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One of the best investment a parent can make in terms of personal and athletic development is to join Athletic Mission Baseball Academy Catoosa Baseball Lessons. You will learn the truth, you will get objective feedback, and you will have a good understanding of how to do thing smarter so you can work smarter instead of harder. It is important to work hard and we work hard at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy but we also work smart but ensuring our staff is up to date on the latest research and teaching so that everyone is benefiting. Baseball is a tough game: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Too much focus is placed on the physical part but the emotional part and the mental part are equally, if not, more important. The tools that you need as a baseball player looking to advance to higher level include: hitting, hitting for power, fielding, throwing, running, mental approach, emotional approach, amounts other things. These are the thing you need to pay attention do and ensure you work smarter on each of these areas instead of harder. Baseball is a hard game, in anything. Its hard to train for, its hard to play, it hard to get recruited for, its hard to advance, it just a hard game to play and more kids need to realize that the game is hard physically, mentally, and emotionally and that they need to train accordingly. You need to identify who can help you and who gives you the best opportunity to seceded by working smarter when you think about where you want to receive your Catoosa Baseball Lessons.

Lets first talk about the physical part of the game which includes hitting, hitting for power, running, fielding, and throwing. When it comes to hitting, they want to see that you have good barrel control to where you are able to consistently square up the baseball. You have to be able to square it up and get back spin consistently. Your swing and your approach will dictate you swing path and your approach will dictate the type of swings you take and what you want to do with it. Hitting for power is the ability to hit the ball hard consistently with good back spin that occasionally leaves the ball park. Power comes with maturity. Power comes with knowing how to hit. Focus on learning and knowing how to hit first and the power will come as you mature and get stronger. Because you can consistently square up the best ball, these doubles are turning into home runs. So focus on developing the double power first and then get stringer and get more experience and the power will come. Everyone in a while you will connect properly and get yourself one. These tells scout that we are able to consistently square up the ball and get good back spin. Then we are looking at how fast we can run, we measure this typically with the sixty time. How fast your are gives us an understanding of how much force you put into the ground, and how fast your legs are moving. The fast twitch muscles and getting an understanding of what you can develop into. After that we are looking at fielding, how smooth and effortless are you on the field. What does the your throw look like from the field. Does your arm action match your position, does the ball carry with back spin, do you have the range, do you have proper fundamentals to make plays, are you athletic enough to make something happen. Then throwing has to do with how strong your arm is. Do you have the arm action to match your position, do you have back spin, can you get it to the designation quickly and ghastly. Do you have the ability to play another position with your arm strength encase a certain position doesn’t work out. Do you have the ability to be converted to a pitcher. Find someone in Catoosa that give Catoosa Baseball Lessons that understand this and why it is important.

Then there is the mental and the emotional part that every few people take the time to try and understand. When things are going well, no one cares about the mental and the emotional part. When things are going bad everyone tend to focus on the physical part. Your swing can be 100% on and you still are not able to hit the ball, your throwing mechanics can be 100% on and still not be able to get hitters out, your fielding can take great angles and still not able to field the ball, you can do a lot of things right and not have things go your way. This is an emotional and mental burn on us, to the point where we start to question more than we trust when it comes to our mechanics. It doesn’t help that everyone around you is giving you mechanical advise when really you need that to help you with making sure you are seeing the ball and making sure that you are really seeing the ball. Make sure that you are swinging at good pitches, make sure that you are not bringing outside thought to the field, and make sure that you are just thinking about the ball and nothing else. Too many times we lets outside factors and outside things interfere with our ability to see the ball and when that happens we now have a problem with seeing the ball as these things are now cloud our vision. This then has an affect on your emotions. Baseball is a very emotional game, and you have to learn to manage your emotions and ensure that your emotions do not get in the way of what you are trying to do. We spend a lot of time in our Catoosa Baseball Lessons at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy trying to get players to control their emotions and be neutral with their emotions.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Catoosa Baseball Lessons.

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