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Talk about the the by Mechanics, the the kinematic sequence of the baseball swing, and this is kind of the stuff that we get into kind of more, and that was not the end-all-be-all, but I believe this information help that really understand the movement patterns that are haters Are performing so when we talk about the mechanics of a fling, the one of the first thing that we kind of check it out. It is the kinematic sequence. So what we do at the pulse of baseball camp to the airport are heading into sensors and the sensors it’s going to be placed on their hip. That’S going to be placed on their shoulders at going to be placed on their lead arm and finally placed on the hand that what is going to do those sensors are designed to measure rotational velocity of the hip, the shoulders, the arm and Bonnie the Hands-On. What that’s going to tell us is one: how fast we’re going. They’re going to tell us how how fishing we are with the movement pattern. It’S also going to tell us that’s a sequence of action. You know we want to swing in a certain sequence. Things have to happen before the barrel swing and that this is going to be allowed to be much more efficient is going to allow it to generate as much power as we can from the ground. So at the Tulsa baseball can have. One of them will look at the kidnapped secret over again that measure the rotational velocity of every segment. So what that means is that when we look at the swing and it’s the same way with golf, only look at the swing, we want to start in the ground up. So what that means is our our feet. We use the ground to generate energy. We push into the ground and that’s going to push the same Force up and throw one wheel and that front foot we’re pushing that same 4th down at the ground and it’s going to push the blame for it back up man when it goes back up now. We’Re going up the kinetic chain, so the hip needs to start the swing and then went to swing. When the hips hurt the peak out. That’S when the shoulders take over her the Torso and then when I start to peek out, then the arm goes and then hand goes and again. Tulsa Baseball Camps These are things that we cover at Tulsa baseball camps, but that’s sequence is important. There’S no energy leaking in that sequin and that’s how we generate the most amount of power to be able to hit the ball hard and in the play this game and play this game of high-level. You got to hit the ball hard. He got hit the ball hard consistently and it’s got to be effortless and how we do that is through the the killer. Max sequent, improving the efficiency of the Killer, masks sequence of your swing, and we do that again at the park baseball camps. So, the first four after we getting to the understanding that one, the first name that we looked at in this, is nothing that we spent a lot of time on with our hitters at the park. Baseball camps is the load. The load will affect the entire point, and what we see is a lot of kids.

Don’T a lot of hitters in general, both baseball and softball. They do don’t they don’t load efficiently, not been there, for they don’t give them to her chance to put their body in a position to be able to swing efficiently, so the load with the load, the sequence of the same way we want to load the hip, Want to load the door so we went to load the arms around load, the ham, now the lower half birthday to unload back to work toward the baseball at the top half continue solo. So there’s that transition sequin. This is where the stretch happened and when that stretch happens, the stretch it where the power down – and this is the concept that most people don’t really understand. I don’t know if they had a keychain and I don’t understand the importance of it is the lower half. Is going after we loaded the lower hybrid? Now, the rotating toward the baseball at the top have continued to pull back and then the lower half pulled the top half forward. Once you can feel that you’re going to hit that ball extremely hard. As we see all the time at talk to baseball camps, so again so the the sequence now but the we talked about the load we’re time for the load, then we have to transition, see when, where do the the time we go up in the low to The unload and then from there we have the baby starvation pattern. So the deceleration pattern is something that we see a lot with the kids at the issue because of they don’t they don’t have the stability to be able to stop once that man and transfer it over the other statements. So what we’ve been a long time is we got to work on corrective exercises for mobility and stability, and mainly stability whenever we’re talking about that hip, hop in the heaven transferring energy after chain, so the hip, the hip, have to see if the unit we were When we tried we rotate into foot plan when that happened, the hips are done the hip that I’ve hit Peak speed and already transferred the iron do to a torso. So at that time the Hitler completely finish and the transferred up to the Torso, the tour. Tulsa Baseball Camps So now it’s going to rotate and then it’s going to bring that. I had to have the arms through what did Bentley going to bring the hands through Android, eventually going to bring the bathroom now when one Peaks up, if start to decelerate and then the other one piece that transfer energy and basically what what happens if you’re talking About 1/2 x, the three times the energy that generated from the last part X up the chain.

So what you can do to the deceleration pattern is, is you accelerate the hips and then adistar raise hand on the transfer, the energy get transferred up to the Torso and so on. Kind of like a? If you think of a road, you have a you, have a road and then it curves on the actors on the back in the second row, Road II turn off at the Torso deceleration, but you can feed a stray lineup and that the the the the rotational Velocity going straight up in an inline in order and under the the act of highways, are the deceleration pattern, not the kind of a good way to think of it. So when we, when we look at the the kinematic, speak one more look at the graph, what I’m trying to say is: Tulsa Baseball Camps I want to see how smooth is that load and how smooth or do we transition properly and then how smooth at the swing in the Transferring of the energy and how smooth do with decelerate and I have to go in order dog in only load, we have the hip. First, we have the Torso of Revenue on the member have to go first, then the Torso and then the arm permit. Finally, the hands the same thing with the deceleration pattern and I think they were Peaks people making were talking about the tallest baseball. Can we talk a lot about Peak speed, the other Peak speed? What that means is is where we start the accelerating and decelerating at Peak speed important, and we want that to be a sequence very well, so I had to talk to baseball camper talk about the hip Peak speed and then the the torture piece bees up, and I should be in order to hit Door salon and, finally, the hands again the peak speed it matter than turn the. How fast will turn their some kid that they do. Babies, don’t turn fast enough for some kid that it turned them down, which is a normal cake for our guys, weed weed they learn to they learn to turn and then they turn to bath. So that’s not more. I was working on your majesty and then typically, the typical instructions are from the top down. So we thought we wanted to hit the go first and I don’t want the Torso. Tulsa Baseball Camps Then we want to arm them with the hand that if we will see the hands go for a ham and I’m your arm doesn’t or something in the hip. So, as you can imagine we’re not if we’re going from the top down right in the bottom of War, not generate a type of energy and type of work that we can do that we can from the ground and from our big muscles.

So now I won’t wear a top-down swing. Wear now, really focusing on muscling up the baseball for messing up the matter, trying to really hit the ball with our muscles, rather than letting the ground and letting your body work and deliver in the fling. So those are things that we can talk about, it talks, baseball camps and then then we talking about you know how Tulsa Baseball Camps do we fix all that and that’s what our program really base around then we talked a lot about that talks. Baseball camps is the the solution. Is is, is fixing any mobility horseability issue and that can be done through stretches and I can be done through exercising and weed. We focus a lot on that and then typically do a lot of that stuff at home as well, and then, after that, we really broken arm movement drills. We focus on movement drill that will that will help them improve this sequence, and this sequence can be improved. Very quickly, if they understand their, what they’re trying to do or don’t do it without me, so no Batman hand and we’re really just focusing on the movement pattern and that’s really a lot of Memory. Mania, bulk of our time at the Tulsa baseball, can just working on the movement pattern. No bad, no ball work in the movement and get your understand what it feels like to. Let your body work so does that will get him into the swing and then to the the key word in the in the front. Tulsa Baseball Camps Are there and they’re always surprised with how how how much harder they’re hitting the ball with Lala, diaper and Mountain alternate leave the goal? We want to be baby fish and we want to be very, very powerful, want to be very, very after lift and either get in or all seen that we cover at the Tulsa baseball camps.