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Today, I want to talk about the concept of throwing before you pitch and i. Your Oklahoma City Baseball Pitching Lessons should be teaching you this and that is what we do. Think a lot of people don’t really understand and know what are you in order to get the fundamental of pitching? You got to get the fundamental of throwing right, being able to repeat your emotion over and over and over and over it. The, most important part, and if you can’t do that, then you’re not going to be able to pick efficiently so inaccurately in bur bank. So when we tell people you got to got to learn the fundamentals of throne, you got to learn how the sequence of the body works you have to understand what that means to the outcome. You got anything what that means to the body what that means to the arm, the all the things there are super important in an understanding what you have to do to be able to do anything so being able to throw with your body and being able to is your arm properly and efficiently. It’s the most important part that we have to understand. So when we get a guy typically, what we see is the young kid want to add. They were abductor abductor arm to try to get blocked instead of keeping their arm in front of the plane and working the elbow and kind of let the body perform at pouring action from the last. Invest with Athletic Mission Baseball Academy when thinking about Oklahoma City Baseball Pitching Lessons. So when you can take that type of good things happen, but what happened a lot of blockage? They just don’t understand what it takes to throw baseball year after year after year, and it gets to a point where they hit a peak and blossom tea or whatever it may be. But you clean them up and you didn’t eat a lot of pain, go away. More velocities doesn’t really hurt the arm very, very important, and that should be the goal of everybody that work with young kids on teaching how to throw a baseball. So what we do before you can learn how to pitch that’s what we do. We throw throw a lot. We throw we look at which we make sure we do everything properly, throw a curve ball change up with her, and then we can learn how to pitch. So until we get to that point, you got to stick with the taste of Ben. You got to stick with throwing now everything needs a foundation.

The foundation is, it’s super important, so I think a lot of people did they. They bypass all that in the game and I’m playing the game. The winning games and all this building the foundation in building the foundation takes time and that’s what most people don’t want to do. They don’t want to spend time on developing the thing, because it dug take time and you grow and I’d you grow. You start to feel different things. Different things fall out of whack and that’s why it’s important to stick to training I think during the time as growing, because a lot of things change and you can hurt yourself very very quickly. So that is where, when, when you knowthat could be a potential issue, doing you kind of start to think of things a little bit differently and you should think about things will be different understanding of the part where you have to really examine, and you have to really understand a lot of things change for you. Most people, the entry into this game-and you can work with a kid so I think:where did the culture need to change oil on there? Where there’s got to be a it got to be a staticwhat? We what we would need to talk and didn’t understand. They have to be based on everything that we know. So understanding of the process is again more important than anything else. So what we do we start off with a vision world with a mind body need to start off with you need to start off with recovery need to start off with thrown into a nap before you throw to a partner before you throw into a particular spot at all that process together, you’re going to start to see different things. Things like the commandstop, then that’s the type of stuff that you have to really focus in on. So when we do a warm-up or warm up. As always, we want to make sure that you’re getting the mine in the in the eyes in the in the in the brain, working together to let your body do what he needs to do, the more activity you can have where the eyes and the brain work the better off you’re going to be in the term for your development and the terms of the development, which is the ultimate goal. We want to make sure everybody getting better. We will make everybody doesn’t hurt to make sure everybody gets a solid foundation on what they need to do to be the best that they can be in a chill that happened. You got to stick with it and you got to be patient and everybody wants to resolve everybody wants, but you got to build the right foundation, the foundation, not bills, you’re, not going to be able to play the game properly, so making sure that the foundation’s build. It is everything that there is to do and what that mean the body knows how to move. The body knows how to speed up or slow down. The body knows how to do everything. The top down man, the wood with the girl in the hitting, so once you understand the principal in and get that foundation down there, a lot of things are kind of tied up and do really good. So again, remember before you pitch

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