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Morning, it’s Jennifer, I’m here with that, like Mission, Baseball Academy and walk them, two episode number one we’re going to talk today about that. Hitting that up, I need the kind of some of the things that we cover over in the Tulsa baseball camps. First thing: you know when we talked about that the setup is this: something that I feel like is not properly pot, and it done nothing people going to take for granted and it kind of overlooked, so that this is something that I’ve learned over the years that The stand up, if we’re going to start pouring in being in the right position, activating the right Marvel, no, no stop you’re going to make a difference in in the delivery of the Flint. So you know the first thing. First, we have this dance because everybody has their own unique stands and they all need to do whatever it’s comfortable for them. But there’s certain things that we we’ve got to have and neither time to think that we talked about again at the Tulsa baseball camp. I’d like Mission Baseball Academy, Bird, Big Bird, like just kind of talking about the feet. So when you set up your feet and your feet is what can I take into the ground in and we wanted you that much of the ground it possible to deliver our swing so the feet and how we setup and how we position our being, how we Distribution, I’ll wait, it’s going to matter so, ideally we tell our kids. We want our hitter that we want their feet to be squared up to the other battery box, so not no turning into turning out or anything like that, up to the exact opposite battleborn. So I’ll be all righty make sure your P Squared up in your hip of squared up to the light beer batter box. Now we want to position or wait on the InStep. So if that’s it we’re just going to take our our need, the can I go in a little bit and really feel our weight on the InStep of our feet, and then we also want to feel our way back over heels and this skin allow it to Get into a very good, strong, stable position, and it’s going to allow it to alter control, are dried in nrnr, bling, dog and either the main thing that we cover at the poem for baseball camps in the next thing at where you live. When you look at your knees and your legs, so your needs to be on the inside of your ankle, so position your weight on the inside of your feet.

You need to going up should be on the inside of your ankle, and it should always stay on the inside of your ankles and then throw up where we still on time for the kids up when they load all take their knee Pastor ankle. And that’s not. Where we always want to keep the need, I need in side of our feet and know the kind of some of the things that will cover indap at the Tulsa baseball camps. Athletic Mission know that we talking about the hip. We want her hip to be square. Up to the other battery box as well. So now that that’s not always the case I’ll do some guy. I do have an open standard, some guys that are close. Now, that’s fine, as long as it doesn’t affect your positioning and to get into a good hitting position when that from plans after your stride number typically when we first found out for the kid with the heck, we want your hip to square up with the other Battery box, they also need to be that all need to stay on the in side of your your knee. So you have your knees, stay on the inside of your feet and your hip they’ve on the inside of your needs. So you should be able to draw a line from your ankle to your hip and almost there be kind of a straight line. That’S the bacteria that can change based on the type of man that you are based on the type of stride you have to go like kick. I haven’t changed a little bit, but, generally speaking, we want to keep the hip pain in side of her needs, and I need on the inside of our and those are again think that we’re going to cover over at athletic Mission, Tulsa baseball camps. Then we have the lead arm, so the lead arm. I feel like it’s very, very, very important in the point of something that I feel like most people don’t understand that most people are not teaching it properly so with the lead arm. We want that lead arm to be up in a Crock are chaff, so a good indication would be our front or lead arm that elbow. We want to keep it kind of on the inside of our rear shoulder, but we wanted to be up and across. So you can almost it’s almost like choking yourself out, but your your lead arm will go straight across the chest and up to where you’re almost choking yourself out and with you a lot of kid. The days they’re doing their arm solo and it affect their positioning and then hitting so that lead armor got to make sure that if it’s up and if I cross and if it’s in a good hitting position, he will delete arm that the plan to swing. And we talked about that a lot out like Mission. We talked about that a lot bethly at our Tulsa baseball camps, so that lead arm again need to be across the body, and then you become slightly on the inside of that shoulder and then we have the rear arm in the rear on Gulf Shores. Important the rear arm, it needs to be pinched back, but we have the shoulder Norse, God we won our Skype to be pinched back and when that happens, if you got your elbows going to pass the the frontal plane of your of your body – and we want That beer, because we want, we want to make sure that we’re swinging about with our back and not with our arms. So this is going to allow it to do that as we at least try it out.. We we just keep pouring, that’s, got back now the hands and they are not really going anywhere because worry about it loaded.

We can get what we want, that feeling of the keep pouring and keep pulling back and another thing that we go over and grab that the Tulsa baseball camp down at like Mission Baseball Academy. And then we have the elbows for your elbows. They should be positioning in a 90-degree power. To draw line is Sheba your elbow you back up when your front elbow should be there to draw on 90 degrees. Does a lot of time, you’ll see 45°. A lot of kids are tired to bring that back. Elbow down and that front on down and we’re staying here, we won that one arm up every want that back on and with that, where the back elbow. So when that, when we get to those two positions, now we have the the 90° their hand not going to be important, because we have the Constable turning the triangle and that triangle being formed by the forearm and all wood doing it now. Is that we’re? Turning around what kind of all we do is rotate the Forum. The Forum rotation is something that big pretty important. People need to understand and that’s something that we talked about it and that the Tulsa baseball camps, athletic Mission, Baseball Academy and then we weren’t talking about the hands behind your hands work. Do your hands is its kind of misunderstood. I believe a lot of weight so how you hold the bat matters and I feel like how you hold the bat ball for going to dictate. What’S going on with your arms and they and how you’d, how you present the swing through a lot of time. We’Re talking about a lining up and Knuckles and what happened when we line up a knuckle. Typically, wall ball and I’ll, bring that but the elbow down and really what we want to do. We want to put not in our fingers, not in our Palm. Are we want to put a right where the fingers in our hands meets the right there at the strongest position in in your grill? So when we hold that there that’s going to need to be so that. Things look very port now the swing when we rotate the triangle rotate are formed. The bat work around or ham star hands are not going anywhere hand, stays. set up, and then the barrel Works around it.

I want a barrel work around the building goes on autopilot, so which brings me to my next point. The bat the band is the way we hold that we need that thing to angle over are having either Barrel over. I had. We need the knob more toward the catcher, so we need the knob to be on the outside of my hand and the barrel over our head, not going to put that’s going to step 2 swing plane very, very early, which is very important in the point. Be the hands, or I mean the bat the when we when we turn that thing very, very quickly around her hand, we still a lot of kid, will go, take the arm straight back order, dump the barrel and then I’ll turn the barrel needs to stay exactly Over your head, until you rotate and then when you rotate your turn in your form, we’re just going to turn the barrel into the loan and even think that we’re going to cover at the Tulsa baseball camps at athletic Mission, Baseball Academy. Again, I hope all that makes a little bit of that this kind of hard to put into words, but I think you know if you can picture all that either all think that we’re going to cover I’d like Mission, Tulsa, baseball academy and throughout our Tulsa baseball Camps,