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Being a good fielder is very important in your development as a baseball player, a lot of guys don’t spend enough time on improving their skills in the infielder in the outfield, and it’s super important and it’s super important that you start with the feet. When you get your Owasso Baseball Hitting Lessons you should get someone who will add a small fielding routine into your routine. Your feet got to be light. Your feet got to be able to get yourself in position to make them play with your feet. Start everything your feet has to work. Good. Your feet can be improved by playing soccer football, basketball, ballet band, it doesn’t matter what else? What other things you do? If you could improve your feet, then you things are going to get a lot betterbut this one of those things that needs we practice. You got to practice the fundamentals of fielding, a baseball got to practice, call you got to practice and you got to get good at the fundamentals of baseball, the fielding. It’s something that you have got to get we are looking. Athletic Mission understands all of this and we incorporate it into our Owasso Baseball Hitting Lessons.

We are starving for great fielder’s, it’s not enough! Just to make the play! You got to do the right fundamentals and that’s where we’re at right. Now we have a lot of guy that can just make the play, but not making the play properly, and why is it matter in mad, whenever you get into higher-level to baseball the the amateur level, doesn’t anywhere any shape or form get you ready for high school baseball will get you ready for college baseball or get you ready for pro bowl? So you got to work on the fundamental, the fundamentals. All we had the grade you on your dick and project is on the fundamental because they know that you had the fundamental you can make the play so making the play all the time at the amateur baseball level is not enough. Guys can make the play. Make the play. Get the out help your picture about help your team out do whatever it is. You got to do to help your team win a baseball game and on the field is super important. If you look at the teams that win the world series in the major league level, they can make the play, they feel the baseball they they kept, the baseball they throw it. They do everything that is next ferry to win the game. Owasso Baseball Hitting Lessons could be much better for more instructors understood this and put in the effort.

On the defensive side, the fall because the operative. Now we’re going to show up. You can have a really good picture one day, and then you can’t make the you’re not going to be able to get the hit in the run that you need. So you got to reduce the run their you give up, and you do that by making the play making the play is super important, making the play, something that you have got to do as well as anything that you do, make the play, have fun with it make the play. Now again we tell her I tell everybody there things that we need. You got to have good feet, you got to have good hands, you got to have good arm and you got to make good throws. If you can do those you you’re pretty much getting yourself into grad position. Being able to get this type of instructions during your Owasso Baseball Hitting Lessons is somewhat important. She got to make good angles, though. In the infield you need a short, clean arm action in the outfield. You can have more of a longer longer arm action. Whatever you do, you got to have good. Are magic balls got to jump out of your hand, the ball to get a carry, it’s got to do. What he’s got to do so, I understand that, and do one next to make that work. You have to make that work for you, you have to make the play and making the play is how you’re going to be able to do plenty of the things that you want to do. Don’t understand fully making the play at the difference between you being able to play at a higher and higher level. Now other thing we have to do when we make the bird things I tell god we have to do you have to feed a ball to make the play at the be the ball, leave the bat you got to be the ball on the ground. You got to see the bar all the way into the glove. Owasso Baseball Hitting Lessons at Athletic Mission is second to none as we were recognize  by Youth baseball as a top facility across the country.

You got to turn your eyes to the target and you got to make the throw, but a lot of guys do not spend time in the ball. They’ve never been taught how to steal the ball, and that’s where that’s, where huge was thinking. That’s where we do we’re at we do well and making sure that you understand how to steal the baseball. When you need it, you got to be able to see the ball. If you can’t see the ball, you’re not getting better make the play, or if you move your eyes too soon, I can make the play. We always wondered how we bible baseball and we do it, because we don’t feed a ball when you got to see the ball all the way into the glove, all the way into the hand you got to steal the ball, all the way there and you got to have two eyes working together, I heard from dr. Billboards harrison that you, both players, don’t have both eyes working together very properly. The right investment at the right time is important and if you can make your best investment in Owasso Baseball Hitting Lessons then you got the best chance at AMBA. They only have their information and when you’re going to be off on your timing, going to be offering you going to be off by clarity you’re, going to be off on everything. If your brain is on at 5 that the information from one eyeball so make sure you are working on trying to get your eyes to work together, we can get your eyes to work together. You’re going to be able to locate baseball you going to be able to get the barrel to the ball, you’re going to be able to do a lot of different things that you can do to allow your vision, while your eyes from work in your favor to help you feel the baseball start again field in the baseball it just about everything you got to be able to feel the ball, be able to help your teeth out, make the play make play not that hard usable turn your feet where you feed up to target and make the plane make the throne.

You can do all that you’re going to have a bright future in the game of baseball. This game still hard very hard, but you got to do what you got to do. Make the play hard find the game. Baseball is hard. I tell everybody that this game is so hard the card. It is hard. Man go to let it happen, let you got to work on the front of mount. You got to put some time into it. You got to develop a routine that allow you to work on anything. You don’t need to go work on it a hundred times every single day. You don’t need to be the gm for several hours. You need to make routine that allow you to work on thing a little bit every single day that you can make supply, that’s it. You need routine and you and you know what your coaches to be helping. You develop a routine and that’s what we do. We help you develop a routine developed, the routine developed the routine again develop their routine. Make the play move your feet at the cute to play after you throw do what it is. You got to do to make the play

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