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The Best Hitting Instructors in Tulsa is at AMBA

The question around town is who is the Best Tulsa Hitting Instructor and this quickly leads to Athletic Mission Baseball Academy for their in-depth understanding and training to develop the entire hitter. Hitting instructors must help hitters become the best version of themselves and we do that by understanding and knowing the player first. Doing whatever we can to develop the relationship and gaining the player’s trust. When the player knows and understands that you are there for them then a lot of things become possible because you will be one to go all in to get the results one desires.

The mechanics are a big part and tend to take to most focus in most hitting situations but there is soo much more to hitting then having a fundamentally sound swing because you have had a beautiful swing and not be able to hit. You can have a less than ideal swing and be able to hit really well, so it just a matter of where you want to go with your development as a hitter. And this is what the Best Tulsa Hitting Instructor is going to be able to help you with.

At Athletic Mission Baseball Academy, we are a focus on what is going to take to have a particular player do his thing. This will be different for everyone. Most guys need to start with getting the right mindset and the right approach when it comes to hitting and what they want to do when it comes to hitting. The goal of hitting is to be on time and is to barrel up baseball enough that we can actually have success. The power which is what everyone seems to be after is a by-product of being able to barrel up baseballs. Consistently barreling up baseball is a by-product of seeing the ball, swinging at good pitches and being on time. Vision does not get discussed much among hitting instructors that’s why you need to find the Best Tulsa Hitting Instructor at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

Vision training is something that does not get a lot of focus despite everyone agreeing how important vision is to hit a baseball. When we talk about the eyes tell the body what to do, it becomes a very foreign concept for a lot of hitters. But your eyes tell you to the brain what to do, your eyes trigger movement that happens so if you are not working hard every day to improve your vision and improve your ability to concentrate deeply then you want to have the focus to play at the next level. The Best Tulsa Hitting Instructor knows this and takes it upon themselves to ensure you understand how your eyes work int he hitting and what and where it needs to be when sitting in that battered box and getting ready to hit.

Your vision is also going to allow you to have plate discipline which is super important. The ability to swing at strikes and take balls is the name of the game as a hitter. The ability to swing at strikes and make contact and not miss is a huge part of the evaluation. The ability to have disciplines is the difference in the guys that get to play at higher levels and the guys that do not get to play at higher levels.

After we understand this importance then we understand that our eyes are going to allow us to be able to be on time with the baseball. When we have found being the Best Tulsa Hitting Instructors is that youth players do not understand what it takes to be on time. You have to start uncomfortable early and catch the ball out front to be early. As soon the pitcher separates his hands we need to start our process and get moving forward in a controlled manner and this is going to allow us to go see the baseball and to catch it out front so we can drive the ball. Driving the ball out front allows us to free up the hands and let the body move in a smooth and fluid motion to deliver the barrel to the baseball.

Tulsa Best Hitting Instructors Understand Vision and Mental

The next thing that we have to understand when it comes to vision is that thoughts will shadow your vision. This is an important conversation to have with hitters because the pressure to perform at all levels is at an all-time high right now. Players at all levels are expected to deliver and this creates an environment where players are overthinking. The conversation we have been having with our hitters as the Best Tulsa Hitting Instructors is getting them to understand that all your preparation and everything you have been working for goes out fo the window whenever your thoughts get into the way. This is best knows as performance anxiety and this is a very normal thing but being able to manage and control the thoughts so it doesn’t overcome his performance. This is a very tough conversation and a tough process to manage because it requires complete awareness of one’s thoughts and the thoughts that are going to take to we can bypass.

In summary, we are talking about the Best Tulsa Hitting Instructor ability to recognize the dept in which vision and thoughts get into the way of performance. If we can just get enough practice and trust our eyes to deliver then we will allow ourselves the ability to maximize our potential as hitters.

Athletic Mission Baseball Academy does have the Best Tulsa Hitting Instructor so we invite you to come through our evaluation process to see if you are the right fit for our program and you will be able to maximize then you will have a lot of success as hitters who will have great game time performance because you are able to bypass the thought of having to have to use your thought power on mechanics all of the time.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons to understand the college recruiting process.

Call us at 918-856-9167 and let us help you maximize your potential as baseball players and help you develop a plan that is doing results.


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