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When you think of baseball, you can help to think about Owasso High School and Owasso Power Hitting. Baseball has been great in Owasso for a long time and they are good at getting player to the next level. So where can future Owasso Rams go to get this type of training to be a part of the Owasso Power Hitting squad? Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

Athletic Mission Baseball Academy has built a culture of excellence and great at getting players to understand where power is generated and how to consistently deliver the most amount of power into the baseball as possible. With Athletic Mission leading ways of technology and comprehensive understand of the body, we are excited to work with hitters and develop them into the a potential Owasso Power Hitting stud. There has to be measurable way to do thing and measurable way to get better. Our approach takes into consideration that every seventh week we are going to recapture our numbers to make sure what we are all good when it comes to how we are developing and seeing if it will be a linear progression as it wont always be.

We believe there are several different things that will help you with power: sequence, strength, mobility/stability, getting a good pitch to hit, maturity. Sequence refers to how the body move in an order of which the body will delivery the most. The force is generate from the ground and then the hips will rotate first while the torso, arms and hands continue to load. While the hips decelerate the torso will quickly take over the energy that was generate then the arms and hands will still load. When the torso decelerates the arms and hands will quickly pick up speed in a linear fashion and start to release the barrel into the baseball. If we consistently get the sequence right then we are consistently putting our body in the best position to successful deliver the most amount of power into the baseball. This is what helps the Owasso Power Hitting squad do damage. The sequence has to be right to do anything efficiently and effortless.

We need to get the strength up as well. There are handful of measurement in which we start to understand power generation and what we want to be considered a power hitter. Getting stronger is the easy way to being able to develop abilities, not so much skills but abilities that will help you get attention of the next level players. We look at vertical jump, broad jump, squat, bench press, dead lifts, and other qualities like that to measure strength. You will see a direct correlation between the power measurement of the baseball with strength. If you are staggering in the production arena of your play, we may have to look at what your strength level is doing.

Mobility/stability is very overlooked and super important when it comes to player development. If you are unable to get into certain position or struggle to get into certain position then this will impede your ability to be part of the Owasso Power Hitting group. Same goes with stability, if you are unable to successfully decelerate and stabilize a joint to decelerate, then you are not able to consistently develop the power needed to successfully deliver force to the barrel. This is a huge part of that instructors do not pay attention to and must be paid attention to.

Getting a good pitch to hit can make any hitter look great. Being patient and discipline is very tough skill to develop. If you can develop this ability then you will be able to successful put off good swings that are powerful and effortless. This is where we are constantly telling our guys that just because the pitch is a strike it doesn’t mean you have to swing at it. Until you have two strike on you, you can sit on a pitch and wait for it to come in, you will be surprise to the result if you develop an approach that allows you to put off your best swing. This will require you to ensure you are seeing the ball out of the hands or picking it up as early as you can. When you do this, you will make better decisions and when you make better decision, the easier hitting becomes.

Maturity refers to letting yourself mature. Hit the ball hard for you and the size you are now. Barrel it up and consistently try to drive the ball through the outfield fence, not over the outfield field. This also gets a hitter to understand that you have to learn how to hit. So many kids go to the plate without understand what they want to do and what they are trying to do. This lack of understanding is lack of experience or lack of care or lack of trying. The sooner you develop this approach and understanding that learning how to hit separate you and consistency separate you the sooner you are going to be ready for the next level.

We here at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy want to help you become of the the Owasso Power Hitting team that everyone is talking about and that every program would want to be a part of their team. We do this through understand and developing sequence, strength, mobility/stability, getting a good pitch to hit, and maturity. If you focus on all these things then you will develop the power needed to enhance your ability and play at the next level.

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