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We live in an era of numbers and technology, which is great. I love the numbers and technology as much as anyone. There is a process of understanding the numbers and how to use these numbers to improve a hitter. We have to understand that there is more than just swinging the bat, there is hitting. As Kevin Wilson says, hitting is simple, its just not that easy. Developing the discipline to get a pitch that you can hit and that you can drive sounds simple but its a lot harder than you think. Our approach to developing hitter is to first focus on mechanics and then have multiplier conversation through their time at remaining to talk hitting and how to make adjustment and develop discipline. Hitting is recall a conversation. This is why if you are considering Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons you need to call Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. Just like any process that we have, we always start with an evaluation and during this evaluation we are going to do a mobility assessment, and vision assessment, a power production assessment, and a 3D analysis with a bat sensor to track as much numbers as we possibly can. We track these number every seventh week to see improvements or set back and what we need to do to with our programming to adjust.

Once we have the mechanics down then we spend a lot of time working on ones approach, game planning, routines, discipline, etc. When we get to this step of the process it is tough for young players to understand and see the value because they are able to get away with what they are doing at their current level, but if you want to get a head start among your peers and really separate yourself at the plate, then buying into this type of process and working on this will be you ticket. This would be the type of things I would be looking for as a parent when I am thinking about making an investment in Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons.   One of the first things we will work on is routines and getting a player to understand the value of routines and why it is important to develop. Physical routine is important but more importantly the mental routine is what you need as a hitter, what you need as a pitcher. You have to play the cat and mouse game and when you start this cat and mouse game and start win battle this cat and mouse game is really a lot of fun. This involves have a set script as to what you do and say with each and every single thing that happens when you are hitting. This involves understanding what the pitcher throws and how he is trying to get you out. Understanding the count and what the pitcher is doing in count where he is of advantage or at disadvantage. When you are ahead of the count you need to start looking for more pitches that you can handle. When you start falling behind in the count you need to look for pitches that are around the zone but be specific in making sure that it is a ball you can somewhat do damage with. A lot of youth umpires are horrible with their calling and I would not sacrifice my plate awareness and development by swinging at pitches way out of the zone, but if it is close i got to foul it off and battle so I can get a mistake or a pitch i can drive. Find an instructor who gives Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons that will go this far in depth when it comes to hitting.

Developing a game plan would be the next part of the process. Developing a game plan involves knowing your strength and weakness, understanding where they are standing in the batter box at all times, understanding their strike zone. Not the umpire strike zone but their strike zone and where they hit the ball well. Develop the discipline to sit on a certain pitch and let everything else go even if it is a strike. Trust in your game plan, your approach and you mechanics will show up during games. Anticipate your pitch at all times and be ready to hit that pitch at all times. No reason to get beat on a fastball down the middle if you are away anticipating this pitch. Develop the approach of jumping on pitches early in the count, best two strike approach is to not get to two strikes. Do not get caught up in emotions, stay confident, stay focus, and get a pitch you can hit. Know exactly what you want to do up there and have extreme confident that you are going to be able to do so. Know the count at all times and what it meas for the potential pitch that will be coming in. Develop a 2-0 attitude as well, knowing you are looking to do damage and drive the baseball. Develop the love for two strike counts and enjoy the competition and battle with two strikes. Do not let the fear of striking out get in your way of competing. Looking for quality at bats and discipline but this does not mean we want to work the count and take fastballs down the middle. Developing your approach is to always be ready to hit that first pitch that is in your zone and a fastball down the middle should be in most hitters wheelhouse unless you are sitting curve balls and there are guys who we recommend maybe sit curve balls. These are the things you should expect when you are looking for a Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons instructor.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons.

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