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Hey guys welcome back in Jeopardy on my own, without going to Mission Baseball Academy, this is podcast episode, number 15 and we’re going to talk today about linear vs. rotational hitting. So when we look at the swing by there going to be both men, your movement and rotational movement of the debate – that’s been happening for a very long time and I think we planning kind of got to a point where we agree that I don’t blame you Just can’t talk about that today about the rotational or linear and be there are things that we cover in depth at the Tulsa baseball camps in anyway. So so, when we look at the restaurant bus ride to the in the act of moving toward the picture, you want to strive toward the picture. Tulsa Baseball Camps You want your weight shift from your backside and we want to spend her up or body in the middle of war. End up 5050 South Research Drive download. We Gather our way on our back. And then we transfer that energy into the front side and we now have a forward movement to the picture and then forward. Movement is a linear movement to that part of the the the swing that linear or non-linear nice. That’S the needs to be completed before the rotation app, so the the first ride is only in your move. Now it’s doing it the Lead Foot, heals the heel, turn down. You start the Proctor, the rotating my hips, and that process dark. The rotational properties of the point now just have to again. This has to happen. After the linear move, Tulsa baseball camps, we have, we spent a lot of time, I’m just getting kid to get into a good hitting position and in understanding how the linear process work. Before you start the rotational process and once once you’d understand that, then they really start to understand the sequence of the Swing. Are they really start to get that rotational velocity that build upon different fragments of other body and a lot of them hit the ball really hard? And this is actually a very easy facts that you can just even if you want to speak with your fight, getting linear before you rotate your going to hit the ball a lot harder and that’s the beauty of it. So again, you know now once once the hip start turning then there’s the Torso, the shoulder rotate and then the arms and hands and in excetera so now the ham, the way the hands move, the hand move in a linear fashion – and this is this – is kind Of when we talk about that, they made of linear vs. rotational we’re talking.

Typically, we talked about the hands and the hands they move linear. So if you want to swing slow down, swinging, really try to put yourself in the point. You’Re going to see the hand go linear as they rotate, so your body rotating and you’re, just taking your hand you’re, throwing it out there throwing that Barrel to the other battery so the hand at the hands action. It is a linear action which the bottom of the body rotated. That’S. What brings the bat around to hit the baseball, so the the Tulsa baseball can we did. This is one thing that very hard to understand. The rotational versus linear move the rug and that their stride and they’ll any remove if we, if we rotate before we finish our stride, which is a very common thing. That’S the same thing with pitching. You got to meet you and Lenny removed before you rotate and what will see them time to this time kid one they don’t. They don’t work at all the to the end in hitting they won’t rotate Albany pitching though they’ll rotate too early. So we have to. We have to get the kids understand that the Linea move happened. First, Tulsa Baseball Camps in a people come to a call time at the Tulsa baseball camps and they want to understand how to generate power and in all, we do understand how to finish the elenium move before they wrote a so and then getting some type of way shift getting Off that back side, which is all any of us, would just getting that back noise caused by the rotation of Earth, and then we never go into, and we talked about the ham. You know that the hands got to say you got to keep the hands the hands, be the the hand need to direct the baseball and the process of understanding the hands, and it is so different because the Pharaoh needs to throw the back to the other battery Box for you, and not, and not you physically swing about those right now, a lot of amateur hitters, though don’t use their arm to swing by and the only way to get that bad around it at the rotate, your arms. So we have to get them to really understand that the body’s going to rotate you and all you got to do is throw your hand Tierra, Batter box. Man in this takes some time you, your body, have to turn your body have to clear, and then it’s been a bit where we’re going to call we’re going to call Paul in the arms through the hit.

I do go linear with the movement, so your your hands are going to be back by your shoulder at you before we open them, you’re going to be completely open to the picture, and then your hands are going to pull through so dead, that being completely open And that’s the rotational part and then the linear part is the Hampton pool for in the barrel taking arm and hitting the baseball. The again you want to talk baseball camp. We spend a lot of time on on the top of the rotational first linear and this this this concept of making it happen it. What can I improve your your sequence going to improve your movement patterns and it’s actually more, but it’s more of a natural pattern and – and you know, you’re really starting to come and it won’t start to feel it, but at the Compton that most people – just don’t Don’T understand or they’re they’re so caught up in you know the movie linear vs. rotational, even though they’re both in it so the at the Tulsa baseball camp. We’Re going to talk about these dried, which is a linear move, got to get the way to the back.. I was a little load in the gather and you got to ship that way to the front side. I would you Delaney, remove you’ll get 50/50 in your weights and then then your your hip going to start the rotation front hip, basically of working back, and this is going to start the rotational process of your and did the tradition practice going to go and sequence. Tulsa Baseball Camps That’S going to go from the the hip, then going to rotate your shoulders and it’s going to rotate your arms when your hair and then the hand is going in a straight line from your shoulder to the baseball, which is a linear move. So did the debate at some point going to end right now, the the debate is now that debate been going on forever for now or in a time where the debate is going to be tween opportunity, swing down and the Gandy answered both. But it’s going to be at being a huge long debate, just like the rotational Bridges linear, Which Wich it’s still a debate that happening, but not nearly as much as it did at one time, but we’re just in the starting.

Now I’m debating whether we swing our between down and that the that the same thing you do both in the point just like we do with rotational year, did the rapper all this app again, the it does swing rotational or the linear and they’re both components to An end both of them were very important, so just start to swing Italy near the end of Swing Italy, near in the in between the process of going from mineard did the stride taking your way from the back side, your front side, Tulsa Baseball Camps and now your front hip, Going to work back and that’s going to work back and allow your body to clear your hands can go from your shoulder straight to the baseball and it in a linear fashion. So again, to talk to me in Spokane for talking about the swing at both like it’s kind of an extent that for what it is and let’s move on with this debate and loud now, let’s try to get people to understand the same, to be able to Swing it up between now, throw again that’s the rotation for linear which one’s better they’re, both better because they’re, what we need to do. We need to do both to be able to put together a very efficient swing and a very powerful. So again, this is Jeffrey. I’M I were talking about rotation versus linear and how we conduct our training at the Tulsa baseball camp.