Sand Springs Hitting Lessons | Part 2

Part 2 continues to Sand Springs Hitting Lessons of the knowing thyself at the hitter. We started then get into asking them when you are struggling. What must they do? You make most often mechanical watch it a lot of time, but we make mistakes were always making. Typically, the same mistake, so you got to understand when you do make mistakes when the ball doesn’t drop it by when things happen. What mechanical issues are happening in the sooner you realize that you can make adjustments. So whenever, whenever you’re rolling over a ball, then you know that that’s happy and getting a little too strong, but that’s not knowing that now. I know that very next pitch that the next time I go to my carriage. Next time. I go to the tea, but the very next pitch. I know what a jeff and I got to makeand when you started making a justice by the way, you’re going to start being much much much much much more consistent at the end of the day. It’s all about consistency. So when you understand what the issues are, you got to correct them right away and if you don’t know what they are, then you’re wasting that bath you’re wasting time and you’re not going to know anything until you get to your next practice, pam and that could be beverly, 9, 10, 12 and bath later, and you can be used for call slump whenever that happens. Understand. What what kind of issue you have with your mechanic and in what a joke-and you can make all the fly hit by pitch-that will help you go over and make sure you’re not having a horrible game horrible week before you go to your coachafter that what what do you need to improve your game to beat, except for the next level? And this is where a lot of guys they don’t they don’t know they don’t know what it takes to get to the next level. If you have to do. You got to explain to them exactly what a take the play have the next level that they don’t understand what it takes to play at next, level and knocking that they’re not going to be able to understand what they need to do to improve so understanding what they need to do to improve it. It’s really important and it’s something they need to sit down. They went to think about, but only when they understand you want to take the plants next level. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy knows this stuff and help Sand Springs Hitting Lessons with understanding these things. If they don’t understand what they explain. The next level, then they’re not going to be able to answer this question that they shouldso athletic weather report the question they need to think about this. Damn self, but only asked them after you pointed them want to take the play at the next level did happen and I’ll ask him what are the three biggest thing, the three biggest cheese too you’re hitting hitting. So. This is something that they need to understand. What are the key that sucks., so I will tell you i, just don’t think of it like this, though, in order to hit the ball. That’s number one. In order to hit the ball distance, the lady you got to have a routine and that, in order to hit the market 5th and lee you got out, you got to be prepared, so you got to have your visual, an exercise that you got to have your meant to ask you got to have your pittsburgh tonight, then you got to have all your work done prior to the game, so go to the three things. I calmly tell guys and I didn’t get them to thinking. Cuz I want them for thinking that way. This is one of the very few answer. The last we tell them what they should be at t in the mall hit in the balls. A lot of guys don’t realize that they don’t see the board while they think they do talking to, because this would you like to be telling me you’re not going to be that good of a hitter, so you got to take the effort to really see the ball. A second would be prepared. The third wanted, your routine. Your approach and yoyo. Do your negative thoughts, your thought process, so then, from there you know we get it too kind of the approximate, the practice and training type of question:what training bro routine excetera. Do you feel bad about you hitting, and this is where you don’t go back to what more, when they struggle with mechanically whatever they feel like they’re, aware that and they have drill that they do a routine and they could go to that help them work on that, whether I practice or so we sit down and we try to get guide to come up with a routine every single day every day when they execute the routine that we play better, but I always hit better everything about it. It’s just better. So that’s always a great thing when, when you thought that I purposely said to have to have an understanding of why you do what you do and here’s how you do it when you do that good things about the really happen, no doubt what messes up your swing during batting practice. This is something that we talked about a lot and it’s that is another answer all kind of help with it. The biggest one is mine, was worried about having a purpose to do. What did you do it when you do that you you’re going to mess with waking up so bad? If you could predict lefty that a big guy that might actually do work., it messes up their swing parables in the attitude at the end, it’s a mess, so understanding that when you don’t have a purpose, you just do mindless work. Your swings not going to be good, so don’t do that and then we get it do what you do you avoid doing, thinking and listening to yourself. We are the leader in Sand Springs Hitting Lessons.

I will tell guys, and they should be telling me his number to avoid doing any thing that could have messed up. My swing arm of the boys, thinking about anything, that’s negative, I’m going to boy listening to anybody. Negative had nothing good to say, google ask what is going to be. Do you ever take too many sweets? How do you know if you did a lot of people, don’t realize that they’re just don’t think it’s to make take it to next week, so we need to swing when you feel good. If you’re feeling good you give your point feel good everything goes well, you can still stand. Then you just need to work on just getting some head. Go to a routine execute. You retain bet! You can’t when you feel good going to smoke a little bit more when you don’t feel great stop when you’re on your way to your routine and stop. There’s, nothing is working too much

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