time of the game. My daily know every lead off every every hitter have the ability to beat Elite Outfitter in anything, you need any given time and I have to be able to fulfill that role of your number 4 hitter and you lead off the next mini. Tulsa Baseball Camps You got to do the job of a leadoff hitter in you got to get on babe. You know, however, you do it yet. I’M bathed by hitting I made my walking, doesn’t matter you hit by., You just got to get on base and you got a proposal that role in a bit more God can understand that more guys understand. How do you certain orders help them help there. Take that type of approach they’re going to allow them to have to do really good think so. But the guy took me a guy with a lot of meet the guy who can get on base a guy who dropped out of a guy who’s going to be able to still want to make sure. I think I should be able to take a single into a double and get on first base for the score for the ball in the Outfield. Do you have the number to hogeye, typically, Latvia guy who can control the barrel little bit? I’M a guy who get it might down to get in a guy who can get the ball over to the right side of the field will be easier. Also, Tulsa Baseball Camps the lefties also blocking that catcher interview. So it’s really good to have a lot to be in the number to spot someone who control the barrel and who can go ahead and get things done. The three hole: hitter, that’s going to be your best overall hitter. This can be a guy who has a lot of power. We can get the bouncy ball, doesn’t start being ready. He has no the combination of power back control and then understand how to hit hit the guy that’s the kind of patience to be selected at the plate and he’s always going to give you a good heart coin, the name beginning to the number for Hall. Tulsa Baseball CampsIt’S got to be good enough to protect the hitter in front of him.

I got power if you hit the ball. Hard is also probably going to swing and Miss more often maybe get more walks. He, the guy, that’s going to be. That needs to be able to drive around, and then I don’t know if there’s going to be a good enough hitter that the team I didn’t want to get around to him and more of a free Swing by Swing and Miss more. But he’s a he’s. A guy who’s going to be able to get the job done when I need it. I’Ll pick holes going to be a guy who’s behind average, going to be more of a bad control type of guy. Just because you know he’s not hiring in fiber road bike and big ass is a lot more fastball, I’m going to talk to baseball camp. We want to make these pics on here before his stuff on the bottom of the order to make a break a lineup. Tulsa Baseball Camps You know the guys that are worth the picture. Hard need, the guy that can also destroy the lineup. So the six seven, eight nine goals. I’ve got to be able to have two barrel. Control got to be able to get to get the ball on the back of the bear on the ball and be able to get the job done at the closer baseball camp. We’Ve been a lot of time with these guys just trying to get the hand eye coordination, be there where to get the ball on the ground or in the air and gets get a job done to help the team win games. Diabetic Care, you want, but it’s hard to hurt you but the type of understanding and make recommendations on how we can help get you to ride line up for that you can be able to go out and win games and help your team out.