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If you live in Broken Arrow and you are trying to determine who provides the best Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons you have to consider Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. There is much more to hitting then the mechanics and you have to consider who is going to teach you how to hit. Hitting means understanding situation and having the barrel control to do execute desired result. When we work with out hitter, the first thing we work on is mechanics and then developing a game plan based on your swing and the type of hitter you are.

With the mechanics Athletic Mission is committed to being the best in delivering Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons on a systematic program. The biggest focus with the mechanics portion of our program is understanding the load, the timing, the rear hip, and how the hands work to deliver the barrel to the baseball. We are interested in developing a swing sequence that makes hitting effortless. The biggest problem we see with Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons is too many arm-y swing and too rotational. The problem with an arm-y swing is that it is too slow and wont compete against great pitching. The problem with a swing being too rotational is that there is never a proper barrel release. The barrel has to be released and has to act as a whip through the zone. The barrel needs to be turned into the zone as well and if it isn’t turns then their is one turn in the swing and it is not as powerful as having two turns with the hip and hands. Understanding how the hands work is pretty powerful and can be a game changer is the swing. Release the barrel through the stored energy through the body deliver the most powerful and effortless swing. We measure this with 3d motion analysis technology. We are the only one that give Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons that utilizing this technology. This information gives us the underlying understanding of what they body is doing and producing the results. A lot of hitting places are focused on the end result with either the result or with a bat sensor. This is great feedback and this leads to something you are doing much much earlier in the sequence. The kinematic sequence is what generates these results and it what we used to develop development plans of each individuals.

Once a hitter understand how to swing then the attention gets turns to how to it.  We turn to game planning and execution of game planning. The ability to hit is a long process and takes time to develop. If you ride it our and put the work in, then over time the swing will be on autopilot and you will know how to control the barrel to be able to hit the ball where ever you want whenever you want. This includes knowing a lot about yourself as a hitter. What your strength and weakness are, what pitches you can handle in what location, what pitches you cat handle in what location, knowing what needs to happens and sitting on a pitch that you can handle and getting the job done. The knowing thyself process is a lot of fun to experiment with and a lot of fun thinking about in our effort to develop a game plan.

Coming up with a game plan is the easy part, developing this into our game is the hard part. It takes years and years, but you need to start the process and start working on it early so you can gain a competitive edge over your peers who will not learn this until its almost too late. So when it comes to development and developing a game plan we tell hitters through our Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons the following things:

  • Know exactly where you are in the batter box at all times
  • Learn and know YOUR strike zone
  • Develop pitch selection discipline
  • Develop the discipline to let pitches you are not looking for go.
  • Develop the discipline to be very specific in speed and location when you have less than two strikes.
  • Trust your reflexes and hands to make right decision and barrel up baseballs.
  • Anticipate every sing pitch being your pitch.
  • Hit earl in count and get that fastball, or whatever pitch you are sitting on, over the plate.
  • Do not get caught up with emotions. Stay positive.
  • Know what you want to do and execute.
  • Focus for 90-120 seconds with full intensity.
  • Know the count and what it mean in terms of what type of pitch you should anticipate.
  • Develop a 2-0 attitude as well as a 0-2 attitude. Do damage on both.
  • Do not panic with two strikes, develop a two strike approach.
  • Do not surrendering to umpires strike zone unless you have two strike son you.
  • See the ball, and I mean really see the baseball.
  • Develop the willingness to win, develop the willingness to compete, develop the willingness to battle. Compete, battle, Win!

This is a great place to start as to how to develop your game plan. This is the process of learning how to hit. Studying the pitcher and learning the approach that allows you to be a step ahead of the battle. You wont always win it but you can increases changes of winning it by being prepared and executing your game plan. The other thing we look at is developing routines. You need to have set routines on how you do everything. The more you do everything the exact same way each time, the more consistent  you will be and the more consistent you can be the better hitter you will be.

We are the only facility that gives Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons that goes as far and ensuring that hitters develop optimal mechanics for them, game plan, routines, and an approach to make them the best hitter they can be and play this game at higher and higher levels.

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