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When you get Collinsville Hitting Lessons, you want to ensure you are getting lessons that is focuses on results. Not just lessons results but field and game results. Being a great hitter in the cage does not mean you will be a great hitter on the field, so taking your cage swing to the field is a huge challenge and important to get the desire results that is necessary to justify Collinsville Hitting Lessons. Athletic Mission Baseball is the is constantly measuring results. Our approach and our investment in each hitter allows us to receive and send video day in and day out to help kids get better. These video also help us adjust our training approach. When it comes to training we are looking at how our body is moving in space and how we are delivering the barrel to the baseball to get a predicable ball flight. We are looking at improving the results of the following things: kinematic data, bat sensor data, assessment and corrective data, vertical jump data, broad jump data, squat, and bench press data. These numbers help us understand what is lacking and what is going to need to be the focus to help kid improve the results of his numbers. If a kid isn’t getting stronger then they aren’t likely to improve their numbers, if a kid isn’t improving how he moves in space then he isn’t improving to bat data sensors.

We measure the kinematic data utilizing the kvest which are sensors we wear to measure how we move in space. This gives us an understanding of our our body generates speed and delivers energy up the chain. We can also identify any deficiencies that may prevent a kid to delivery as optimal as desired. No one that gives Collinesille Hitting Lessons has this understand of how to measure and use the data to better a kid. Next we will use the bat sensors, which we use the motus sensor. This is going to gives us an understanding of the hand speed, bat speed, time to contact, attack angle and great information like that. This might be a device that most who give Collinsville Hitting Lessons may use, but they are not able to understand how these results were generated and what produce the results because they do not measure how the body move to generate power in to the barrel release. Last we will use the exit ball speed to help measure the final results of they body moving in sequence and the bat going through the bat path, now we see how hard the ball came off the bat with what type of flight. We want backspin with a high exit ball reading. If the numbers are not desirable, then we go back to the bat sensor, the kinematic data, and how strong we are. This si all great information as college coaches and scouts are using numbers to categorize guys who are planing these days, so have to make sure that the numbers are where they need to be to get the most out of our body. At the end of the day game results are what matters so we will discussed games results and how we use video to assess whether a guy plays well and get desire results.

First when it comes to game, we get our hitters to realize that your swing is your swing and there is nothing you can do about it when you show up for games. So we have to win the battle by ensuring we have a solid game plan, a solid approach, and physical/mental/emotional routines. Having a game plan involves really understanding who are as a hitter and what we can and can’t do. It also goes to understand what we want to do at the plate and sticking to the plan and executing the plan. It goes down to getting a good ball to hit and get a ball in their strength zone and just sit there and wait for it. If we can be patient and discipline to wait for our pitch then we will increase our ability to be a better and consistent hitter, we want and need to be consistent. Coach and scouts what to know what they are going to get our of you each and every day. Approach is build off your plan and your routines is what you do every single day to get prepared to plan. We have found that hitters who are consistent with sticking to a routine are the most consistent hitter on their team. You can u just tell on video whether a kid is sticking and executing his game plan or not. The problem with most instructions who give Collinsville Hitting Lessons is that they are not structures to give feedback outside of lessons. We encourage our guys to text us and call us and send video and discuss it that very day and try and understand whats going on instead of waiting to discuss their next time in for lessons. We practice our approach and our game plan. We have a machine that throws random pitches at random time which help kids get better and ready to game. We try to make training much harder than games which is great for transferring of training results but also with developing of an approach and practice sticking to this approach and plan. We are able to see how they approach their at bat in training which allows us to get somewhat of an understanding whats happening during the game which can tell us a lot about results.

So at the end of the day we doing our very best to be the leader in Collinsville Hitting Lessons in terms of delivering results. There has to be a lot of focus on getting training session results to transfer to game results, that is what parents are paying for and that is what they are expecting and that is who Collinesville Hitting Lessons instructors should be delivering.

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