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Athletic Mission Baseball Academy has been the go to for Stillwater Baseball Hitting Lessons. I want to talk a little bit today about to start approach and why it’s important we are in a time where we are, we know more about mechanic than we’ve ever had and I feel like that’s, impacting our ability to teach hitters how to hit. So we have a lot of guys who have very pretty spring and they can hit the ball on way, they’re consistent too hard. The problem is:when you get it to games, you got to be able to hit the ball and now goes down into hitting and understanding how to hit and what you want to do. So. There’s there’s several different approach when it comes to a two-strike approach and I think I’ve come to grab that it’s different for everyone, there’s not it’s not a 1/5 for all. You got to present all the options and the guy figure it out himself. So what we have is the first one is:what traditionally beanpot choked up move up:i move up close to the plate and try to get pokeball that done that and that’s okay, whatever worth works for you, but there’s another approach that talked about shrinking the strikes down and you don’t need the other one you’re expanding the strike zone as well. I’m choking number on stuff. So what you see the guy in the big leagues read their feet up, show cup. You know trying to expand it down. One thing that they don’t do:they don’t change their swing and that’s the problem that I see with the youth level with a lot of people are changing their swing and you can’t change your swing by swing got to be the same. So if you’re going to do all that, that’s fine, but the problem is where a lot of guys fail. My god don’t do that just because they they change their swing, hello. This is going to be an important part., understand, so they’re the second part to it, and you have the group. That said, you need to shrink the strike zone and the idea behind that is that you will not expand so big where you’re at the chasing ball and that’s the problem. Is we the pictures of trying to get you to chase that can be an issue whenever you’re trying to expand zone, you actually end up chasing pictures, so they tell guy that just shrink his own look for a fastball hopping in pop up in the corner and try to hit that ball right over right over the dugout, and you can do that you’re going to have you going to have some success. That’s that’s the approach that some guys take examples of got the big one level that do both of that approach and I’ll. Invest in your child career by approach people who know two strike hitting by going to Athletic Mission Baseball Academy for Stillwater Baseball Hitting Lessons.

Give you an example of the big lie. Level will take the first strike zone organ expand the strike zone, so you can find guys at every level that we want to not get the two strap. We want to put a good swing, a good graphic point in barrel of the ball so that we can do well. The other thing is, if you have to understand that we are going to, we do have good bear, paw, patrol, good hand-eye coordination to the point where we could probably actually expand our strike down and get the bag, and that’s at the end they was about. When you have to start sending you just trying to battle you’re, not striking out so I get out of work, then we can do and it’s kind of become accepted. We’re just going to accept the fact that we strike out a lot and it’s not it’s not really healthy for the game. I, don’t think you know. This is the first time ever we have more hip or more strikeouts in hip and that’s kind of scary traffic. It is important to ensure you are in sequence and understand that your approach is best understood by proper Stillwater Baseball Hitting Lessons. Go down lot of guys are sucking out a lot more times in the head, so understanding that is going to be important. So now, what do we teach a guy? It depends for you, the video of the guy who small scrappy had to get the barrel to the ball. Then they might be able to do well with the big fan in the thinking part. But if you got a guy who chases lights, he doesn’t have good barrel control doesn’t know how to just take them off then everybody’s different-and this is where we constantly are telling you i-did that everybody is different. You can’t do the same thing with everybody, so you have to put all the options and let them figure it out and don’t, but that’s on them know. You could say all that you want, but they got to go out there with the toothache of crowd and they got to actually try it they’re there for the produce not to get the two strikes their second one is the expanded eleanor to shrink them down and when they can do that, then you’re going to start to see hitters get better with to strike the first thing, but the other thing the mine said thing, so you can’t be afraid to hit what you strike. You can’t be afraid to strike out, because that part of the game, the best hitter the world, has ever played the game. That’s stuck it out a lot, so it is part of the game is accepted. Your doesn’t mean you have to like it and you shouldn’t like it, you shouldn’t. Do they accept it? You should say this is the worst thing ever I’m glad that I’m going to battle I’m going to keep battling a makita, ballet makita battling, but again that’s on them to make the adjustment when they need it. So, but then again ball lane or two outside the strike zone. It is a good skill to have because what you don’t want to do don’t want to lose you so don’t focus on waiting on a pitch that he loses his aggressiveness when he finally get there, then we’re kind of defeating the purpose so yeah. Stillwater Baseball Hitting Lessons are some of the best in the country when it comes to AMBA.

If you want to be still active patient, you wanted me to collect it aggressive, but you got if you can’t miss you can’t miss pictures. You just cannot miss picture because pictures are going to make mistakes and you got to hit him before he gets to strike you get to strike. Then you have a different approach. Your pros mentally is I’m going to battle, I’m, not afraid to strike out come on bring it I got this your approach. Physically you either going to do one or two things:you’re, either going to be out. Do the conventional wisdom with you, you expand cyclone, you choke up the the bat and you just put you you feel like a bee swing on it. Instead of being able to do the rear back until now, the key to making that work at making sure that you’re, not changing your swing, got a lot of god will change their swing. The swing have to stay the same. Your Stillwater Baseball Hitting Lessons should be packed with knowledge as to where you need to go and what you need to do. You didn’t eliminating parts moving pardew to the limit to stay still, but you were you’re. Trying to do is make contact with the same swing. To remember, all you got to do to get the barrel of the ball and put it in the picture will provide the power the picture of a ride. The launch, the launch angle, all you got to do is get the barrel for the ball, and you can do that good good things will happen so, which means we’re going to look at a particular spot in the strike down and we’re going to we’re going to try and and not expand it. So much we’re not going to get caught chasing chasing is one of the biggest thing then one of the biggest ways in which guys get them self out and when you can get guys out and got to get some stuff out.

That’s what the picture want. So you want them. You want to make sure the pigeon get you out and you’re, not getting yourself. I’ll get a lot of haters get themselves out by not understanding how to hit and not understanding how to hit. It is shoe downfall to a career. You know they’re there their come. You got to have a game plan and you got to stick to that plan. You got to have an approach and you’re going to have a to strike a party and you got to go down battling, can’t sit back and wait until the let it happen you got to go down battling you gotta, you gotta, want it go get the recap all this. Your first thing, you’re going to do is your first to distract you too, so I can put in the other deal count. It do not get the two stripes. That’s your got your tooth tiger first, your second approach is either going to be depending on the type of hitter that you are, and your country should help you you’re either going to gerber copper plate, show cup expand the strike zone. You be swing on it now again. The key to that is to the key to that. Did too making sure that you’re not changing your swing. Your lemonade moving part and you’re beautiful you’re, not swinging eyes hard, but you’re. Not changing your swing. Keep us going the same in last, laugh what you can do and you can actually shrink the psych known you’re, looking for a fastball up and then that you can hit over the first baseman over the home plate to first base dugout, and you can do all that I think you’re going to have a pretty fall to prayer after you can have a lot more success with a two-strike approach.

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