Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons | Part 3

We continue with the know thyself series with Owasso Hitting Lessons as the focus. And then that we continue to talk about what we tell what we try to get guys to do when they understand I self. The next part we go into it called the. What physical conditioning make you feel bad. We need god. I understand that you got to do physical exercises to allow you to stay in shape for this game, so you got to find a got to find something that you like to do that? Don’t do that! You can do so. You can stay on top of it it if there’s nothing. You like to do if you don’t I mean in example, would be a jody work and be mad ball work, it’ll, be friends. Conditioning interview run a mile if you, whatever, whatever type of conditioning, make you feel bad if something needs to focus on there that they need to do so that whenever you arevyou, don’t need it to get the type of work in that you’re able to could just doing something that you like to do so when you think you take the time to think about what I like to do. This is the important part you got to figure out what it is. Let them out then. I’m going to do that for me, so that I can be the best if I can possibly be to play paintball player, so understanding what physical conditioning make you feel bad and you know, then what can I help you out a lot from there we’re going to have to water the keys to making your batting practice much more productive and helpful, and-and-and you know a lot of time, but a lot of stuff that we do it it’s kind of repetitive, so you need routine. Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons is an investment and should be treated as such. You need an approach, need a thought process need to know what it is you’re working on. You just need to see the ball a lot of the stuff that we do it very repetitive. It is very important for guys understand. That is a lot of thing, stopping me and talk about over and over and over and over, and the reason why I’d be talked about, because it’s very, very importantthat. You knew she understand how important that, based on how how much were talking about it so understand, a lot of this stuff is very, very important. Okay, so make sure that you got your routine, you should be on the prayer with you working on your vision, you doing the thing they need to do that. Allow you to be great. What have you done in the past and during the vp to know there was a mistake. Another was kind of repetitive, just getting mindlessly, hitting not not even really a focus thing that we were having a routine i, have it on purpose, and you doing my work. Even, really caring. So when you do that, you’re going to have your not going to have to get back to it all when you’re not going to come back you’re not going to do good going at the game, so we got to you got to get away from the stuff that give you a mistake when you overthink, what do you think about your girlfriend think about school? Think about anything other than the baseball? That’s not goodgrab! You take batting practice. Focus on the baseball. Have an objective other than what you’re trying to do, but now we’re getting a question. What are the type of thinking that lead you to your bath game? A lot of time when you have your bath game, you’re, not thinking at all and your did your dude you’re, seeing the ball very well your body to pooya acting to the baseball field that, for you want to get. You want to see yourself in that position over and over and over and over your eyes will help you. If you don’t see the ball you’re not going to do well, so understand that when you see the ball, you will do really good thing so making sure that you know you’re you’re, not thinking too much yeah. It was easy that easier said than done if it’s hard to sit there and try to channel your thoughts, but it can’t be done. It needs to be done so understanding that important so making sure that you’re doing the best you can not thinking all you do and it’s broken in hard. You can on the baseball at what time did I leave the next question. What type of thinking means you’re worth game? This is where you’re thinking about mechanic too much. Is it where you’re thinking too much other than general. This is where you trying to do too much where you know everything that everything that shouldn’t happen. It is happening. You got to understand that your your your thoughts and your your words all the stuff. It cloud your vision. So whenever you start to take how to take your keys, take a deep breath and relax and slow everything down you’ll, be amazed how much clearer you can see! You can see the ball better, you could it brighter. AMBA is the only facility that will focus on this level to help with Owasso Hitting Lessons. You can just be better. So that’s what you need need to get rid of the Thought:i’m not trying to do anything red trying to impress anybody or anything like that and just do what you do and allow you to see the ball, because it all comes down to being able to see the baseball and then the last question we’ll talk about this, that she is going to be. When does an at-bat begin for you and a lot of times, people they’re, backed up when they’re in the batter box and that’s way too late, you’re a bad needs to start as soon as you put your body work on that for nearby start. That’s when you’re sitting there really thunder channel in it really hard to focus on what the picture do you want to the guy in front of you what the picture did what he has? What is tennessee’s are waiting any type of thing that you can pick up, how he the pitching and then getting yourself physically and mentally ready to swing the bat. Athletic Mission is th eleader in Owasso Hitting Lessons.

So this is where the replaying of your greatest bath going to play, visualizing what you do and I had all those good things. All the things have to happen. The way before you start having the battery bar through your bat bag is as soon as your batting glove comes on.

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