Jenks Hitting Lessons | Part 1

What we’ve gotten our player. Understand the why they do what they do, what they love about the game, what they hate about the game and then favorite players. We thinking into a more in-depth conversation about hitting, and we get them to really start to think in the end. You know the little guy did. They did they’d, never thought of these things and then, when you think about the things that important at the portneuf think about who you are and what you do well on the baseball player. So one of the thing, the first question to ask him is:what are your greatest strengths of the hitter and a lot of guys? You know believe it or not. We’re actually, you know start their title without quality than they did they’re. Not really, that’s not really. What were they are the hitter tow lot of guys really don’t understand who they are and hit her a lot of log at one of you hope they want to be power hitter they want to do that. They won’t do that, but they don’t really understand what their greatest strength is, that they hit or how they provide the most value to a team and how they provide. Why does she be in the lineup and infor what they do so when you sit there and you start to think about what your greatest strengths of the hitter are you doing everything that you got a really focused on those are things that you got to go to the thing that you got to do really really good at okay man? We get that we get them to really understand what they, what type of hit or are you at 99% free kid rock on. When you are seeking the best in Jenks Hitting Lessons, look no further than Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. They’re? Not really you do you start the kind of lose the act of the game that you need to be able to learn how to hit so being a contact hitter in nine nine percent of kids, that the younger level very few kids have big power and it should be considered a power hitter. So your contact hitter in the end know that, in the reason why I could you want to develop, you want to develop the ability of the hitonce you learn how to hit. Then you can learn dino power power come from the charity. You know I thought I’d, you thought the grow older go and you should learn how to hit. Then all the sudden think we can start to turn into power self, but it’s not something that you are you not something you’re trying trying to hit on you trying to hit double trying to drive the baseball manager contact here, we’re trying to drive the baseball okay, my bad I will stay. Who won the major league? Will you say you like, and why did you choose them and the reason why I have to do this because I want them to start studying guideand when they start to study, guys that are just like them, then then they start the kind of almost got to emulate them. You know your previously. We asked who their favorite player was the hey amy like them, and now we’re trying to say:okay, this is the guy. You are most likely like you’re, not you’re, not albert pujols, to do not be on a big dude, your smaller guy you’re, going to miss the guy that I say you more likely resemble so watch him and study him and thought the kind of emulate him a little bit and and what he does and how he doesn’t try to read up on here to approach in the how how he trained and then all that stuff and do the best you can to try to emulate a guy like thatand. Then we ask them. What pet. Do you have battle what location a lot of guys really don’t understand where they hit the ball bass tab? They think they are not here when they really a better outside hitter. They think they’re, better lowball here when they really better mid-to-high, so understanding that really important. Because then, then you start the you thought that you want to send out a pitch. You know, and you want to sit on a kid. That’s going to give you a chance and drive to ted. Jenks is a baseball powerhouse, so looking for Jenks Hitting Lessons is important. You want to know if it doesn’t allow you to have the most amount of the staff. So when you start to understand where you hit the ball better than where we drive the ball back, then you start the day. You want to sit on a certain pair to not an hour and they all happened so I understand you would have driven at what location is very important stuff, and then you, then you want to get the point where you’re sitting on that page. You know, there’s nothing wrong with thing. I got called being disciplined so bad that you want and dried the baseball. Nobody will be disappointed when you driving the ball rapper that what happened at the end of bike, the first part is when you were hitting great:where does the ball go on a field and a lot of gas and never really taken the time to understand this or they’re, hitting their they’re picking the wrong location? And when I picked the wrong location, then you can see why they’re not consistent of hitters. So a lot of guys, your ideal location of hitting the ball in right back to the picture right movies tomorrow at the harvest in on time, so well, you’re driving the ball in the middle there. When did you arrive in the ball in the middle? You have in a lot of success. Are we tell guy that, if you’re not hitting? Well, then you need to work on driving the ball up the middle to the right? Thinner, don’t try to don’t try to talk about it. Jenks Hitting Lessons is important for guys to understand what is all entailed.

I feel bad I want you to drive the baseball to center view drive, the baseball center, and when you do that, that’s going to clean up your bad path. That’s just going to clean up a lot of things that you’re going to have a lot of success with doing that stuff. So when you do all that, that’s going to that’s going to help, you understand how to make an adjustment. Whenever things are not going right. The moment things don’t go right need to go back to that location of tho hammer. Do everything kind of just drive the ball into the wright center Galbraith at the bar? At the middle, so don’t try to pull everything. Trying. To put everything, in my view, drive to Barton you too big for the field drive the baseball and it have some fun. Jenks Hitting Lessons are done at the best of Athletic Mission baseball Academy.

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