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Good morning welcome to episode number 9. This is Jeff at Meijer without flooded Mission, Baseball Academy. Today, we’re going to kind of talk about one hitter should do. Talk about disappointed in and understanding what to do in certain situations than and trying to become the best you can do, and the other thing that we talked about Tulsa baseball camps so that the hitter We have to do a handful thing, one. Tulsa Baseball Camps We got to understand the skill level of the picture. We got to understand that we Faith them before. We got to really think back and realize what what they threw a lot of time. How did they put your go over there Pearl Jam and how do we get ready for Oxford Patch about trying to get us out and the skill level the picture it’s going to matter? If it’s going to it’s going to affect your approach, even though I shouldn’t, but I will add it all back to your approach and the talking baseball camper talking about the better the picture, the more you should compete in Just true United DOTA guide, you want To play, those are the guy that’s going to lie to get better than forgot that you going to fill them out with, and I put you want so understanding the skill level, the picture and how they got you out before. It’S very important. I understand that’s why we tell our hear that baseball camp is to keep hitting lock. If you can keep hitting lock you’ll be able to document, everything will pay it that they threw you and understand how to develop an approach for the next time you face,Tulsa Baseball Camps and then you taters have to understand who they are. They have to understand what their scope test are at talk to baseball camp. We recognized that every kid think that they have a pound of power, but I forget it took not a power hitter and they have to realize that they have to understand that their approach or dictate their their success and based on the scope that map there and They haven’t approved of not based on who they are then they’re never going to be for top 100, nothing wrong with not being a hair. You want to be you keep working hard and get there, but I understand who you are and and take take the right approach to allow you to to be successful. Banana talking baseball camp for talking about the ball strike count a lot of kids that don’t understand the count by the pitch and they don’t understand what that mean for the next pick. Tulsa Baseball Camps That’S coming sure they understand like generic ones like 3022 or something like that, but they have to understand what the count mean and try to understand what that mean for the next picked up coming, so they can be ready for it. Now you develop a back-up plan in or around the account and try to understand how the count going to help you and get ready for your neck, your neck patch. So we talk at the Tulsa Baseball Campbell lot about the the the the count now it right now with the cut the picture shark with the ball he has given it. You know he knows where it’s going to throw a 0-0 count.

The picture has the has the advantage now. And he throws it into where you’re looking kind of wanting to buy know we that we live in an era where now, where we’re taking, where did automatically taking the first pitch? If you look at the numbers, the numbers will show you that I will count the batting averages the highest. So why not take it matter that I don’t pictures of trying to get ahead so take advantage of that in and out of that pigeon in your Zone? You need to swing the bat, but but then you don’t do from there. If they throw New Years now and then you have me around it and you got and you’ve got a feeling about so understanding the count and understand what that mean for your next pitch. Going to be a big deal, whether you’re at or who are there had, and you got up, you got it back to that in in in your in your competitiveness in your in your approach. So that’s called the baseball. Can’T be everything we talk about. Is the game situation, the game situation? That’S going to dictate your approach? Well, you have to you have to do what you got to do to help your team won game. So you know Stocker biting them baths, but your team can go score at what you need to do so Thursday, a ham for different situations. We have hit a leadoff hitter, you know, so I don’t leadoff hitter you you got to get on base in. Are we talking about the Tulsa baseball? Can a lot about that bird batter of the inning has got to get on base, be there by a hit or walk the staff work very well, but don’t let them try and create a while try to get the bear on the baseball hit the ball hard Somewhere, but that bird matter that’s got to do everything they can to get on base and I think think, I’m dumb people and the picture got to get that bird batter out. Okay, but they stopped at work in our favor. If we had to hit her get on, May 1st or other picture, we get about how to work on a paper, but we got to work hard on making sure we get on with our leadoff hitter. And then we have a run referred baby. No out for this is the time where you have to have from discipline, and you got to have them Barrel control. You got to hit the baseball behind the runner and get them over you’re going to have to or bath and a game where you got to sacrifice to do a job and then you’re going to have to a bath.

Where are you going to turn in an end swinging in and do what you got to do, but I need to a bath that the game situation you got it. You got to get a job done. Okay, though the run-around brick baton allowed, you got to get the ball behind the batter and you got to you got to advance them that the the gold to get to first base to second base to third to home. So we got to get them every 93. We got to get them there, Tulsa Baseball Camps okay, so understanding that and doing what you got to do now. You have a runner on second babe. You know I love you. You got to get that running. All you got to do to get that ball in the I will get them on the game somewhere and typically that runs going to score. But you got to get that ball in the air got to elevate That Base. When we talked about that for baseball can elevating the baseball going to be as what you’re going to drive in wrong? Have you want the best hitters in this game? They they driving a lot of run today. They are very good at Alabama baseball, I’m getting the baseball into the outdoor graph and that’s how you get wrong again. So you got to learn how to elevate the baseball when is running from scoring position, and it got to get them in now that we have the same thing with the wrong third one of the runner on third base. All you got to do to get the ball in the air. I don’t even matter to catch. It’S got to get deep, got to get the ball in the air, but catching that’s fine. That’S still going to be able to score, but you got ta. Look for a pen that you can drive it that you can get into the air and look for a pit. That’S going to allow you to get that run in the no other thing that we talked about at the Tulsa baseball camp. Tulsa Baseball Camps My we have no Runners on two hours, you kind of look for your pitch. You got to you got to find a way to get on getting making things happen with two hours, it magically or amazing. A domino effect that happens whenever you get to our heads or two hours runs I’ll meet you at that took a good thing where you got a battle up there when you’re heading and you got to get you got to get on. Babe got to figure it out, no idea what was going on there all the time, but you got a bad, only got to work hard to get on babe. So those are things that we talked about at the Tulsa baseball camps and then we have the laughing about disappointed is the Empire.

So we talk a lot at the Tulsa baseball camp about the Umpire they have them on. Loan is a developing hitter. You got to learn on developing a disciplined to swing at strikes, but we talk a lot and talk to me for him. If the Empire get you out and I have a bad picture – anyways fine, so be it! It doesn’t matter that much yeah you want to do while you want to play while you want to help your team win game, but looking at the big picture now we talk about this talk, Tulsa Baseball Camps Tulsa baseball camps is looking at the big picture. It doesn’t really matter what that ball doing. It doesn’t really matter if you strike out what matter that you developing the strike down a weariness and developing the approach, that’s going to allow you to improve other your striking awareness in your plate, this one. So the Umpire going to get you a lot you’re going to get yourself Outta line in the pictures going to get you a lot, so this game it to it to the top pants, but you’ve got to be able to work on developing your own disappoint. Your own, so I can go nowhere now and not came in just because I’m tired consistently calling a ball ball. Are you can change? You can change your positioning in the batter box. Thought you can do without the adjustment of you would make it changing battery box and now that I’ll type it up blown away that they’re calling us to fix my three or four feet off or inches off. Now that you’re out that picture, Tulsa Baseball Campsthat’s your down the middle pitch so make the adjustment that way, but don’t don’t try to do for a big chasing them. So another thing that we talked about like the baseball Tulsa baseball cans. Is it understanding that the Umpire ecumen and they’re going to make mistakes when it is what it is, so you got to you got to work around it, and but you got to get the form where you’re, not sacrificing your development in this life for wellness,