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With Athletic Mission Baseball Academy you are getting the entire package when it comes to pitching. You are getting an assessments, a video analysis, a three dimensional analysis, arm care, movement based mechanics approach, recovery, and learning how to get hitters out. So if you are in Jenks, you need to look hard at everyone that offers Jenks Pitching Lessons and figure out which is going to yield the best return for you money. Recovery is beyond important and the industry is start to somewhat understand this but there are still lots of people that don’t do it, why? Because it takes to knowledge ti know what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is a never ending things when it comes to this and making sure that a guy is fully recovered before getting after training harder. There are several different things you have to look at when it comes to recovery: sleep, nutrient, treatment, strength training, mobility. We are going to talk a little bit about each and why it is important that you take recovery and make it a big part of your player development protocol. Athletic Mission is the only facility that offers or even think about offering advice about recovery so they should be on the top of your list when you are thinking about Jenks Pitching Lessons.

Sleep is something that tend to be over looked when it comes to recovery. Quality of sleep is very important as a performer. You need to acquire at least eight hours of sleep every single night. This gives your body enough time to go through the repair process that it needs to go through during the down time. Your body is an amazing thing and it will heal itself if you let it and if you get it the proper care that it needs to be able to do great work. The better you take care of your body the better your recovery will be. We have had in depth conversation with our pitchers in our Jenks Pitching Lessons about how you sleep and how you need to position your arm to sleep. The next thing you have to look at and understand is your nutrient. What you put in your body can either help you or hurt you. As a performer or someone who wants to be a high level performer, you need to look closely at what you are putting into your body and how it will impact your ability to recover and feel good. Your body feeds and lives of nutrients and you need to give you body the nutrients it need to successful and healthy do it job while you sleep, train, and play. This is a really tough area for most guys because of lack of funds, lack of understanding, lack of convince, and lack of knowledge. You need to connect with someone who gives Jenks Pitching Lessons that understands this and can help you with this and understand the most cost efficient way to do so.

Recovery treatment are also important aspect to recovery, so things like resistance bands, stretching, foam roller, voodoo flossing, marc pro, freeze sleeve. Resistance bands sure be done before and after throwing to get blood flow and proper nutrient to the area that is about to get over worked. Stretching is very important and something that is really starting to take a live of its own now but regaining range of motion is important to keep your body moving likes it designed and not develop compensation patterns for such. Foam roller is a self myofasica release concept. Your body is make of a springing fascia and it tangles up to make range of motions shorter. A foam roller is a great way to start untangling these fascia and properly restore range of motion. The voodoo band has become a favorite for us, and it is designed to compress an area and restore range of motion by getting all of the fluid out of the area. If you can restore it from down to the joint, you will start to restore range of motion of each joint. The marc pro is a sim that using a different frequency that is designed not to fatigue the muscles but to bring nutrient to the area to fully recover the area. Once the area has been on the sim then the blood will flow and provide great recovery to an area. The freeze sleeve is something that we have started to look into, while we are not a huge fan of ice we still recognize that everyone is different and some respond to ice differently, so for the ones that respond to ice, we like to use the freeze sleeve, which is designed to comfortably compress an area while still be able to move around with ice.

Strength training and mobility are also recovery tools that are very effective. The strength training program should be year round and it should be part of the process. We are one of the facility giving Jenks Pitching Lessons that realize this and can lead guys in the proper direction when it comes to strength straining. There is a difference between what the focus for baseball players should be vs the general population. This has to be understood because too many guys are taking the wrong approach in the weight room. This approach can actually harm you rather then help you. If you are going to invest the time and money into this type of a program you need to make sure its the right program that will help you design the best you can be as a performer. A huge part of this program needs to be a mobility plan, and this plan needs to be taken seriously. Regaining range of motion and letting the body move as it is designed is super important, when you can let the body move as designed then you are going to be in really good share as a performer to letting your body do as designed rather than being a compensation athlete. So think about Athletic Mission for Jenks Pitching Lessons.

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