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A Deeper Dive in Strategic Baseball Advantage Process Level 4 – Game Day Execution Tulsa Baseball Lessons

Tulsa Baseball Lessons: Transcirption of Podcast Episode: A Deeper Dive Into Strategic Advantage Baseball Process – Game Day Execution

Geoff Rottmayer  Speaking:

On today’s show, we’re talking about the fourth level of the Strategic Advantage Baseball Process – Game Day Execution.

Hey guys, welcome back to Strategic Baseball Podcast. Today Darrell and Geoff want to do a deeper dive into level four of the Strategic Advantage Baseball Process, which is Game Day Execution, which is everything we do it to get up to show up on game day against guys that are just as good, if not better than us.

Geoff and Darrell here, and we help baseball players get to the next level with a strategic advantage so that they can play with supreme competence against the best players at any level.

In every episode, we promise to deliver value on the strategic side of Tulsa Baseball Lessons player development to help your players compete with player just as good, if not better than them.

Today, we’re gonna do a deeper dive into level four of the Strategic Advantage Baseball Process – Game Day Execution. This is the level what is all about. This is what it’s all about right here. How you show up on game day.

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But Darrell, man, let’s get into this. We got game day execution being the fourth and final level of the Strategic Advantage Baseball Process. Let’s dive in. I’ll let you go.

Darrell Coulter Speaking:

Yeah, Geoff, I think this is why they play man this is this is to me the most fun part of it in and for how you and I do it here at Athletic Mission where we’re really walking through the concept of the foresee are the three seasons and how we break that down. Tulsa Baseball Lessons And really look at the offseason, the preseason the end season. The truth is man, how it shows up on game day is ultimately the as I talk to these guys all the time, I call it the truth serum it it proves out, you know whether all the stuff that we’ve been working on is really, you know, given these kids a strategic advantage in a real game. And so the way we really break it down inside of Game Day execution is is now that we have a competitive advantage now we understand our mastered skill set, and our master pitches as pitchers and and really broke down the opponent and created the strategy. Now we got to go executed on game day. And and again, as we talked about last episode, how do we transition from practice to pressure? And again, I think that if we’re looking at it from a pure scouting point of view, that’s kind of the the intangible that scouts are really looking for. And nobody explains it very well, because it’s so individualized. And so when we look at it from that perspective, the way that we execute the plan, the way that we make confident adjustments within the game itself, and then ultimately, how do we respond to the the negativity of baseball, the things that we take on that that wasn’t a part of the plan that wasn’t quite how we envisioned that pitch working out or that play working out? And then how do we take that mindset and and really are able to transition into the next pitch. And, and again, I think at any levels, the sports and competition, that’s what it’s about. Tulsa Baseball Lessons And if you’re really wanting to be a next level player or you’re really wanting to understand how we compete against the best players in the world. Then the guy said that I’ve had over the last 15 years the college and pro guys especially the grass, this piece of it, that really trusted their physical skill set that that really worked on mastering their pitches. Once they grasp this strategic advantage mindset where now everything they do had to give them a strategic advantage because the the competition that they We’re preparing for with elite level competition, they’re not going to get that weaker matchup in and out of the lineup. So every hitter they face was going to be a pretty good player is going to be a really good High School player is going to be a really good college player. Tulsa Baseball Lessons And so when you see that piece of it start to take shape, Jeff, I think that’s the fun part of it. Because ultimately, players that come train with us, man, they don’t come train just to throw harder or to to be smarter, they come to have success on game day. And and ultimately, that’s what parents want and and college coaches are looking for. So it’s cool when it all really comes together like that. But I think gang day ultimately becomes an outcome of how they prepared and I think we’re starting to see that shift in baseball where, you know, there’s so much focus on the physical skills and the measurable. But you’re starting to see players and parents and coaches now start to really take on this approach that there’s more to game day than your physical skill set your physical capability. Because a lot of times, it’s not a physical capability issue that I see with a lot of these older pitchers.

Most of the time when we have competency issues, or we’re struggling with command issues. It’s really around the decision making process about how they decide what pista through. And is this the best fish to throw in this situation account to this specific hitter. And I know that sounds deep, but really, if we stop for a second and just break down baseball man, that’s what it comes down to. Tulsa Baseball Lessons And that’s the cool part about it. Because once guys grasp that now, the offseason training, the velocity, the mechanics, all of the work that they’ve done to develop their physical skill set, and that what we call the competitive advantage, now starts to really transfer and translate into mastery, it transfers into their ability now to have a strategy because they have mastered pitches. And then ultimately, the way we call the game, or the way we go out and execute pitches determines how the game you know, is played and honestly, the competitiveness and the and the competence that we have on game day.

Geoff Rottmayer Speaking:

Yeah, you know, and hopefully, we are kind of painting a good picture on how we go from the competitive advantage to the unique hitting skills go to the you to the strategic advantage, mindset. And finally, ready pregame, you know, cuz right now, it seems like a lot, a lot of guys are going from this competitive advantage, straight to game day. Tulsa Baseball Lessons And they just kind of expect you know, the strategy, we kind of show up. And you know, what game day why we do what we do, you know, all the work that would put in, throughout the year, throughout the different times of the year different programs, get put the test, you know, and the real test is, did we do the thing? And are we doing the thing that’s going to give these kids a strategic advantage on game days. Because you know, at that point, we now have our competitive advantage, our unique hitting a button show our unique skills mastered. And now we understand who we are, and what’s gonna play. And now we can develop a strategy against whom the very pitcher that we’re going to be facing that night, and we got to execute it in a game in a high pressure situation. Tulsa Baseball Lessons So, you know, the question becomes, how do we develop our plan? How do we take real time information? You know, all the data and all that stuff is great, but how do we take real time information and make a competent adjustment to our plan or to our approach, based on the adjustment that the pitcher is making on us? Or the adjustment that he made on after our last performance against them? And how did we respond to baseball being baseball? Because, you know, like, like you said earlier?

Darrell, the very rarely does what we envision happens. So you know, could hitting in baseball just hard in general. So how, how do we move on? How do we go to the neck pitch? And how did we not let and not let one pitch or one swing or one lack of swing? Take it out of the entire games, because it lowered our batting average or and we’re done for the whole week, you know, so they’re really trying to make sure that guys buy into the developing of this skill set and mastering their unique skills, and then using it to develop a strategy. And if they buy in and they’re bought into how everything they do need to have a strategic advantage. Tulsa Baseball Lessons It needs to give them a strategic advantage like you said, you know, and then guide that train and guide That are looking for something, are looking for what gives them a strategic advantage on game day, no one’s looking to be unbelievable at practice. And no one no one’s looking to be good at practice, and not be able to show up on game day, which is what coaches are looking for two coaches want a guy that can play in a real game. So you’re seeing a lot of coaches on Twitter and stuff talking about needing more guide, they understand how to compete how to play a real game. So, so yeah, you know, you know, Darrell, it’s like you said, a lot of fun to watch it all come together, because the guide now know that there’s a lot more to the game, than being able to hit a baseball 100 miles an hour off the tee, you know, and one guy struggle, it typically takes strategy at you. And the this is a strategy that you have to give that particular pitcher, which is the really their preparation and their ability to read and study him at that very time and make the adjustment based on the adjustment that he’s making on him.

Darrell Coulter Speaking:  

Yeah, and I think that preparation piece just is what gives coaches and catchers in pitchers the ability to collaborate without that without understanding how we take the individual pitchers skills and pitches. And and again, a fastball is not a fastball every pitcher is different. Every pitch is different. Tulsa Baseball Lessons And and having the the idea of how you’ve mastered your pitches. And and again, we’re not talking about perfection, we’re talking about purpose, we’re talking about can you throw a pitch by velocity and movement on purpose to a specific location. And once once we start consistently mastering that ability, then it changes the ability to have a strategy. And I think as these guys that we’ve been working with here at like mission dressed that and it’s been cool the last few months as we’ve really dug deep into it, and work through that process as we start walking them through those four levels, we’re seeing them have game day results that are based on having a strategic strategy, developing that strategic advantage mindset. And I think that’s the piece that once you grasp that, that is the differentiator I see for most elite athletes. And I think the opposite end of that, Geoff is, is when we see kids that are so focused on measurable and measurable, and measurable. And hitting that number. And I think we’ll talk about this in future shows, when we start talking about how we really assess pitchers and what we’re seeing today. And with the type of guys that come in and get assessed with us, we’re seeing these three type of pictures and and really, ultimately, it’s to, we see the heart throwing picture. Tulsa Baseball Lessons And then you know, the kind of the athletic guy that has command issues. And then we’re seeing kind of the control guy, the strike thrower, the guy that really, you know, just kind of grind through winnings. And, and what’s happening this, these guys are owning the labels of that. And the truth is in in our process and that strategic advantage baseball process, they’re still stuck in level one, they haven’t really tried to move through the the other three steps.

And I think that’s something that we’re really trying to really educate our players about that you’re going to go through all four phases, every year. If you’re playing in real baseball games and and and you’re training in the offseason and preseason, and then you got to in season program that you’re playing in real games with, then you’re going to experience this, whether you’re 14 or 15, or whether you’re 22 or 23, you’re going to experience having to develop a plan that walks you through these four phases. Every year. There’s going to be strength and conditioning and different things that we’re going to want to fine tune in the offseason that wants to preseason starts, we’re going to really start to fine tune and master that piece and how it affects my pitches. As we start getting into bullpens and and really getting ready for in season, and then translating that that new velocity, the cleaner mechanics or the more effective pitches, and taking that into a strategy session. Now that gets me ready to prepare for a real game. That’s kind of the genesis of this whole Tulsa Baseball Lessons Strategic Advantage baseball process. And I think it’s guys grasp that man, that’s going to be pretty cool because it’s going to change the way they see the game and the way we do game day preparations.

Geoff Rottmayer Speaking:  

Yeah, I agree. And again, we’re talking about by game day, and how important it is to show up and yeah, and you mentioned that they’re the three type of pitcher, they’re really there to and we’re developing them into the third. And then there’s also three types of hitters really the two and we’re gonna dive into that in the next couple shows as well as the you know, could you mentioned that the the Indies and offseason, the preseason Yeah, I mean, when we talk about when we talk to the kids and parents, at the end of the day, they want game results. So yeah, they, they want the numbers, but if the numbers don’t play, who cares, they would rather be able to contribute, contribute, and help make a difference in their team winning a baseball game. So you know, it took a lot of fun to watch, because you can really see them grow, as they kind of take what what happens, and see what they need to do, what adjustments should they have made. And now we’re having now we’re really talking, and we’re really understanding what it’s gonna take, to be ready to take our game to the next level, and compete on game day.

Darrell Coulter Speaking:
Yeah, and I think it takes some of the psychological warfare out of their head to man where they have this emotional tug of war, whether it whether they believe they’re physically good enough, versus how it shows up on game day. And and hopefully, that’s what will kind of help you know, the, the listeners kind of plug in that piece of it. And really understand how we develop that because what we do here is not a lesson model. And what we do here is truly a program. And the way the business model here that’s like mission is is when we take them on, it really is to help them create a process throughout the year to prepare, whether it’s high school players, or especially the College of pro guys. And so I think that kind of understanding that conceptually, will help these younger players to not get so hung up on where they’re currently at, especially the younger players that maybe aren’t as physically mature as some of the other guys. But yet we can see that projectable potential and honestly, once we start plugging in the strength and conditioning program, and they start doing it more consistently, then guess what we see that physical skill set come out that is able to be mastered and then ultimately that we can create a strategy that shows up on game day, man. Yeah, you

Geoff Rottmayer Speaking:

You mentioned program which is which is different than than lessons and the program, Tulsa Baseball Lessons take them through these four levels, every single year. But, you know, I think it’s important to bring up again, that the program starts with where guys are at. And a lot of guys, including myself, whenever I played could never really understood where we are at. So I think this is important and it’s important whenever you’re kind of developing the plan and the process for for these guys to to develop, you know, the the this is something that we focus on and I feel like you know, I’ve mentioned it before you and I are getting a lot better at helping guys figure out where they’re at, and what what game they could potentially look like for them if they were to buy in and put in the work. That’s gonna conclude this. This episode. I thought it was really good Darrell. Next week or next episode, we’re going to talk about the Athletic Mission pitching assessment process and then we’re going to talk about the Athletic Mission hitting assessment process. So looking forward to diving into though the sharing everybody what that looks like.

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