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Throwing injuries are at an all time high and its something that brings great concern to the staff of Athletic Mission Baseball Academy and should be for anyone that does Broken Arrow Pitching Lessons. Your pitching lesson should be gears toward several different things: the health of your arm, the foundation and fundamentals of your throwing mechanics, your recovery plan and how you manage your workload. While under training is a huge part of the problem, the bigger problem is most kids, coaches, parents, instructors do not know how to teach the proper throwing mechanics. This leads to a diminuendo effect of arm problems. We constantly are talking with our kids that you have to focus and be aware of what you are doing when you are throwing, if you are not aware of what you are doing, you will not get the healthy arm that everyone claims that they want.   When you are on the internet searching or asking around about Broken Arrow Pitching Lessons, you need to ask the following questions: what is your arm care program like? What does your throwing pattern look like and how does that reduce the risk of the arm hurting itself? What is your recovery program like. You have to learn to throw before you can learn to pitch. Which is why we are the only facility giving Broken Arrow Pitching Lessons that makes off-season training a top priority. We are able to undo a lot of habits and patterns that are impeding the body from delivering the most efficient path that it wants to. When we get a pitcher to us for the very first time, we are looking for several different things to include, how well does a player move, how well is the arm action, how fast is the arm is, as well as just the core fundamentals of the throwing motion is. We also take a player through an assessment of which we will check definiteness in how the body moves. There are restrictions that can impact how the body delivers the baseball in the throwing pattern. We spend a lot of time on the corrective portion and the throwing pattern potion.

What we see a lot of time with kids are that they are very rotational when they are throwing. There is too much pull with the front shoulder to get the arm around and make the throw. When this happens we run into the issue of the arm flying out early, and when the arm flies out early and the arm is put at great risk. When the arm is put at great risk the body is doing whatever necessary to prevent the body from hurting itself so it start contraction a lot of different muscles when it shouldn’t be. When the body is working against a movement it is not good, we want to body to be effortless and working with the effortless actions. We lead kids to understanding that the shoulder need to be set from an angle that will position the shoulder to take the proper angle when throwing the baseball. This is the problem we see with traditional Broken Arrow Pitching Lessons and we work hard to ensure that we can undo things and make it better. We start with very basic throwing pattern movements and we do these drills every single day even when we already have the pattern down just to make sure we do not go back to our old ways of throwing. But before all this happen we have to get our pitcher warmed up to make these types of movements, so we start with a warm up. The warm up is designed to get the body ready and to break a sweat. If we can break sweat and get the body ready then we will be in good position to be able to get the body ready to throw. When the body is warmed up and a little sweat is starting to come on then we have kids to the arm care potion of the program which includes the resistance bands. We have four different series for the resistance bands. Each time they come in they will perform a different set of arm band series.

The arm band series will get the rotatory cuff up and ready to withstand the blow it is about to receive when executing the throwing motion. We have never had a kid not be surprise with our arm care program compared with other Broken Arrow Pitching Lessons instructors. Most instructors bring kids in and never even ask if their arms are feeling OK and take them through an entire weighted ball program, and a bullpen on same day. They will do this for half hour and call it a day. This is the traditional lessons being provided. We are very aware of this and we bring the most comprehensive solution to the Broken Arrow Pitching Lessons industry. After you do all of the throwing their has to be a lot of focus on the recovery part of the program which should include some band work and stretching. if you can recovery you will come back quicker and when you can come back quicker, you will be able to be health and stay on the field and throw for you team. It is a lot of work but it is worth it if you really love to pitch. If you don’t really love to pitch then you may not make it through this type of a program. Which is OK as there are other Broken Arrow Pitching Lessons instructors that will give you a thirty minutes lessons without any regards to arm care. When you disregard arm care and you are over worked you will come out of the deal with arm problem. When you have arm problem then you are unable to play and the emotions wear on you and prevents you from being able to heal the arm properly.

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