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Good morning we can talk a little bit today about controlling your controllable or the longer you coat. You realized. The thumb situation does not require a reaction controlling your controllable, slow down and breathe. When you can, when you sooner, you learn there the more teeth in the more fun you’re going to have playing this game. Invest in the best sand springs hitting lessons. This game is hard, but when you thought to add emotion into the game, good things do not happen. So got to understand what are you what you can control what you can control? So you can’t you can’t control the empire. You can’t control whether you can’t control the situation. You can’t control the other picture. You can’t control your teammates. You can’t control your parents, you can’t control the the field. You can do those other things that you cannot control me and when you realize that you start to have a little sensitive teeth. When would when your plan so know? What can you control you can control how you respond to a situation, how you react, how you treat a team and how you treat the empire, how you, how you treat your about? How you treat your your your feeling how you treat the baseball? Those are the things that you can draw on. You can control that you can control your processor. You can control your routine, then, when she, when you start the kind of shift, your focus on two things that you can control this game. I promise you become a lot easier for him when this game come easier. There, like their defensive, I fundit sent the joy, sent the piece that comes over you whenever you play this game, but it’s game I got. Look hard and deep when it comes to sand springs hitting lessons.

That is extremely, so we cannot waste energy on, think that we cannot control so slow down and breathe. So are we do? What we tell our guys is. Meditating is one of the best things you can do when meditating it really just the stance of finding findings are quiet time, finding a time to sit down and slow down your thoughts time to just sit down and cruise control your emotion, the time to sit down and release. What time is it down and just slow down slowing down did a big part of this game. If you could slow things down, you’re going to have a lot more success and you will, when the game go to miles an hour, to go 80 miles an hour. So again, the longer you play the longer you code, the more you going to realize that there are. There are situation that does not require reaction, controllable, slow down and breathe. So what we do, I put what I got birthday issue and we sit down and we mean when we breathe, we get there and meditate for 5 minutes before we start anything I’m trying to do to get them to wind down, trying to get them a wine down slow down and make it have a good training session or good game. Because did the world astro fast school stuff out of there? So many things going on their teenager? Athletic Mission Baseball Academy does sand springs hitting lessons better than anyone out there. Does they’re growing things going on and you know they did they did they just don’t take the time to slow them down and interbreed the one thing 30 the value of slowing things down, breathing in and out breathing in counting to 1 breathing out counting the two that I always had that, but all over learning to smile logic. It don’t smile anymore because they’re going through their home while they’re not happy what they gotta learn that they can control their own happiness and when you can control your own happiness, then a lot of things. To play out. So I can’t go longer. You play the longer you go through the more you realize. The situation do not require reaction control, your controllable, slow down and breathe.

When you can do that, I promise you your game or take it to another level, and if this isn’t a baseball team, this low-life things you guys don’t learn to control you in trouble in your life and you can learn to slow down and breathe you’re going to have a lot of stuff in a lot of areas. Ny things that you do so large slow down, learn to breathe hard to find time for yourself and learn to think learn to do you be kind of the end of the day. You can’t make anybody happy unless you’re happy when you’re happy you’re. You have expensive of loving yourself and when you love yourself, then you you are. You are a piece you are in control and when you couldn’t, when you the warrens call you are, but yourself and more, you know thyself the better off you’re going to be because it. The death of my thought about it, and it’s really starting to understand yourself. Don’t cancel the longer you play or coach the more you going to realize this time. Fish way son do not require reaction control, your controllable, slow down and breathe. Sand Springs Hitting Lessons is done at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

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