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You have a great win, but can you hit? This is the question we always ask in our Oklahoma City Hitting Lessons evaluation.  This is the question that were thinking a lot today then the end is the question that is being brought up, because a lot of lot of lot of people know how to swing the bat, but very few people know how to hit, and you could see this at the big league levels-bigley level, batting average that are love. Your team strikeout that are high I seen a lot of homeruns do not need a lot of barrel control, you’re, just being a lot of issues at that level, even worth the average height is in the final season, amateur ball. So what you have to do? You have to understand that control the barrel on a baseball is the most important part of hitting. You have got to be able to ask you if you’ve got to be able to get the barrel on the baseball to allow the ballyou can do something now. Obviously the goal is hitting the ball hard. Everybody that I’m trying not to be able to hit behind the runner not being able to control the barrel enough to do the job. You know at some point you have to do the job. You can’t always do what you want to do before you get to give yourself up to do the job and those are the guys that become much more valuable now, unfortunately, the game in the recognizing that they. So this is the part that we have to understand and we have to learn how to get the barrel the ball. So it all start with you, no understanding of the click to get their swing to be there back every single dayany problem. You got to understand this when you got on the stand when to take them off, you don’t understand when to go for it, you just got to understand all the stuff in all. This goes back to understand your point, and then you got to understand what picture do you have to well get a lot of guys. Don’t know they? Don’t care they’re, so worried about trying to hit everything we’re trying to cover that law outside corner? They don’t have a clue what the hell they don’t. They hit the pictures they should be here. Tomorrow maybe I’ll go down there hitting you got to have the discipline to lay off to get the barrel to the ball and do what you wanted to do. You ever get the barrel to the baseball and find it to where they’re not, and this is what they call hitting. Ensure you invest wisely in your Oklahoma City Hitting Lessons.

That’s what you doing trying to go for the mistake and if you can do that in the game, but right now being that we’re not being a lot of success and where the money is at 4:20, what everybody looking for now I get it. They bring the steve get free minutes in the bad to make a different. So you got to learn how to get the barrel to the ball and learn to just let the process happen and do what you got to do. So. Is that that’s all there is to it man, you got to learn:how to hit have a great swing, better, learn how to hit. If you can learn how to hit you going to be able to play this game for a very long time, and you know what the guy that learn:how to hit eventually develop power. The power comes with maturity. Let you know that the power comes with maturity. The power will come, but you got to let that front that happen in the process will happen. If you let it so I understand, everything is going to work out. So I understand that you’re going to learn how to hit and learning how to drive the baseball and the power will come. You know we’re thinking too many pop fly ball with being too many  heads get the barrel of the baseball and squared up consistently, and if you can do that, that’s all. That’s, all you should have the more sex. We had the better you are now. Your approach is always:do you want to go over the second base, shortstop head, you can do that. If you start getting more back then then you get the double to get more backman and you get the homerun. Your Oklahoma City Hitting Lessons should be preaching this to you. So I could go for something simple with the baseball. If you just let it your goal to try to get a second and I promise you, the power, will come you’re going to your balls harder than you think you did remember. The picture provides the power you’re just trying to get a single. If you can get a single get a double, then you’re going to have your going to be in pretty good shape, but you got the picture. Does it get the bat? Do the, hitting, zone fast and get the ball to the barrel, get the barrel of ball and you got it. You got to do that with back. Did you need to get that lumber be behind it to drive the ball and when you can do that after you’re going to start to see a lot of different things start to happen at a very competitive level, but there’s a difference between single double and triple the home run. Then you got to understand what they are and they’re all good for the game. You gotta understand when the fun you gotta understand when the picture you got to do what it takes to win the game at the end of day. That’s what we’re looking. That is. How do we win the game? That’s what we’re looking at and then that should be your motivation in the end, if you can help your team win, you can come a valuable player on your team you’re, going to be able to play the game for a while, but if you’re just trying to be still trying to get the numbers and all that stuff without really trying to help the team win going to be short-lived. The Oklahoma City Hitting Lessons is the foundational building of this understanding.

Believe me, I know, I know, I did I was just trying to constantly get the numbers that I needed to be able to have some fun with the game. So I understand speaking from experience here, you got the wrong focus. Try to focus on the right stuff

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