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Understanding Hitting with The Best Oklahoma City Hitting Instructor

It is that time of the year again where parents are seeking the Best Oklahoma City Hitting Instructor and this journey if they look hard enough will lead them to Athletic Mission Baseball Academy in Tulsa Oklahoma. What makes Athletic Mission unique is that we have a proven process and a proven system that is designed to help guys get to the next level if they are willing to put in the work and commit to the process. The hitting process is broken down into several phases.

At Athletic Mission Baseball Academy, the Best Oklahoma City Hitting Instructors believe in going slow and they believe in working backward a bit. We go slow in the movements are super slow and they are done intentionally and deliberate. We make sure that every hitter understands balance and what needs to happen to accomplish balance in their set up. We need them to understand where the feet go, where the weight goes, and where the hands will be set up at. This is going to put him in the most balanced position possible. If you are able to set up balance then we have a good chance to do something good with the swing.

After the balance, we as the Best Oklahoma City Hitting Instructor are making sure that the player understands that we want to catch the ball out front and drive the ball over the second basemen and shortstops head. This has been coin hitting the ball in the air and has been causing a ton of confusing in terms of the real definition of getting the ball in the air. Hitting the ball in the air simply means get the ball off the ground and if you are able to do that then you are able to get the ball to fall in for base hits more easily. So the mindset when instilling in our hitters is to catch the ball out front since that will gives us the best chance to get the ball in the air. If we catch the ball to deep then we are typically looking at ground balls so catch it out front where the bat naturally goes on an uphill plane.

Once we the Best Oklahoma City Hitting Instructors are able to get players to understand this, then we are trying to get them to understand what being on times means. Being on-time is something that we are constantly trying to preach to guys. If they are able to be on time then they are able to make a smooth, fluid, tension-free swing. 99% of hitters across all levels are late. Because they are late they are having the grind out their swing and grind out they’re at-bats instead of getting their early and just let the eyes tell the body what to do.

This leads us to the next point which is that the eyes will tell the body what to do so how often do you train your eyes and get an understanding of what the eyes need to do while you are in the box getting ready to hit. The Best Oklahoma City Hitting Instructor will be able to tell you and even take you through a series of vision exercises that will help your eyes work together and then help you concentrate better. You also need exercise series that will work on your decision-making process and this decision-making process is what your eye tells your body what to do and getting your mind out of the process. You need to let the eye tell the body what to do, if you are able to do so then you are able to get into the zone and play tension and though free.

The Breathing Process of the Oklahoma Hitting Session

The next thing that goes into that is breathing, if you are trying to stay relax and trying to get in the most relaxed position then maintaining and controlling your breathing is a huge key to this puzzle. Your breathing pattern can greatly affect or help your performance. If you want it to help your performance then you are able to control the breathing and you are able to get in control so you do not get the performance anxiety that comes with the poor breathing pattern. Poor breathing patterns also affect your heart rate, and if the heart rate gets elevated then the performance anxiety kicks in and you will be battling that. When that happens then you are blinking more reply and therefore you are not able to see as well so the eye won’t be only the actually tell the body what to you and they and then you won’t be on time and then everything your at-bat goes south. This will put off a bad swing which is what everyone sees and now everyone is telling you how bad your swing is when in reality it doesn’t work that way.

So with all this, we only covered a few things. There is a lot more to it than you even realize and you need to get with the Best Oklahoma City Hitting Instructor who understands this so you can put yourself in the best position possible. Especially if you have the desire to advance in this game, and the game gets harder and the pressure to perform gets heighten so learning how to control or starting the process to understand to learn how to control this is going to be super important.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons to understand the college recruiting process.

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