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And here’s another conversation that we want to have today and buy our back to change I’m, trying to get you to look at things from a different perspective, so I think about ships don’t sink because of the water around them shipped think because the water gets in them. So don’t let coaches, umpired weather teammates got your performance get inside you and weigh you down for what we see all the time to wake up and it’s raining and they don’t have all the sudden the weather’s getting into the into the way, or maybe it maybe the hundred fourth degree now the weather is it going to affect their their emotions going to have met him where they want to fly to warmer right are the gay just because the weather not what they want to be in? They loaded impact they’re performing. So that’s. How can I control the weatherlet that get in the way of your performance? Believe me, I’ve done it I’ve been there and there where the weather wasn’t right back to what I wanted it to be in then I also need to do my part. So it’s a real thing that people don’t let the weather bother them.

I’m, tired. Whenever you want I make the back hall, don’t let that get inside that wasn’t the picture you were looking for anymore, so I understand trying to change the perspective of your trying to beat this apart and the one way to be disappointed. It’s a wafer fittings fit on it so be on time at the back home. So what you want looking for that picture, anyway, you were looking for a pitch that you can sit on your looking for a bit that you can drive and if it hit that store for outside or in the dirt or whatever, that’s not your problem, that’s not your fault and it didn’t strike you out. So what get them next time? But do not let that get inside you not to let that weigh you downdo, not let that change. Are you going to approach the game? Okay, so again, please don’t ship because of the water around them ship stink because of water in them. So again, I’ll coach. You now they’re their coaches that get on you and they they could. They get you all riled up and all emotional on you. Let that get inside you and I think your performance. Do, not let the coaches get it to you by do not let them affect your performance. Do you, if you let the code to get in the way, then you’re not going to have that much fun. Can I stop again. Don’t let the coaches don’t want the umpire, don’t let the weather get in the way. Team-mates your teammates are going to make mistake, they’re human. So what that has nothing to do with you? Okay, so maybe that will a car from a game store what this isn’t about, winning all the time. This is about you guys learning how to play the team learning how to take each other out and when things go wrong, beauty got to pick the guy up, because that’s that’s what that kid need right now.

He 115 me to pick him up that don’t want man, he will get it next time. That’s what you need and be the leader we’d, be the guy that makes them do that. Okay, now ask out I understand that one cuz I went through this a lot whenever there scouting the fan a lot of time. We tend to want to do too much. Gotta learn not to do so much. You got to learn to just do what you can do they within yourself and think will take care of itself. I promise, so do not let the scout get into your mind and affect your performance good light. I will try to do way too much and the other thing is you’re performing a lot of time. We, let are you know if I buy cold, for that I barely got the ball. What time I had a good day if I go 60 down the hill, but I gave a 5-iron run if I give up sick run, going to learn, I had a good day, don’t and I black out the law, but that that’s not in the way of your team did not make an appoint, not find you. But. Don’t let me don’t let that affect you again. Ship don’t sink because of the water around them ship things because water get into him. Don’t let the coaches umpire whether she may stay out boy performing get inside you and weigh you down

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