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Every young child discover the game of baseball or softball with the discovery of the ball. The first logical things to do with the ball is to pick it up and throw it. When we start performing this action, we are able to get the arm in a nice position to develop some nice patterns. Then somewhere along the way their parents get them signed up for tee ball and this is where they receive their first lessons on how to actually throw the baseball. the instruction at that level is so weak and the attention to details is lacking and kids foundations are not being built properly. Because theses arms are not being developed properly, we are seeing kids who do not know how to throw, we are seeing injuries at a all time height. The foundation of throwing constantly needs to be focus on, no matter how advance one get into the game. The arm action and the pattern at any moment get thrown off guard and when it gets thrown off guard, the patterns gets worst and worst.

We almost always have to rebuild a player throwing foundation. When we rebuild these foundation we constantly see kids arms health improve, arm strength goes up, and velocity goes up as well. Find someone who will slow the process down and carefully build the foundation. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is the leader in Bixby Softball Throwing Lessons and when it comes to teaching the foundation of the throwing mechanics. The problem we are facing with youth softball players is the issue of pushing the ball. The reason these issue arise is not only because they were never taught but because they they are playing on smaller field and they have always been tossed lightly too by their peers and their coaches and dad. Kids will mimic what they see and if you are constantly staying squared with your shoulder and pushing the ball to them, then they will mimic that throwing pattern back to you. With the size of these softball fields and how short they have to make the throws, there is a huge problem with pushing the ball at the infield level.

What we do when we see a player for the first time, we are assessing their movement pattern, when we assess their movement pattern, we are then able to see where the breakdown is in the their throwing pattern. Throwing as with everything else starts with at the ground and works up the chain. The ball is the last part of the sequence and has to be the last thing that comes through the zone. When it comes through the zone it will act as a whip, and when it whip, it is effortless. You want your throws to be effortless and easy. We tell our players how soft can you throw it hard. We say that to get a gal to remember that the ball is the last part of the sequence and the ball should be behind you as long as possible. What we mean by that is when that front foot gets down, the arm will be in the high cock position and that high cock position, the ball is position behind the ear. As the body rotates, we want to keep the ball in the same spot and let the arm unfold and whip through from the body movement. This is a great foundation of which the body works to deliver the ball. There is a throwing drill progression series that we do with all of softball and baseball players. The same drills as it is the same movements. The first drill we do is for the kids who really push the ball and it a straight arrow throw, we will have the player face a net, with the ball pointing straight out. They will take the ball and bring it as far behind them as possible, when this happens the arm will naturally want to bent and position the ball behind their head, we then project the body forward and whip the body through. With that we want to ensure that we are pronating our throws and being intentional with decelerating properly.

From their we will get them into the power position of which the arm is in the high cocked position. From here we focus on the rotation of the back hip while keeping the baseball in the same spot. When the ball stay into the same spot now the ball is staying behind as for as long as we can before it eventually get whipped through. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is the only facility that gives Bixby Softball Throwing Lessons that has a proven system in which we teach throwing and consistently re shape arm path for a consistent delivery and health delivery. After this we will get into the flat arm position and let the arm learn to perform its natural motion, when it performed its natural motion, it will execute the throwing motion very nicely. When remind them that once the arm gets into the high cocked position that we need to remind them to keep the ball behind them as long as possible when this happens the ball then gets whipped through. From here we get into the position of which the arm breaks down and gets separated. When get get into the this position we let the elbow do the work and when the elbow does the work we are able to let the arm do its natural motion. When the natural motion happens, we then let the pattern happen to which we you able to position the ball behind you for as long as possible to whip the ball through.  Find someone ho gives Bixby Softball Throwing Lessons that understands all of this and you will be able to successfully build a nice throwing foundation.

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