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In order to hit the ball you have to see the ball. That is a saying that has been around for a long time in the base ball game and every bit of it is true. You can’t hit what you can’t see. This is something you can measure, it is something that you can improve it is something that you must take seriously. The best athletes in the world have superior vision. At Athletic Mission Baseball Academy during our Bixby Hitting Lessons we will have a vision station and this is where you will see the biggest increase in guys ability to make an event happen.  When we are training our visual system, we are able to do the following: know when to swing, know when to throw, know where to throw the ball next, steal more bases, enhance pitch recognition, improve fielding skills, increase ball velocity off the bat, control the running game, locate pitches more consistently, improve timing, balance, and confidence. And the visual skills that ones need of the game of baseball is: eye alignment, flexibility of eye movements, speed of focusing, speed of processes visual information, reaction time, visual concentration, visual confidence. These are very important and not enough people are taking enough time to improve their vision so make sure you surround yourself with people how understand and invest in the technology to help you improve when you are looking for Bixby Hitting Lessons.

Hitting a pitched baseball requires tons of skills, but you cannot hit what you cannot see. Player with good vision have great visual confidence at the plate. In order to hit the baseball the hitter must be able to clearly see the location, motion, and rotation of the ball. Training the speed and efficiency of the two eye moving together helps the player keep their eyes on the ball. When in the field – catching fly balls, line drive, ground balls, players use information that their eye to react. The best players see to play. When players first start with us they get a visual skill evaluation to get a baseline understanding of the visual skill using the technology we have in house. We are looking of their strength and deficiencies – to focus your training where you need it most. The evaluation tools check the speed and efficiency of your eye movement, depth perception, recognition, and tracking ability as well as the reaction time and accuracy of your responses. You will then get a customization exercise plan that will improve your visual skills, balance, timing, decision making and other critical visual functions that will raise the level of your game. These are clinically researched sports vision activities that have been shown to enhance a full range of your visual abilities. These exercise are focused on the speed and efficiency of your eye movement, processing of visual information, and the reaction time and accuracy of your responses. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is the very few facility giving Bixby Hitting Lessons that understand this and therefore trains for it.

We spend a lot of time educating our players in that in the competitive world, conditioning is everything. You can get an edge and have a better chance moving up the ladder to more elite level of play but the aspect of condition that is often overlooked is vision. Ignored or under detected problems in the visual system have stopped many players from progressing before making it to the college or professional levels. Vision can and must be conditioned just like any other physical attribute and the earlier the conditioning starts the better. Thing we have to get good at is visual acuity which is defined by how well do you see. 20/20 is average for all of us but 202/20 is not the average for professional athletes. A study revealed that the average vision acuity for an MLB players is 20/12. This means that the average person can read the smallest letter on a chart at 12 feet away while the mlb player can back up 8 more feet and still read that same lettering at 20 feet.  20/8 is the best a human eye can see. Detailed vision zone great athletes have a larger area of their best visual acuity. This is like a large high def TV compared to a small one. Their vision can take in a full field with two gazes movement of the eye where the average person may take four to six. Extreme side vision which is super important when it comes to getting better. Eye movement and eye focusing athletes need to bring their eye in quickly to track a ball thrown at them in order to catch it. They have to keep the ball clear and in focus. Then they have to be able to look into the distance target quickly in order the return the throw. Eye, hand and body connection is what athlete improve their eye hand and body coordination during their hours of on the field practice and play. Need to work on this reaction time always. Get Bixby Hitting Lessons with someone that understands the importance of vision and has the knowledge to get you where you need to be vision wise. If you have been a player at a high level then you understand the importance of being able to see and you understand the importance of being able to slow the game down. All of this can be done and can only be done by improving and condition ones vision. We are constantly trying to find people who we can send out athletes to get their prescription change to achieve the 20/12 or 20/8 vision. When they are able to get this type of vision their eye work so good and the relationship and the communication between the vision and they brain becomes top notch and super important.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Bixby Hitting Lessons.

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