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Alright, today, I want to talk a little bit about positive thought. Need to keep this in mind when finding a broken arrow hitting lessons. You know always ending your practice session, your training session, the game or your day with a positive thought, no matter how good or how bad things went, because you know what that old saying we’re tomorrow, the new fresh tomorrow, the fresh opportunity to learn and grow and perform. This is a very important concept, because your thought, your thoughts, control your mood, you’re in your mood and being what’s your thoughts, bring energy and the energy that you want for rounding. You, the positive and need a manifest good thoughts me to manifest positive thoughts, and you need to be positive all the time. If you can be positive. All time you going to surround yourself with good energy and you’re going to have a lot of good things happen. Your way it’s a lot of times. It’s just a change of perspective, so birthday man I had a bad day. Just a jeez I bailed up for ball today at didn’t get a nothing. Nothing fell but I hit the ball hard. But not that’s how you say:we have a practice that you were you working on something and and nothing just collecting, and it’s very, very frustrating and you felt like you got nothing out of it or you going to change the perspective of that. You got to stay well. I had a great practice today, I’ve learned something different today:i practice that I haven’t quite mastered it, but I started the process of learning something and when you start to learn, that’s when you really start to grow and then that’s what you should be driving for everyday is learning how to how to learn yourself, learn what you’re working on and then do everything you can to make yourself a better player. Invest in the best broken arrow hitting lessons with Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

So it doesn’t matter how bad or how things go always got to try and maintain a positive attitude, and one way to do this. It did it just to try to control your thoughts so and one of the best way to do to that. We found through meditating. So if you can meditate and you can sit there and you can just focus on your breathing and broken I’m trying to be present in what’s your what’s, your mine was slow down over thinking. This is where we going to do a lot of issues. The orbit. Thinking is what give. The thought of something that doesn’t even have heard the worst thing that could happen, and we we all were thinking we getting. We get all worked up over it, detergent being in the present moment, doing what we do plan what we buy and get into thin just enjoy the moment and let everything out take care of yourself. This is this. Is a lot easier said than done. There’s a process that you got to have played that’s going to allow you to stay present in the moment and when you say present in the moment, you’ll be surprised how well things go. So can you do that again by by breathing breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, and when you can do all this, then you’re going to have a better sense of calmness and better stands the piece you’re going to have a better stand. Sub really stop awareness, you just you just going to be all around it, feel better and not worry so much about the past. Not worry so much about the future and I get it I’m. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy gives the best broken arrow hitting lessons. The guy I’m, the guy I’m worried about the future. All the time I always worry about. Reno am I ever going to be what I want to be, and I would like to have the flyer and I wish. Someone would have told me:hey just take a moment and breed man, breathe, meditating and control your thoughts and take ownership of your thighs, and then you just go out there and do the best you can. If you do the best you can you track your training, your truck the process, then you’re going to be able to do well. You know what is not you’re not always going to you, but how you respond to it. It’s going to dictate what happened to the next game after that.

So responding matters. Okay, so again, you always want to end your practice session or your training session or your game, or even your day with a positive thought, no matter how good things or how bad tomorrow, the fresh opportunity to learn, grow and perform again doesn’t matter, you be the good we can’t get too high or too low. We got to learn to stay stay neutral with r us our thoughts and emotions. Then, when you do that you stay very neutral and you say neutral lot of good things are the happy tart to bring consistency and consistency at the name of the game? So again you want to be. You want to be neutral. Do motion you want to have fun. You want to stay present in the best way to do that at the really hone in on the breathing in in the the same problem parted in the counting your breath in and out, and we really can control your thoughts when you can do that. You’ll do a lot of things. So I can’t remember always and you’re practicing your training session, your game and your day with a positive thought, no matter how good or how bad things went tomorrow, the fresh opportunity to learn grow

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