Owasso Hitting Lessons | Part 4

Owasso Hitting Lessons with Athletic Mission Baseball Academy starts with know thyself series.  The last part of the header and I know thyself heart siri and we’re going to talk a little bit about more about the game stuff. So whenever you’re, what do you do when you’re in the hole and on deck to best prepare for your map, so I think a lot of people don’t use the being in the hole and on deck properly there? What are you going to do it properly long time, you’re not up there right ahead. So whenever you hit me when you get on deck, you got if you got to be ready to hit so I mean by that is being ready to hitme and you’ve done your pre-work. You done your visualization, you got a game plan, you got an approach, you’re getting him and how he approached the other hitters you’re doing everything you have to be get ready to have the best about you like. So when you’re in the hole is your time. Your your batting gloves are on your helmet on your bath and hand. You know you’re getting ready to hit, but this time you got to channel your focus then to the picture. And what are you doing? Try to visualize the results? How to visualize him pitching try to be like what are you doing see what he’s doing two guys in front of you? Try to visualize him, throwing to you get ready to hit understand what he had and what he doesn’t have and then be ready to sit on a pen down and then the situation. Invest in the best Owasso Hitting Lessons. What you going to do, thank yourself to previous a bath in august, and do you stop at the cuny driveand then, when you’re on deck? This is the best time for you sit there and really try to put yourself in that battery in front of you position and take them a bath you, you can get a lot of a bath before you even step in the about in your brain, because you bring them to understand the difference between being that nashua by them being on deck in the in the whole self to them at the dollar same thing, but doing what you do taking your bath and doing the stuff. While he’s going to help you out a lot to hit her, what do you do when you walk the plane? This is where a lot of god never really do. What do you mean? What do I do? What I want the play? What I mean by this is how you walk now. So if you walk in there with your head down and shoulder down, that does look good. When you walk up there with your head up, you showed it back and confidence. You walk in there with the stream. Confident everybody knows you’re here. That’s not that that picture to give me a little worried. So understanding that the important stuff you want to walk up and play with extreme compton to the matter how bad things are going, you think I’m here I’m here to Wini’m, going to beat you okay. So then I had to go through there, you’re going through your free picture team, so prepaid routine is important and you want big leaving. They all do the same stuff. So when you see them birthday, don’t look down to coach, maybe I’ll dig their back foot in the first at the front, put in the waggle the back couple times, whatever they do. Maybe, they all jumped about o’clock, maybe,, maybe., i, don’t know whatever it is. They do they do it every single time and then what what? What more important did? What’s going on mentally there? Thinking about the situation, I think about the pit. They want their thinking about the drive to bother, see christina ball and thinking about trying to do to my dog mentally. There did not do and trying to do too much. So there biblical routines important that metal routines. My phonehow do you know you are ready to hit. This is an important question. I think I’d get rush if you’re, not if you do, if you’re still thinking about the last pic. If your coach interrupt you hit somebody if you hear something whatever it, if you’re not ready to head your not mentally focused on that baseball, you need to step out on you like this because they swing us up when they’re not ready to help. So you got to you got to be ready to head and you got to be able to slow things down and then a bit the game beating up. You need to step out and call time and but take your deep breath and blow in in little things out. So then, from there I’m going to ask him. What do you do realize you have in your life? This isn’t something that i, don’t you! You are yellow light that goes back to you when you know you’re ready to hit if you are so upset over the last pitch or the last batch swing or whatever or the are the humane to build you’re, not ready to head your and yellow light. So you need to learn to identify the y’all like when you’re in that. Are you done so you got to learn when you and your life you got to do, got to change the perspective or something and get you write a hit. So when you yell, like you, got to have a wife I remember for hitting and pictures of the matter by the wife in the mail, though it had hitters wall towards the batting gloves. Pictures of Justin had to run the ball whatever it is. If they’re up there a little bit and Florida game back down, because then you’re, why you thought to be the game up a little bit what made the quality of bad for you. Understand who can teach you this when looking for Owasso Hitting Lessons.

The next question, so a lot of guys don’t understand what I call you about it. So we tell guy the quality of bad. You have a hard hit ball. You have a walk. You have a bunt. If you know driving runner in your rv I hear you got a third, you got to stick with your bat. Without a strikeout, then you have a 9 page about you can regarding or strike out. Those are building a way that you can get in and you have the cash, so it doesn’t have no idea what we’re trying to make sure we’re swinging that good pictures. That’s the biggest things! Looking at your pictures like that, we have a dirty game for hard thrower. So when the guys doing hard remember when we’re trying to hit the ball, we’re trying to drive the ball right back to the picture and right back to where his hands are there by monday. If that’s my goal, that’s what I’m, trying to dostill, consistently late I’m, still hitting foul ball diamond, found everything off that I’m late. It’s! What I do is that they’re taking the hitter and thing that one hit the ball right Now:i’m not going to change my broker to shortstops if I’m still haven’t changed much at the third. Eventually I’ll try to get that foot down early enough to be able to drive the ball back up the middle, so you to feel to make your judgment. Of your head, if I mind trick so use the field instead of using your mechanic

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