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When it comes to getting baseball lessons, you got to understand who is giving you the best service for money, who’s going to help you get to the next level, and who is interesting in developing as along with developing you as a baseball player. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is fully invested to the point where we have our clients take a TAP assessments. The TAP assessment is giving us an understanding of how to coach you, how to motivate you, and how to get the best out of you. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is the only facility giving Sand Springs Hitting Lessons that goes this far.

The TAP assessment been taken over by 30,000 over the years. The highest level of competition to include the NLF, NBA, MLB, NHL are all taking the TAP Assessment as times have change in terms of how to get kids to play and relate with them. Coaches are really starting to try to understand how to best coach certain personality types. This also gives us an understanding of athletes basic characteristic. This TAP Assessment includes strengths and weaknesses of the rocket and has recommendation tip for the rocket for all coaches, athlete, and parent. This is the valuable information for us to be able to help kids get to the next level, and we do that. We are first coaching the individual and how they are wired and best communicate with them so we can get things done. Athletic Mission is the only facility interesting in these things and is the only one giving Sand Springs Hitting Lessons that is fully invested from every angle. Every athlete also gets a report, to bring self awareness  It’s all about stuff. You cannot improve unless you are aware of what you are doing. This included awareness of your makeup that you may not be aware of. Your strength, your weakness, your predominant characteristics, it’s hard to know where you begin to improve. If you don’t know where you stand for this is the first step in the whole process. Then there’s a parent report and parents love their kids and they want everything, that’s bad form, but they also want to protect them and not let them fail even if it leads to them doing well, and so, when that happens, is kids have a difficult time, adapting and finding themselves and being aware of himself and and learning to cope with different things.

The Rocket is the Drive Athlete, and they are characterize the following way:

  • Calm, cool and collected.
  • Keep focusing on getting things done.
  • Optimistic the demeanor.
  • Social security social situations,
  • Often comfortable with being the center of attention
  • Make quick decisions.
  • Make the decision to quickly without fully considering the option,

Rockets are know for their three major strengths:

  • Cool with pressure
  • Get things done and
  • Work hard to accomplish goals

Rocket are also know for three major weakenss:

  • May decide to quickly and failed to consider other implications
  • Could be perceived that arrogant,
  • May rigidly stick to plans.

So when it comes to understanding all this again were the only one that give it back bring life and I take for this far to try to understand each kid and what we can do to help them. So when we come there coaching this the rock pathway, what style will help the mounds bay like a code that it just icing, but they like code that realistic they like a code that positive and up beat when you make a mistake. We could be kind of hard for the rocket type, all they care about the stuff, and you tell them how they’re still mistakes interview with their abilities to have the staff little get their attention I’ve been praising. They don’t need my praise saved they stopping here, they’re, going through when they like practical use, clear and direct communication with the type with the rocket type. And then we know when you’re, giving instruction to the rocket related to new information, something they already know when motivating they have a tendency to be kind of counterpoint are satisfied, need to raise the bar and showered them too much higher called this is the type that’s going to bounce back quickly after they have a baptist, foreman 4 by practice, and then getting the most out of the type of crackers they prefer to work out with a teammate.

Have them analyzed issue a situation where they need to be a little more caution when reacting. So that’s the other thing that we have to keep in mind when you’re working with a rocket type and the driven aspect. This valuable information that we we gather at our Sand Springs Hitting Lessons. It’s just that your focus is so valuable and trying to help kid get better. So when we talked about how how to best help them, they should be analyzing and situations. They should be analyzing and situation should be identified when they need to be careful regions visions in general. The rocket need to be taught what’s this situation needs to be more patient, they need to work on allowing the game to come to them about him, trying to force them and competitive competitive. There will be time for the rocket in to take an opportunity to lightly house them avoid the trap  above the type push it hard to degree tangible goals, obviously providing guidance would help them that intangible goal for a rocket. Finally, the rock it typical prayer song problem be practical perspective. They still farm in a realistic manner, but they’re not always the most creative coming up with situation or solutions.

In sure the type needs help kind of thinking outside the box. So let me know if I were to be a coach. That’s giving things in life, knowing that information, valuable and in trying to help them become better. So this this the rocket type, their even-tempered and much of it, because the positive perspective on things that lead to a compliment and main situation, especially when making decisions, the rockets don’t waste my time making decisions. Another dominion trail of a rocket entering being realistic, practical kind of thing, even when things come to deal with people who rock and light to keep a practical and realistic eye levels. You know there’s dirt in value to getting the top down and in and understanding how to help kids get better. The rocket typing  socializing. They seem to be outgoing and eve with interact with other people. There predictable in terms of emotional reaction of things happen. In other words, they sell them, get upset or not moody. The rocket puts to achieve tangible goals they desire mastery with me. They don’t mean they don’t mind frost miniature. They become more confident.

The fuel money is important to rockets and this type of the track that you can pay the situation very good stuff. The rocket does not get intimidated by the competition. Another competitor trade, the rock and roll quickly move in for the kill finish out the apartment they have the ability to rebound fairly quickly. This time, few mistakes are due to hesitation, but the bold and beautiful decision file may leave early then threw some coffee mistake. So this rocket type is the cut. Is the time that we would love to have around of the third. There are the very driven they are. They want to win their to type. That’s going to be a very a lot of fun to teach teach it in terms of becoming a better baseball player, stop baseball academy, because we are the only one that goes this far to try to understand who the kids and help them become their best version of themselves and then being able to hit throw ball, got to develop the person

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