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When it comes to getting hitting lessons, I want to make sure its the best. When you think about hitting lessons, you immediately start to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy, because of it reputation and approach to development of players. They have been thought of as the best when it comes to Broken Arrow hitting lessons. The main reason they are thought to be the best is because of their use of 3D motion analysis to guide their programming.

3D Motion analysis has been around the golf game for a very long time and baseball is finally start to make it a part of their process to use this data to understand how hitters are moving. Why it is important to understand how players are moving is because their is an efficient and effortless way to hitting the baseball.We want to swing to be easy and effortless. The 3D motion analysis is capturing the sequence or the order of which the body is moving and transferring energy up the kinetic chain.

The first part of the entire process is that the data would capture the load, which sets up the entire swing. We have seen a lot of hitters failing to get this part right so a lot of swing we see fall apart rather quickly. When considering who you want to invest money in for your development as a hitter, you have to think about the best in Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons and Athletic Mission. After the load we want to see what is going on with the transition sequence, meaning as we finish the load, the body turns forward into the baseball and we want that to happening order or sequence. The order of which the body will fire will be the hips, torso, arms, hands, and finally the barrel to the baseball. If this happens in order the swing will be effortless. There are not a lot of Broken Arrow Hitting lessons utilizing this technology.

The body is now transition fully into the swing mode and this part is important given that the set up, load, and transition sequence was proper this should be flawless. The hip quickly decelerates as the torso speed takes over which will quickly decelerate for the arms and hands and barrel to take over. The speed should multiply 1.5 times as it goes up the chain. A story we use frequently is that the hips and torso is like a car racing around in a circle, there seems to think that their is huge separation between the lower and upper half, but the torso quickly catches up as the energy makes it way up the chain of events. The hands and the wrist act as a hinge tor release the barrel into the baseball. We do not guide the barrel to the baseball, we release the barrel into the baseball.

The thing we want to measure is transition sequence and main sure it is going in order as well as when the body segment peak out and decelerate for the next segment to take over. In these Broken Arrow hitting lessons, there are a lot of talk about how the body is which produces the bat path which is critical for the delivering the optimal performance into he baseball. Whenever we see something off on the data, we try to assess whether there are any deficiencies in the body, meaning, is there any physical restriction preventing us from being able to successfully deliver the barrel into the baseball.

We also utilize the baseball bat sensors which is a by product of the 3D motion analysis going right. There are handful of Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons utilizing this technology and using this data to try and fix their approach but this doesn’t measure whether the body is moving properly. So we love this information to measure along with our 3D motion analysis. If the 3D motion analysis is improving then these numbers should be improving as well. If the numbers on the sensor is not improving then there is likely a leak somewhere in the system and there needs to be a 3D trace to figure out what is going on.

All in all when it comes to find the best instruction utilizing real information to help you become a better hitter you have to rank Athletic Mission Baseball Academy as the top of Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons. We can capture this information in real time and this information will measure what you are doing and ensuring that you are taking your training to the right level. Taking Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons and not measuring whether what you are doing is working or not is not a really good idea, we want to ensure that you are putting your time and effort into what is actually going to translate into performance and the most effortless way to move is the best way the measure this result. After getting this down then it becomes about your mental approach and your ability to get everything out of your mind and focus on seeing the baseball.

There comes a time where you will get your swing down efficiently and effectively and when this happens we now have to turn our attention to getting stronger and getting mentally ready to hit at all times. There is more to the mental game than just telling yourself you are awesome and can do it. We take a deeper dive into the process of getting yourself ready to hit and doing whatever it is to get yourself to hit when it matters. We are the only Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons that takes this approach. We are not restricted to time, we are forward thinking as we look forward to the next level, more so than this level even though we want you to play well at this level. Point being that we want to take a slower approach and get you ready for the level you will be playing at next. We are the very few doing Broken Arrow Hitting Lessons that has this mindset and approach.

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