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One of the most overlook aspect of the game of baseball by most players and facilities is fielding. Defense as they say win games yet we spend very little time on improving our skills of fielding the baseball. This is not an easy thing to do, you have to have fundamentals to be able to make plays, because you very really get a ball straight at you, you have to be athletic and make athletic plays. If there is no solid fundamentals then there are a luck or not making plays. When you do not make plays and give away outs then you are in for a long game. Momentum turns and the bat really starts to get going, especially at the lower level of play. Finding someone that can share with you the fundamentals of fielding is important, so when looking for someone to give you Broken Arrow Baseball Fielding Lessons you have to think about Athletic Mission. When it comes to fielding the baseball you need to be more focus and more aware of the feet work and the angle of which you are taking to get to the baseball. When you understand the feet work you are able to get more athletic with it. After getting the feet work down, we then turn our attention to the funneling of the hands and the backhand and forehand of the hands. Understanding how to do this properly and successfully executing it is important.

When you are able to do so, you are able to then be more athletic in fielding the ball. These are things that take a lot of repetitions and you must get good at the feet work for it all to come together. Best part about the feet work and the fundamentals of fielding can be done indoors, you do not need a ball moving, you do not even need to field a ball to get these type of work in. We take this approach at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy in our Broken Arrow Fielding Lessons and eventually yes, you need to be on the field trying to put it all together.

After you are able to understand the feet work and funneling then we spend a lot of time on the throwing arm action. You need to have an arm action that matches your position and what you are trying to do. When you do this, you are then going to be able to keep your feet moving and get the ball out as quickly as possible. A lot of kids do not have a good foundation of what they are throwing and how to throw. They need to be taught these things and if they are not taught these things there are consequence to doing such. With an infielder the arm action is going to be much shorter than an outfielder or a pitcher and then of course the catcher throwing action is going to be even more shorter and direct than the infielders arm action. The biggest thing when it comes to throwing is making sure that the boy is getting ahead and that the body is funneling energy to the arm and the arm is just whipping through the zone. We do not have the arm to apply any force in to the baseball. The arm is the last part of the puzzle and should just be funneling energy through. Understanding the different arm action is something not a lot know about, so that where you seek out Athletic Mission Baseball Academy for all Broken Arrow Baseball Fielding Lessons.

First base is typically someone who doesn’t have the strongest arm due to their lack of throwing but they should have a strong arm since how they may need to relay and be a cutoff guy. They may have to make longer than average throws. The distance from first to third is not short either so they need to be able to make that throw nice and easy. Second base is a lot like first base, as in they are making more shorter throws but they are also making a lot of athletic throws. The athletic throws will come in all shape and form, being able to get the ball to first base that is catch able is a skill that second base must have. The first basement and the second basement will have a much shorter arm action. The short stop will also have a shorter arm action as they have to be quicker and they also employ one of the best arms on the field.

They will have to make a lot of athletic throws and a lot of longer throws. So the short stop position needs to spend a lot of time on their arm and getting the strength it needs. The third basemen also has one of the stronger arms on the field, they need to make a lot of athletic throws and in doing so they are having to keep that arm action shorter. The left fielder typically has the weaker arm in the outfield due to the smaller distance they are likely to throw in terms of closeness to second and theirs. The center fielder is the guy who has a lot of range and he is a hit and miss with his arm strength. Ideally we have someone in all position that can throw but in center field the same applies. We want a guy with a bit of a stronger arm. The right fielder typically have the strongest arm our of everyone out there. The outfielders all want to employ a much longer arm action then the infielder would. Make sure when you are seeking out Broken Arrow Baseball Fielding Lessons that you check out Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

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