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When you are pitching, you got to get a head up account, there’s a lot of advantages to being the head of the count. Make sure you invest in the best when it comes to Stillwater Pitching Lessons and Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. The count as we get into to strike three strikes that it gets increasingly it difficult for hitter to stay focused enough to hit it and you’ll, see the stat anytime there to strike on that that the load batting average of all the baseball and when you have to sit and stand we, have to understand that pictures when we’re pitching, we did the value of getting ahead in the count is still tremendous and you know pitch count matters. So if you’re going to go to 33332 on everybody, then you’re going to run into some serious issues with pitch count. The idea to keep the pitch count low, throw strikes, get ahead and in gig guide out and you know being able to throw a strike and letting guys hit the ball. It is a native way of getting guy down. Now you got to be able to go down there, bat and all that stuff. But the point is:if you’ve got to be able to did the good guy now, and you got to do that, my getting a hat that getting ahead in the count is the best way to do it. It’s been around for a very long time, we’re kind of getting away from that that kind of stopped right there, what kind of going into a velocity override everything type of mentality and really you blocked me matters. We all know that we see at every level of the blonde matter, but the ability to throw strikes and get guys, don’t matter too. So we have to encourage guys to get ahead and account do what they got to do to be able to get guys out. That’s the bottom line, getting guys down at the pictures job. However, he died. The weather, like them out, give up a hit where you going to feel to clean it doesn’t matter just get them out and butt the easiest way for you to stay in the game. The guys who give Stillwater Pitching Lessons at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy understand all of this.

The easiest way for you to advance for the game, it just throw strikes, get guy down and play. The fax number beat me up. If you can do that, you’ll have a life, that’s the picture! So again you look at the stat the best, counting all baseball, 00 00 count. If you know the guy to jump on and get more hits than anybody else didn’t make sense because pictures of trying to get ahead if it you who are not trying to get ahead, don’t worry about that, but the idea when you start getting a three-year-old I think so so we all know how hard it is to hit with two strikes. It’s really hard. You got a fan, the only got to spend it on, you got to stay focused and you got to get the fear of the baseball and you got hit square to the end the day hitting the ball around. Where is how you hit the ball hard? It’s not necessarily about swinging out of your shoe it’s about get in the bath to the ball and hitting it hard. If you can do that, you’re going to have to set the hitter, but anyway, this is about pitching that’s going to slow down his bat or speed up his bat. Get him off balance balance is everything hitting you got to stay balanced? Why you’re heading and Mira tactical great swing? The best Stillwater Pitching Lessons you can get is in Tulsa with Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. You can do that you’re going to have to accept the hitter and has a picture of you can keep guys off balance you’re going to have more success after the picture. So I understand that the goal of the picture is the gig I doubt. And the best way to do that in the best way, to get your name in the game and stay in the game and get ahead in the band of the game it to throw strike strike one strike two and then work work now grab Madison. One of the best pictures of all time says:why would I wait v on that? Third, one cue I know traditional that we throw strike one strike two and then we throw a ball like to drive through and get gas. Get him out of work with weights and pitch count doesn’t make any sense. So so, when you guys can combine all that and have that and have what is a needed you’re going to have a tremendous amount of success in the picture and it just by throwing strikes, you don’t have to do anything special. All you got to do is get strikes and they’re going to be able to remember all of that. Did. Your job is out. Stillwater Pitching Lessons doesn’t need to be a waste, it can be of huge value by going to AMBA.

The dearest and what that means in terms of how you got tactic you your pictures, when you throw strikes you get ahead of the count and everything start the manifest good things really start the kind of, but that’s on you got to make it all happen, okay. So, at the picture you got to wake up every day. If work on commanding your throat and started playing catch, you only get dummy throws every single day, so you got to be able to make every throw count. Make everything will throw that you make today count execute you throw back to cool your picture then do what it is that you do get dried, get guys out and they’re going to have some fun being a buffet called baseball or even for a ball. You got to throw strike. You got to get them blocked me too, but the other day you got to throw strikes and you got to get gas down. Though work on that develop that train that train, that mentality, train the physical skilled, physical tool, train the mind, stat train the desire to change the focus train train.

All that stuff. That’s going to allow you to be the best for you, you can be and to get guys out by throwing strikes, get ahead of the count, throw strikes-and you do your thing. If you can do that, I think you will have a very nice and healthy career now from the flip side. The hitters remember advantage with more balls and strikes, which means they’re going to stay, have room to sit on a pitch when they have sucked on them. The instructors at AMBA who gives Stillwater Pitching Lessons ensure that you are learning all of this stuff. They can’t necessarily fit they’ve got it. They got to execute certain things if you have a hitter, Houston dead red and that’s where you’re throwing it that’s what he’s going to hit hard it doesn’t matter how hard you throw it just doesn’t matter guys can hit the ball. It doesn’t matter how hard you throw is Betsy the ball dead red down the middle, where you want it, don’t understand all that and have to accept, with all that have fun with all that. When do the things that you need with all that, okay, so just at work in your favor, when you have more strikes and balls on the batter and make sure that you use it to develop your game. If you don’t have a code that letting you do this, then you need to tell him:hey, dude I’m, trying to get guys out man I’m trying to get him out with two strikes. What are you doing. Tell him to? Let you let you go and hopefully they’ll let you go and if they hate your future is more important than my wanting to try to do this, but I’m just trying to I’m just trying to get people out i, don’t care how I do I’m just trying to get them out, but please let me do it with the fewest amount of pitches possible. I! Be great! Thank you. So, once again you just use the count. You need to stop you’d be information about there to help you develop into a better player. It’s not that hard and use your your training time you just throwing to make the throw. If you can make the throws, then good things will happen. Good things will happen if you make the throat, but you have to make the pro okay so again used to count. Youtube favor used to use the staff and get guys out

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